My First Mother's Day + Shane CO Mother's Day Collection

This year Mother's Day is even more special to me, it's my first year as a mommy. Well, technically our son is still in my belly, but who cares I'm celebrating anyways!! I remember last year on Mother's Day I was wondering when the day would come for me to celebrate the holiday as a mother myself.  We were at church last year and they handed out the sweetest gift to all of the moms who attended that day. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't slightly jealous and also excited for the day that I could participate. After carrying this little guy for nine months and reaching the "about to pop" stage of pregnancy, I belive I've earned the right to celebrate as a mommy this Mother's Day. You better believe I'll be at church that Sunday, ready and eager to receive my Mother's Day treat, I'll waddle my way up there with the biggest smile on my face. 

I'm not 100% sure what our plans are for the day, but Nick and I need to spoil our moms this year, they are always the best but even more so the last few weeks as they helped us move into our new place. Moving while you are in the third trimester of pregnancy is quite the challenge, but our moms saved the day and helped take on all of the tasks that my unpregnant self would have taken care of. So like most moms out there, ours deserve to get extra spoiled this Mother's Day.

Nick and I have plans to celebrate by ourselves a bit that day too. I told him I really want to spend some quality time with him on Mother's Day since before we know it we will always have a little one with us. That'll be wonderful too, but  I want to cherish the last bit of time where I have my husband all to myself and I don't have to share him with anyone. These are my last few weeks to be selfish and hog Nick all to myself so I plan to do that whenever I get the chance. We have reservations at an adorable tea house here in Denver, The House of Commons. I plan on getting the "afternoon tea" which includes the most darling spread of finger sandwiches, scones served with jam, lemon curd and cream, shortbread and homemade Petits Fours. I've never eaten there before but while I was on a walk with my mom one day, trying to explore my new neighboorhood, we came across this place and I just stared through the window practically drooling like a typical pregnant lady. That same day, about a month ago, I came home and told Nick we HAD to go there for Mother's Day. I can't wait, it'll be adorable and delicious! Other than that I'm not too sure what our plans are for Mother's Day. I must say though I will be honored each year to celebrate, because I truly believe being a parent is the most difficult job out there, but also the one that is the most rewarding. I'll be so proud each Mother's Day and truly I'll be excited to celebrate Nick on Father's Day. Two holidays that will have a totally new meaning in our life now.  

If you are reading this and still wondering what to get your mom on Mother's Day, I've got a simple idea that is sure to make mom smile. You can never ever go wrong with jewelry, so go ahead and pick out a piece from the Shane Co Mother's Day collection.  Trust me, I've seen the jewelry in person and your mom won't be disapointed!

Kelsey from Shane Co reached out to me a few months ago with the opportunity to be the face (or baby bump) of their Mother's Day line this year. I was so honored and excited about the opportunity and I knew it'd be something special I would always look back on that I did while carrying our son. I had met the Shane Co team before, they invited me out to a few events that they hosted, they've been amazing at connecting with the Denver blogger community. The first event I attended with Shane Co was their Christmas event, Toyland. The party was amazing, my mom came with me and the Shane Co team was even kind enough to send her home with a gift too. The second event I attended was one before Valentine's Day where they invited some of the local bloggers out to learn all about diamonds. It was so impressive and of course fun to play with diamonds the whole night.

I truly have felt so blessed by the Shane Co team, they've always been so kind, generous and so fun to be around at these events. Not only did I say yes to the Mother's Day collaboration right away because it's an amazing opportunity, but I also said yes because of the way the Shane Co team has treated me in the past. They are truly an amazing group of people who I trust and would support anyday. I am quite picky these days about who I collaborate with because I understand that if I attach my name to a brand that isn't high in integrity, customor service, etc. then that just gives me a bad name and I then lose trust with my readers. Trust with my readers is most important to me.

Honestly, with Shane Co I just adore them. I trust them, their company, and their brand, and I was absolutely honored to work with them on this collaboration. 

The day we shot the photos for the Mother's Day collection was such a blast. I went in there a tad nervous because I am a BLOGGER not a MODEL. They were so sweet and professional, they gave me amazing direction and we had such an awesome time that day. What woman wouldn't have a blast getting to wear the most beautiful jewelry all day long though??! I was seriously in heaven!

I love what they've done with the Mother's Day collection. My favorite piece from the whole shoot was the Rose Gold vintage ring. Each piece was so pretty, feminine and high quality, no matter what your favorite piece is you can't go wrong. Something I noticed is that they really have designed so many different styles that anybody could find something they loved from the collection. They have vintage or contemporary styles which is perfect since all moms have different styles, this way you can find something that fits your mom's personality. Another thing I love about the collection is the huge price range they offer. Really anyone with any budget can find something that they love from the Shane Co Mother's Day collection for their mom. They have stunning pieces starting at $50. For mom, no matter what you've spent, when she opens her gift and sees that you got her something from Shane Co it'll melt her heart. She will know that you went out of your way to make her feel special and get her a high quality gift. 

Here are some of the photos from the shoot! I'll link each photo with a link of the jewelry piece that is in the picture. That way y'all can just click it to shop the jewelry easily. And of course remember that not every piece from their Mother's Day collection is pictured below, so make sure to hop on over to their site or head into your local store to scope out the entire collection. Enjoy!

A special thank to to Shane Co for letting me be a part of this amazing Mother's Day campaign. I was honored, and enjoyed every minute of it. Also, to all of the moms out there, I hope you have a fabulous Mother's Day! You are a superhero, you are strong beyond belief, you are selfless and your sons and daughters are blessed to have you! Thanks for reading, make sure to subscribe below, and have a wonderful Mother's Day!! 

Head over to Shane Co's blog to check out an interview I did with them all about Mother's Day.

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