15 Favorite Posts From 3 Years of According To D

A few weeks ago, on October 13th 2017, I celebrated my three year blog anniversary. I've shared so much with you all throughout the years, 128 blog posts and 923 Instagram photos to be exact. My plan is to continue sharing more and more throughout the years to come. For now though, I thought it'd be fun to take a trip down memory lane and pick my 15 favorite blog posts from the past three years of AccordingtoD.com. Let's hop right into it!

In no particular order, drum-roll please... 

Thank you for following along the past three years, and if you are new to my blog... welcome!! These are my favorite 15 posts from my blog so far, I can't wait to share the next three years of my life with y'all. 

xoxo danielle black white.jpg