15 Confessions From A New Mommy #RealTalk

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At MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) the other day, my group of ladies and I were discussing the comparison game in the mom world. In a world full of half truths on social media (and on most blogs), it's easy to think other moms have it perfect and aren't a mess sometimes. It's so easy to look at someone else's life and compare and put pressure on yourself to do motherhood a certain way. And on top of picture perfect lives on social media, we also live in a world where opinions are floating around far too aggressively. When it comes to parenting and motherhood there are opinions on everythinggg. Oh ya, from the time you become pregnant it's like you become a target for questions on what type of mom you'll be and what parenting "style" you'll adopt. With all of that it's easy to beat yourself up as a mother and attach guilt to almost everything you do. I was starting to wonder if I was the only one feeling this way until the women in my MOPS group and I were having that conversation, then it became clear as day that no matter what parenting "style" you go with... parenting is HARD. It's filled with ups and downs and lots of chaos. And that seems to be normal, I now understand that it's "part of the deal".  There are no parents that experience zero mess, zero chaos and everything is perfect all of the time, it simply doesn't exist. Our jobs as parents is to find all of the beauty in the chaotic mess.

Lets chat more on the topic of Mommy Guilt. Wow it's real. Mommy Guilt is such a thing, and even with a three month old baby, I've already experienced it a ton. I truly believe if we shared more of our #reallife mommy moments with each other than we wouldn't feel so much guilt and shame as we go through motherhood. Being a mom is filled with the most amazing moments, moments that bring so much joy and moments that make your heart feel like it'll explode with love. But with that comes some truly difficult and trying times too, times that'll make you question if you are cut out for this mommy thing. Or is that just me?...

Well I'm gonna go ahead and be super transparent here and share some of my most embarrassing, silly, messy mommy moments with you all, just for the purpose of the slight chance that you can relate, it might make you feel a bit less guilt and a bit more understood. 

*Don't worry, as you read this you are laughing with me not at me. 


1. I didn't start driving alone with my baby in the car until he was over 11 weeks. 

Worry much?... Yep that's me, a total nut job of a mommy. The truth is I wasn't comfortable driving with him in the back all by himself for fear of too many things (things that probably don't happen very often). Fear that he'd permanently damage his neck since it seemed so hunched forward when he fell asleep. Fear that he'd somehow choke and die. Fear that he'd randomly stop breathing (when he was a newborn). Fear that he'd have a total meltdown and I wouldn't be there to make him feel better. I know I'm cray! And I also know that with my second kid I probably won't be this way, because Giulian is just fine lol. 

Mombie (n.) Môm-bē: A sleep deprived supermom who feeds on caffeine and survives on sticky kisses and messy smiles. Mombies are master multitasker’s and suck it uppers.

2. Tonight I drank wine out of a ninja turtle coffee mug.

I'm pretty sure that's what inspired this post. I looked down at my coffee mug filled with chardonnay (surprisingly not out of a box), my crazy hair, my makeup-less face, and my messy house and thought to myself... wow, I hope I'm not the only new mom that is a total mess. So, I grabbed my phone and started writing out some mom-fessions in the notes section. It didn't take long to get to 15. 

3. I've cried in the shower multiple times since my son has been born.

Okay, pathetic I know, but sometimes you've just gotta let it out. Being a mom is hard, and I mean really hard. It's non stop 24/7 (especially when your baby hates naps and doesn't like to sleep tons at night either), so to be fair the shower seems like the only alone time I get. It doesn't always go uninterrupted by baby, but I have a better shot at some quiet time in there than anywhere else. 

4. I like washing my hair a whole lot more now than I did before baby.

We don't realize how spoiled we are pre-kids. Before, my attitude on washing my hair was ugh it takes so long, I hate blow drying my hair, and I'd rather just use dry shampoo. Now my perspective on washing my hair is OMG yay I feel so clean and fresh, when was the last time I got to wash my hair? Now I don't smell like baby spit up!

5. We celebrate when our son poops.

For a while there Giulian was having some tummy issues (it's a bit better now), he is overall so much happier when he poops a few times a day. I mean who isn't happier when they are regular? So in our house we celebrate when he is pooping, and oh my goodness Giulian gets excited too! 

6. I've dropped my phone on our baby's head.

Horrible I know! I was FaceTiming Nick while he was away on business and trying to show him our little guy. Well, my phone slipped and fell on his head. It was seriously so sad! Now I hold my phone extra tight haha. 

7. His bassinet is currently acting as a laundry basket. 

When Giulian isn't napping I literally feel like he is glued to me and I can't get much of anything done. So yes, sometimes all the laundry isn't folded. And yes I throw the clean unfolded laundry in Giulian's (super expensive) bassinet. 

8. On the laundry theme: I'm typically "on top" of the laundry only because my baby has blowouts all the time and I'm forced to start another load of laundry. 

Haha omg when I type these things out I just laugh out loud, mom life is hilarious. But heck it's totally the truth. Even if I wanted to skip laundry day, I am forced to start that washing machine because no way am I leaving a poopy outfit out.

9.  I have breastfed and drank wine simultaneously. 


Okay if you are judging, please don't lol. We were at a wedding, I was having ONE glass of wine but then Giulian was crying so I went out to the car to feed him. Nick brought me my glass of wine and I was like well heck what's the difference if I drink it 15 min before he eats or during. Nick and I found it hilarious so he snapped a pic of it. And now I'm praying this post doesn't go viral from judgmental mommies that have too much to say. But my job is to be transparent with y'all so here ya go...

*Don't worry I would NEVER drink and drive. We were just nursing in the car because the there wasn't many private places to nurse at the wedding venue. 

10. We frantically took Giulian to the ER at 4am his first week of life. 

We've settled into parenthood a bit, but the first while we were such worriers. We thought he wasn't breathing good enough while he slept so we rushed to the ER. He was breathing fine and the doctors there were so sweet and could tell we were worried first time parents. I'm so grateful that he's healthy and we can now laugh at this story. 

11. I've said, I'm done having kids and I want four kids in the same day. #BipolarMuch

Motherhood is so up and down, and when things are super tough I claim to not want more kids. I'm like okay Giulian is perfect, let's stop now. But then I think about the fact that he needs to be a big brother one day and I want a big family and I'm right back to "I want four kids". 

12. My baby is 3 1/2 months old and currently has one level of cry... The Meltdown. 

Giulian goes from 0 to 100 real quick. He'll be smiling and giggling one moment and then hysterical the next. We just went to Mexico and I'm pretty sure he had on average about 4 meltdowns per day. I'm hoping this will pass, because a little whimper would work just fine. 

13. Sometimes I vacuum just to get my baby to fall asleep. 

He loves the vacuum, which is nice because it's a chore that isn't difficult to get done with him. I just put him in the baby carrier and vacuum. By the time I get to the last room of the house he's usually always asleep, it's so precious! 

14. I cried in the bathroom stall my first time at MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers). 

I know at this point you think I'm a cry baby, which I am starting to think that too, but I'm telling you the sleep deprivation and hormones are getting the best of me. So the best thing to do is just laugh at myself and make light of everything in this season of life. It was a rough morning and when I got to MOPS I just lost it. So instead of crying in front of all these women I had just met, I ran to the bathroom with my crying baby and just cried it out for a bit. 

15. I am currently losing my hair + I already have grey hair.

Sexy I know. When I got pregnant I started getting grey hair, and a decent amount of it. Good thing my mom is a hairdresser and can cover that problem, I'm only 28 years old so I'm not ready to embrace that part of aging yet. And recently (about 3 months postpartum) I started losing my hair. My best friend warned me of this. Her baby girl is one year old now and she's just starting to grow her hair back, she literally lost chunks. When she told me about that side effect of motherhood, I really didn't think it'd happen to me, I have extremely thick hair and couldn't fathom losing lots of it. Well, silly me for thinking I was exempt from that because it's started. My hair is coming out at a rapid rate. Not the normal "I'm shedding" type of hair loss but much faster. Oh well, it'll grow back, but in the meantime- Thank You Hormones. 


To be honest, I could come up with far more Mom-fessions, but we will end at 15 for now. Maybe this will be a quarterly post, because Lord knows I'll do at least 60 silly mom things per year. I hope that reading this post gave you a good laugh and allowed you to take a deep breath and remember that no mother is perfect, and we all are just trying to do our best as parents. Perfection does not exist anywhere in life, especially motherhood. So let's (telling myself) all give ourselves some grace and remember that God chose us to be parents and he will give us the strength and the knowledge we need to be the best parents we can be. I'm so grateful for my blog and the ability to connect with women, mommies, all around the world who are going through similar things and I hope and pray that I can (through my realness) provide some comfort as you all are embarking on this journey. 

Comment below with your best #RealTalk mommy story, I'd love to hear your Mom-fessions. 



Second Trimester Update : Registering, Products I'm Loving, Baby Movements & More

Hello Friends! 

This weeks post is going to be super laid back, casual and really I just wanted to share how my second trimester has been going and things that this mommy to be has been discovering. It's still hard to believe I am already 22+ weeks pregnant. The time seems to be flying by. Now that we know the gender (which I will be revealing in a blog post next week), I am in the process of registering and getting the nursery together. Okay, who knew registering was such a long process!! I have already spent hours looking at stuff in stores, online, and doing research on different products to find out what the best picks are. Although it's a long and tedious process, I'm really loving it! It's so fun knowing the gender and scouring the internet for the cutest baby stuff. It's making me so eager and excited to meet our little baby girl/boy! If you are wondering, I am registering at Target and Amazon. I thought about doing BuyBuyBaby but chose Target instead, no strong reasons for this decision, I simply have a Target addiction haha.

While registering, I am trying to keep my baby's health in mind. I'm not being a nazi about it, but on certain products I would prefer to use organic, non-toxic, paraben free, BPA free items. It really can be quite simple to choose healthier products these days, and sometimes it isn't even that much more expensive which is wonderful. I was doing research on non-toxic baby wipes and came across THIS article, I wanted to link it because I found it extremely helpful and informative. I figured if you are a mommy or mommy to be, it might help you too. This lady's site has a ton of information along the lines of health and baby products, I totally subscribed right away!

One product that I am excited to get is the HALO Bassinest. I love it because baby Greco can sleep close to us but not in the bed with us. I'm kinda scared to have my baby in the same bed as us, Nick and I are crazy sleepers and could easily hurt the baby. My favorite feature of this bassinet is that the side walls lower down so you can sooth the baby without getting out of bed.

They also sell all organic items for inside the bassinet, like the mattress pad and organic sheets. I personally registered for the non organic mattress pad since it was so much cheaper, but then registered for the organic sheets since it will be covering the mattress anyways. The last product I am super excited about is the MamaRoo by the brand 4Moms. Now obviously my baby is not born yet and I'm not 100% sure that baby Greco will even like this, but I have a really good feeling about it. The infant chair creates movements that are meant to mimic a mothers movement. It has multiple settings of movements and it also has different settings of sounds it will play. I watched a few YouTube videos of moms testing this infant chair out and they seemed to love it. I can't wait. I really hope that if you are a mom or if you are expecting this all helps you in some way. Okay... enough about registering, even though I could probably do an entire blog post on the topic now that I've spent hours and hours registering! 

To continue on with updates, last weekend we went to Phoenix on a business trip! We had an absolute blast and I must say I am gathering a bunch of info so that I can one day write a post on traveling while pregnant. That was baby's fourth flight, and I already have five more flights booked during my pregnancy. After nine+ flights during pregnancy I should be good to go on research to write that post for y'all! This was my first trip while wearing mostly maternity clothes and I must say it was quite fun. I really think they have great options out there for pregnant women to have style these days. In the picture below I am wearing a maternity shirt, maternity pants, a normal sweater over and of course some accessories. 

maternity style phoenix arizona

For the most part my second trimester has no complaints, my baby is healthy and based on the amount of kicks I feel it seems extra happy too. I feel extremely grateful for a healthy pregnancy for myself and the baby. With all that being said, there is one thing that I am having a hard time with, and ladies if you can relate please comment below with some ways you got through it. I am having a hard time with the weight gain. For the most part I have tried to have a really healthy pregnancy. I have stayed active and working out (although I will admit I didn't go enough during the holidays) and I am eating pretty healthy and I am definitely not "eating for two". But of course weight gain is just part of pregnancy, and I should be able to wrap my head around that and be okay... it's just not always that easy. When your husband tells you your butt and thighs have gotten bigger before he says he notices a big pregnant belly, it's a bit of a shot to my confidence. I am okay with the weight gain in my belly, actually I am loving my round pregnant belly, it makes me so excited to be a mommy. The part that is hard to accept is the extra fat and weight on the rest of me. Lets just say feeling sexy seems like a distant memory. I love being a woman but oh my goodness we have to be strong in confidence and faith in God to make it through this whole pregnancy thing. I am not trying to bitch and complain, because trust me I truly am grateful for my healthy pregnancy and I wouldn't trade that for a smaller size, but I am just venting some emotions (thanks for sticking through it). Well, on the bright side I will say this- pregnancy makes me appreciate my pre-pregnant and one day post-pregnant body. I cannot wait to get back in the gym with no limitations on what I can and cannot do, I really think I will have a greater appreciation for that feeling since experiencing pregnancy. 

On a much more positive note, second trimester has brought about the most amazing experience of my entire life. Feeling the baby move. I really cannot explain how it makes me feel, and only mommies would truly understand, but feeling the baby move is such a miracle. It makes me feel in awe of God, his plan and his power. It makes me feel aligned with God's plan for me, and it makes me appreciate the blessings that he pours into our lives as we are becoming parents. I truly cannot wrap my head around the fact that I am growing a human inside of my body. It blows my mind and amazes me that in my body is a little baby that will someday be our son or daughter, with a little personality and a whole new life! Like I said before, I can't wrap my head around it. God is good. 


Thank you all for following my pregnancy journey! I've loved chatting with some of you about pregnancy and becoming a mommy. Stay tuned for more pregnancy posts of course, and next week we will be revealing the gender! Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss it. 



First Trimester Complete | Weekly Update

first trimester weekly breakdown

It's official, I am in my second trimester! Well, according to some of my pregnancy resources, some of them say it starts when week 13 is finished. I'm going to go with the ones that say I am already in my second trimester, because well... I am impatient like that. If you missed our pregnancy announcement post you can catch it HERE to read all about how we found out, how we told our family and an overview on how pregnancy has been. 

In this post I will do a weekly breakdown of the first trimester, what symptoms I was feeling, etc. So far during my pregnancy I have loved following other women's pregnancies. I love hearing what each week was like and contrasting it to my own. It is nice to relate with other pregnant women and feel like everything is "normal". From watching pregnancy videos, reading blogs, and having a few of my best friends pregnant at the same time, I am quickly realizing that each pregnancy is very different and every woman's experience is different. And that's OKAY! We do not all need to have identical pregnancies for it to mean we are all growing healthy babies and that is something I have learned in these last 13 weeks. 

On top of doing a weekly breakdown I will answer random questions about pregnancy. I hope there are some pregnant, soon to be mommies reading this and if so I hope this post helps in someway or is just a joy to read! Lets get into it... 


In maternity clothes yet? 

Not yet, but things are a bit tighter. 


What helped with the nausea? 

Carbs, ginger tea and preggie-pops. My sister in law bought me the preggie-pops and I was so surprised at how much they helped me with my nausea. You can buy them at Target or on Amazon. I would carry them in my purse just in case an unexpected burst of nausea would hit. That would hold me over until I could get some carbs in my tummy. Peanut butter toast seemed to be my thing in the first trimester. It helped settle my stomach, or I would eat some crackers. My sister in law also bought me ginger tea, this is delicious and helped settle my tummy at times, I would make it with honey and it was a warm sweet treat. 


Any cravings?

I have just been leaning towards more carbohydrates and less meat. In the beginning chicken never sounded good. I have had some random cravings including pineapple, oranges, green chili, milk, fro-yo, and french toast, but I haven't seemed to have one single craving that I continue to eat week after week. 


What are you missing most?

Coffee, coffee and more coffee! Oh, and sushi... specifically a spicy tuna roll. Basically anything I can't eat, I want and crave. Drinking tea or hot coco helps with the coffee cravings. 


Total weight gain?

About 3 lbs, a bit less. I am surprised because the doctor said 5-8 was the norm for first trimester, but heck I'm not complaining!


Gender prediction?

I am not far enough along to know the gender yet, so here is my prediction... girl! At first I totally thought it was a boy because I just couldn't picture us having a girl, and because Nick said he wanted a boy. But now I am convinced it's a girl. My grandma has a strong feeling it's a girl, and my mom and I both had girl related dreams. Another reason I think it is a girl is because I did the pee + baking soda test (Google it) and the test said it was a girl. We also did the ring, string and belly test (lol also Google) and it totally said girl! Who knows if these silly tests are real but I am sold. Plus, we have two boy kitties so maybe it's time I finally get my girl hehe.


Emotional or moody?

Really not too bad at all, even my husband would agree! My hormones/emotions seemed way more out of wack when I would PMS than now that I am pregnant. I have cried a few times that maybe I wouldn't have otherwise, but it isn't very often and I feel normal and happy. 


Working out?

Yes, it is much lower impact and calmer than my workouts prior to pregnancy, but I am enjoying staying active and working out. Most of my workouts consist of walking on the treadmill at a very high incline, followed by weights. I have continued to take the Body-Pump class at 24 hour fitness, but I have stopped doing my high intensity interval training workouts. I also have quit running while I am pregnant. It takes me much longer to burn calories, but the doctor said to keep your heart rate at around 140 so I just want to do what is best for the baby. I plan on working out my entire pregnancy, it helps me to feel happy, healthy and when I don't workout I find my muscles and joints feel extremely tight which makes me irritable. 

Weekly Breakdown

Week Five:

  • We found out around week 4/5.
  • No weight gain yet.
  • No doc apt yet.
  • Worked out.
  • Not many symptoms, just light cramping and feeling more sleepy.

Week Six:

  • Light spotting and cramping.
  • Increased sense of smell. 
  • Working out.
  • Same weight.
  • Emotional.
  • Very thirsty, always drinking water.
  • Loving naps.

Week Seven:

  • Had my first nauseous moments.
  • Felt light headed at times.
  • One day this week I took a THREE hour nap!!! 
  • Still very thirsty. 
  • Less than 1 lb weight gain, but weight fluctuates anyways. 
  • No cravings yet.

Week Eight:

  • Slight change in nipples.
  • 1 lb total weight gain.
  • Had first doctor appointment and heart the heart beat. Did a vaginal ultrasound. 
  • Babies heart rate was 152 beats per minute - normal. 
  • Baby is 1.45 cm.
  • Nauseous this week, needed to eat consistently to not feel sick. 

Week Nine:

  • 2 lb total weight gain.
  • Still nauseous if I don't eat consistently. Carbs help. 
  • Less sleepy but still more tired than normal.

Week Ten:

  • Same weight gain, 2 lb total.
  • Breaking out a bit on my face.
  • Feeling less exhausted.

Week Eleven:

  • Slight nausea.
  • 2.5 lb total weight gain.
  • Workouts are walking and weights.
  • Experienced lots of light headed and dizziness this week.
  • Last few days of the week I was extremely exhausted. 

Week Twelve:

  • Lots of nausea this week. 
  • Worked out less.
  • Less tired.


One trimester down, two more to go until baby Greco arrives! Stay tuned!