Baby's First Year: The Top Three Tips For Infant Oral Health

When I was asked a few weeks ago what I knew about infant oral care, the answer was almost nothing. As a new mom that answer was extremely concerning to me. With how important oral care is, I was shocked that I knew almost nothing on how to take care of Giulian's oral health in his first year of life. You would think that'd be Mommy 101 right?! So, when I was approached with the opportunity to work with Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation's Cavities Get Around Campaign to help spread awareness on infant oral care and to help eradicate childhood tooth decay, I saw that as the perfect opportunity for myself to learn all that I need to know to make sure Giulian has a good start to his oral health. 

Giulian is currently teething, so I am learning all of this just in time. He is just under five months old and already in the process of getting his first pearly white. The Cavities Get Around Campaign has come up with the "Big Three", three simple steps we can take as parents to make sure that our little ones are set up for the future when it comes to their oral health. I'm so grateful I am learning all of this now so that I can apply it all. They're such simple things, but it can make a huge difference. Making that little extra effort on our part will save us a ton of stress and a ton of dentist bills in the future. 


The Big Three Of Infant Oral Care


This is something I was aware of, juice is sugar and sugar rots teeth. But what I didn't realize was that this can affect your teeth later in life. The sugar in juice or any other sugary beverage just sits on teeth and eats through the enamel, which then causes cavities. Last time I went to the dentist I had a few cavities, and the first thing they asked me was if I was drinking sugary drinks like soda or lattes throughout the day and not brushing right after. In fact I was, I would brush my teeth in the morning and at night before bed, but during the day when I would be sipping on my vanilla latte, that was playing part in creating those cavities. So, this tip is a great one for any person from infant to old age.

Drinking only water at bedtime can help a ton with this. Many parents will let their little ones fall asleep with a juice, milk or formula bottle, not realizing that it can cause baby bottle tooth decay. Instead, offer water as a nighttime drink. As a parent, you create the child's routine, so you can help them get used to having water at bed instead of a sugary drink. I'm so glad I am thinking about this now, especially because I currently put Giulian to bed right after nursing him or after a formula bottle. Now I can switch up his routine a bit, make sure to wipe down his gums or brush his sweet little baby teeth and then put him to bed. 



Of course there is sugar in things we eat too, not just what we drink, so drinking a lot of water is helpful because it will wash the sugar off of the teeth. Choosing water over other beverages is not only great for our little one's oral health, but it's great for their overall health. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that infants do not drink juice at all in their first year of life. I'm on board with that suggestion and I think it's a wise choice. I am going to do my best with Giulian to not give him juice within his first year of life, limiting it throughout his life, and encouraging him to drink a lot of water. These are such simple steps, but like most things in life, what is easy to do is also easy not to do. I'm going to make that extra effort and put this on high priority since it's such a simple task that can make a huge difference in his life. 



Baby teeth matter! I'm sure I am not the only mommy in the world who wasn't aware of this, right?! This fact is one of the main reasons I was excited to partner with the Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation, because I figured if I did not know this then many other parents probably don't either. Since it is so important for our children's oral health, spreading awareness of this fact is so crucial. My perception was that because baby teeth fall out, the care of them doesn't matter. Like I said, I was wrong and baby teeth do actually matter and cavities can pass from baby teeth to adult teeth. Something else the foundation taught me is that oral health has an impact on the overall health of the whole body. It can even impact learning; the leading cause of kids missing school in Colorado is from dental decay diseases.  



It's such a shocker to me that how I take care of Giulian's gums and baby teeth now can impact his entire life. I'm so grateful I am finding all of this out now instead of when he is a few years old and already in a bad oral health routine. Giulian is four + months old and I am already starting to take action to insure his oral health is heading in the right direction. I am wiping down his gums multiple times a day, and when his baby teeth come in I will make sure to keep them clean by brushing them with an infant toothbrush and infant toothpaste, and I will veto the juice for his first year of life. As a parent, we want to do everything we can to create a strong future for our little ones, so I hope you found this information as helpful and valuable as I did.

This post is sponsored by  Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation.

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Giulian's Birth Story

I figured I might as well write this post sooner rather than later since every mom tells me we get amnesia when it comes to giving birth. I'm sure that's probably at least partially true because if we had a vivid memory of the pain, none of us would have more than one child. Kidding...sorta. 

Well before I dive into sharing my whole birth story, I want to preface by saying that I think ALL women are amazing and powerful, no matter how you chose to deliver and give birth. Whether you chose drugs or went with a natural birth, whether you gave birth at home or in a hospital, and whether your birth was vaginal or not... You are amazing! Giving birth (any which way) is no joke, nor is it easy, and you deserve a big pat on the back for being one tough cookie! I have ZERO judgments on women and how they gave birth, so when I talk about what I personally chose, please remember that. 

Okay, where do I begin? I went into labor on Saturday morning at 1:00 am. I woke up out of a dead sleep in massive pain, which to be honest got me quite excited. At this point I was dying for this baby to come, I was 11 days past my due date and "over" being pregnant. I was supposed to have an appointment on Saturday morning at 7:00 am to chat about my options as far as getting induced (which I absolutely did not want), and Monday would have been the date where they highly suggest getting induced because of increased risk for the baby. The night before, I woke up at 1:00 am too (weird, huh?) and was in a ton of pain, having contractions but they were inconsistent and not easy to time. Those eventually stopped, I fell back asleep and didn't end up going into labor. So when I woke up Saturday with the same feelings, (at the same time) I was hoping that it was the real deal and not another false alarm. These contractions were different from the night before though, they were much easier to time. From 1-2 I labored by myself, letting Nick sleep. I took a shower and just tried to stay calm and get things ready in case it was real labor and we needed to head to the hospital. I am so grateful I showered right when I woke up because soon after (around 2:00 am) the contractions started getting really close together and the pain was becoming far worse. That's when I realized okay, this is it, I am actually in labor. I was so relieved that I went into labor naturally and didn't have to be induced. I was in labor at home for a few hours and the pain intensified pretty quickly. Soon I was unable to move or talk during the contractions. Around 4:00 am Nick called our midwife and they suggested coming in since my contractions were about 4 to 5 minutes apart and at my last checkup I was already 4 cm dilated. We packed up our stuff and headed to the hospital around 4:30. 

When we got to the hospital they checked my platelet levels, those have been an issue for me. My blood platelet levels had been dropping throughout my whole pregnancy and eventually dropped below the level (100,000) where they say it's safe to have an epidural. That was fine with me since I wanted to do a natural delivery anyways, but it just had me worried about bleeding after delivery. They then let me know that my platelets were 104,000. The week prior my platelets were in the 80,000's! I cried, it was such a relief to know that I didn't need to stress about that part of delivery, God is so good and definitely answered that prayer. 

Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers— strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.
— Barbara Katz Rothman

When we first got to the hospital they also checked to see how dilated I was, per request (I was so curious). When they told me I was already at a 7 I was so dang excited! So in my head I'm like wow okay I'll be to a 10 in no time. Well,...from a 7 to a 10 was a bit of a different story, it took much longer than I thought it would. Still, my total labor time was only 9 hours so I'm not complaining, but let me just say that dilating from a 7 to a 10 was a whole new kind of pain than the pain I was having prior. Going through labor, especially that transitional labor, took more mental focus and toughness than I ever thought possible. I didn't want anyone to touch me, talk to me, or distract me while I was going through each contraction. I just felt like I had to keep 100% focus on pushing through the pain, keeping my mindset on "I can do this" "You were made to deliver this baby" "This pain will pass soon". If I let any negative thoughts enter my mind like "I can't do this, it's too painful", then I would just feel like I lost control and feel extremely scared and freaked out. I truly felt like it was such a mental game of keeping calm and staying in control mentally. 

During two contractions I tried Nitrous Oxide, this was the only form of pain relief I was open to having. You might know Nitrous Oxide better by the name of "laughing gas" and possibly used it at the dentist. It doesn't take the pain away, but it takes your care of the pain away. After trying it, I quickly decided that I was not a fan of it. The first contraction that I used it on I sort of thought I liked it, but then after the second I started to feel very very loopy and I felt like I lost control a bit. I guess I am glad I tried it because I was freaking out a bit before having the Nitrous, I was starting to feel like I couldn't handle the pain anymore and that's why I called in the Nitrous. I was hoping to love it, but honestly it just made me feel too out of it. I suppose it did calm me down a bit though. In all honesty, I don't know, I have mixed opinions about it. After I decided I didn't like the Nitrous, the thought of an epidural crossed my mind. I am so glad that I didn't ask for one, although it crossed my mind I just tried to remind myself that it wasn't what I wanted and to stay strong. I totally understand how women ask for one though, it sounded very tempting. But I am so glad I did it natural and am just so grateful for the opportunity to have given birth naturally and without complications.

In many ways, giving birth naturally is a privilege. I have a few friends that would have loved to have a natural delivery but because of complications they were unable to, and the safer route for them and baby was to have some sort of medical intervention. So for me, I just thank God that I had a birth that went just as I hoped and prayed for, because that definitely isn't always the way it works out. You realize as you're going through it that birth is something you don't have much control over. Your body will do what it's gonna do to an extent and sometimes it's not what you would prefer. So, I feel very blessed by my birth experience and that I was able to go natural. 

I was stuck at 8.5 cm dilated for quite some time. At this point I was sitting in the "throne" position in the hospital bed. Which by the way, those are some fancy high tech things these days, those beds can move into so many positions, I was quite impressed. The midwife suggested that I switch positions to help get things moving along. She suggested getting on my knees and facing the back of the bed in sort of an upright position. It did not sound comfortable but I thought "what the heck, if it will help this process speed up then I am willing to try it."  I kept having the urge to push, but since I wasn't dilated enough they were discouraging me from doing so. Once I switched to that position she was suggesting it was go time. I could not help it and I had to push. She said I pushed him past the 8.5 and it opened me up to 10 cm dilated (which sounded weird and I didn't know that was a thing). I continued to push and finally delivered in this position. I NEVER would have thought that was how I was gonna deliver my baby, the position sounds so strange, but it felt so natural and felt way more comfortable than sitting. Total I pushed for 38 minutes, which felt like an eternity, but apparently the midwives said is pretty quick for your first baby. At 10:02am on Saturday June 17th, our sweet baby boy was born. 

I didn't get to see Giulian come out since I was facing the other direction, but I saw something that I will never forget. I got to watch my husband's face as our son was born, and let me tell you that was one of my favorite experiences of my life. He was crying and just had so much love and joy in his eyes. You could tell he was instantly in awe of our son. It just absolutely melted my heart and I'll never forget it. When the midwife passed Giulian to me through my legs, the first thing I said was "Ahhhh he's so cute!". And those truly were my first thoughts. I was so excited to see what he looked like, I'd been wondering for 10 months. So to finally see him was amazing and I just couldn't help but think he was the cutest thing I'd ever seen. 

Some random details about the birth- one, I tore. Yay lol every woman's dream (sarcasm). It was a second degree tear, whatever that means... but ouch that was a bummer. Another detail is that we did delayed cord clamping, which just means you wait to cut the umbilical cord until the blood has finished transferring from the placenta to the baby. There are some great health benefits for baby by doing this. In fact, our hospital does this with every birth because they find it so important. The last random fact I thought I'd share is that they gave me a bit of Pitocin after delivery to help stop the bleeding (which it did and was fine). 

I couldn't rave enough about the midwives at West Side Women's Care and Lutheran Hospital. I felt so supported and encouraged by them the entire delivery process. They were so helpful and respectful, I feel so blessed to have had them by my side during the most difficult thing I've ever done in my entire life. Giving birth is no joke and I think it made a huge difference having women there who were so nurturing and like I already said, so supportive. They were amazing coaches through the whole process which was nice because it took that pressure off of Nick and he was just able to be loving and supportive in the exact way I needed him to be. I know some people have bad things to say about hospital births, but I truly think if that person knew truly what my experience was, they would feel differently. I wish every hospital was this amazing, I know that's probably not the case, but hopefully one day they will all be as amazing as Lutheran. Those women there are such angels. 

I'm currently cuddling my big 6 week old baby! He's growing so fast and our love for him gets stronger and stronger every day. Thank you Lord for this healthy happy baby! 


Giulian Georgio Greco, Welcome To The World

Giulian Georgio Greco

Born 6/17/17 at 10:02 am

7 lb 13 oz

20 3/4 in. long

Head 14 1/2 in. around

Natural delivery at Lutheran Hospital in Wheat Ridge, CO

Welcome to the world sweet boy! Mom and Dad couldn't be more in love with you. You bring us so much joy. God is so good for blessing us with a healthy and happy baby boy. Praise Jesus! 



41 Week Bumpdate | Yes I'm STILL Pregnant

"I think I'm gonna have a May baby, there's no way I'll still be pregnant in June"... Yep that's what I kept saying about a month ago in early to mid May. That's the funny thing about pregnancy, you cannot predict, control or plan anything. You are completely forced to give it all up to God and try to be as "still" as you can be. If you didn't see the post title, I am currently 41 weeks pregnant. One week past the baby's due date. To the mommies out there who have been overdue in a pregnancy, wow I have a whole new respect for you because I now know what it's like. I remember a few weeks before June 6th, the anticipated due date, I was so miserable, uncomfortable and over being pregnant that I couldn't fathom my pregnancy lasting until his due date. I was totally fine with baby G coming a bit early, and since we always get what we want in life (sarcastic voice), I was SURE he was going to come early.

Little did I know that June 12th would roll around and labor would be no where in sight. I feel like everyday is groundhog day- each night I go to bed hopeful that in the middle of the night I'll wake up in massive pain and pure joy in my heart knowing our baby boy was on his way. Then each morning I wake up, in no pain, and not in labor. For over a week now I'm like "okay! Today is the day!" and then... well... the days passes and still no baby. Patience is quite a difficult thing, it takes a massive amount of discipline to keep a positive attitude in the midst of feeling frustrated and impatient. I'm so grateful because I received some advice that was super helpful to my husband and I, someone told us to plan something fun to do everyday that way you have things to look forward to and be excited about other than baby coming. That way if I wake up feeling bummed that I'm not in labor yet, I am thinking at least I get to do blank today. My husband and I have been trying to have a blast with that, we've gone on more fun dates together in the last week and a half than we have in the last few months prior. I have also received more pedicures in the last two months than I have in the last two years, now that has been a real treat! We are trying to focus on enjoying our time together and embracing these last moments we have together before our little guy takes us from two to three.

To be honest though, it's much more difficult than you'd think. Nick and I are both so crazy excited to meet our son and spend time with him, that being patient is quite a task. And for me, there are so many other factors that make me feel impatient, pregnancy at 41 weeks is not too easy. The last two weeks have been difficult emotionally because I got stretch marks. Up until now I was so proud of how beautiful the skin on my pregnant belly looked, and now I have some "battle wounds". Obviously I know it's all worth it... duhh, I get that and I don't need you to remind me. But if I'm being totally honest, transparent and not trying to fake my attitude just in hopes of sounding inspiring, then I'll admit to you that getting stretch marks from pregnancy can be quite emotional. I feel like I'll never look the way I did before I was pregnant, which bums be out because I should have appreciated my body more. It might sound shallow but now I'm wondering if I'll ever get to wear a bikini again. All these things cross my mind and of course I know the result is my beautiful son, but it doesn't mean that body changes aren't hard. I'm sure one day I won't care at all about my stretch marks, but for today it's been very emotional for me to know my tummy will never quite look the same. Something that has helped remind me of what's important is to remind myself that some women can't have babies and would kill to have those stretch marks if it meant having a sweet baby.

It really helps to accept my body changes when I remind myself of the bigger picture. But like I said before, on my blog you'll only find honesty and transparency from me and heck if I'm being honest I've cried quite a few times over these darn stretch marks. Hormones maybe? 

I must prep you, if you haven't gone overdue in a pregnancy but do in the future, there are a few things that you'll 100% experience. One is that you will receive a trillion messages a day. "Baby here". "Hey how are you..." (which actually means are you in labor yet?). "I have a feeling today is the day!" And although everyone sending those messages is SO sweet and supportive and of course they only mean well, when you get over 10 a day minimum... it can get frustrating. I've started replying, nope no baby. Ha ha! And the best is every time you call someone, they get crazy excited to pick up the phone and hear you say "I'm in labor!" only to disappoint them by actually calling to ask a stupid question or have some small talk. 

The other thing you must know is that you're gonna get bombarded with "TRY THIS" if you go overdue. Everyone has their secret method to how they got their baby out, and trust me a week ago I wanted to know them all! I was googling "how to naturally induce labor" or asking my already mommy friends how they did it multiple times a day. Well, then I tried every single thing on the list and well, still no baby. I have walked, done squats, bounced on the ball for hours, eaten spicy food, eaten dates and pineapple to thing my cervix, had sex, had an induction massage, gotten a pedicure in hopes that the foot rub would do it, and oh ya we have even tried a ton of nipple stimulation (sorry TMI). Well I can honestly say I'm over trying to induce labor. I'm beginning to think that we create all these old wives tales that induce labor because it helps us feel like we have control over the situation. Well, I think the reality is those things might work a bit, but at the end of the day God's timing trumps everything and there is nothing we can do about that. 

With all of the frustration, tears, body changes, annoying old wives tales, etc. surprisingly there are a few positives to going overdue. One, like I mentioned before, is the extra alone time with your spouse. I've loved spending so much time with Nick during this overdue stage of pregnancy. I feel so grateful and blessed, I've seen a whole new level of support from him that has just been amazing. He is frustrated and having a hard time being patient too, and it's nice to have each other to lean on during this time. We have gotten to the point where we just try to laugh a lot to take our minds off of baby G not being here yet. I really feel this we are in it together vibe that gives me such a sense of peace and security. I am a truly blessed wife. 

Another perk to going overdue is it gives you more time to prepare. We recently moved and although the house was ready enough by his due date, there was still more work that needed done. We still aren't totally done with everything on our list, but during the last week we've made a ton of progress with getting settled in the house, ordering things we need and doing a bit more deep cleaning. I guess you can say we've taken the time to do a bit of nesting and it sure does feel nice. 

The last thing I think might be a perk to being overdue is my perspective on labor. There's been a bit of a shift the last few weeks from slight fear of labor to omg get thing baby out of me! I seriously cannot wait to be in pain because it means I'll soon not be pregnant and I will have our baby in my arms. I truly think because I've been pushed to my limits with pregnancy it will mentally prepare me for embracing labor and delivery better. I think I will welcome it with open arms and be more mentally in the zone once it's here. Every time I feel a cramp or a pain I get excited and start hoping that it's the start of labor. Who knows if when I do go into labor I'll still feel the same way, but I sure do think the mental shift will help me embrace labor that much more. 

I pray the next post I write is welcoming baby Greco into the world. I am so ready and eager to meet him and to shift from my pregnancy journey to my mommy journey. Thanks for following along throughout this whole pregnancy. 



Pregnancy Must Haves

Well, I'm just days away from our little guy's due date and I find myself reflecting on my pregnancy. Overall I've loved the experience, the good the bad and the ugly, all result in our son so I am learning to love it all. As I reflect I find myself feeling like it went so slow but it also flew by at the same time... how is that possible? I am so eager, nervous, excited and crazy curious about meeting our little guy. I cannot wait. 

Throughout the pregnancy there have been things that I personally think are pregnancy must haves. Every pregnancy is different, but for mine there were a few products that I just couldn't live without and made the whole pregnancy process way more pleasurable. If you are preggers, I think this list might help you. I have added in Amazon links to make it easy for y'all to find the products, you might have to turn off Ad Blocker to view them. Okay, let's get into it...


If there is any product that I COULD NOT live without during my entire pregnancy, especially second and third trimester, it's TUMS. Holy heart burn, this baby must be super hairy because I have heart burn all the time. I had never really experienced bad heart burn prior to pregnancy, so this really took me by surprise. It makes you feel super acidic and for me it was hard to have an appetite when the heart burn would strike. The only things I want when I have heart burn are a glass of milk and a couple of TUMS. It is quite amazing though, with my experience the TUMS took the heart burn away within a few minutes of eating them. I carried a container of TUMS in my purse the entire pregnancy. Praise God for those little tropical treats!

Preggie Pops

I have to admit, I didn't have the worst first trimester. I got super lucky with only a little bit of nausea, but I did still have some. I especially had nausea towards the end of my first trimester. I had never heard of Preggie Pops before, but my sister in law gave me some right after she heard I was pregnant. I was skeptical, they just look like little candies, but honestly they helped me a ton! I'm not even sure what's in Preggie Pops that helps fight nausea, but they work. Luckily the nausea stopped for me after the first trimester, but these were a life saver at times when I needed them. 

Maternity Clothes & Belly Bands

If you read my 26 Week Bumpdate, then you know how I feel about purchasing maternity clothes. Your body goes through so many crazy changes throughout pregnancy and the last thing you need is to be trying to squeeze your body into your "normal" clothes, and then feeling like a big whale of a pregnant woman... no thank you! When I was in my first trimester I kept refusing to spend money on maternity clothes, saying that all of our money needed to go towards baby stuff and not mom. Luckily my mom was in my ear telling me if I wanted to enjoy my pregnancy then I needed to feel good about myself and my new body, and getting clothes that actually fit me right would allow me to feel comfortable and confident. Well, per usual, my mom was so right. I'm so grateful I got a good amount of maternity wear during my pregnancy. There are still a few tops and dresses that I owned prior to pregnancy that I am able to wear while pregnant, but not a full wardrobe worth. Maternity clothes used to be really frumpy and not cute at all, so ladies I say take advantage of the new and improved style that maternity wear has, buy some and feel confident (and comfortable)!

Prenatal Massages

This is SO worth the money! Throughout pregnancy you'll get aches and pains that you would have never even though about, unless you are crazy lucky. Before I got pregnant, I had heard of pregnant women experiencing back pain, but who knew there would be massive leg pain too. Especially in my third trimester, I've lost so much sleep because of the aches and pain the sides of my legs have. Throughout my pregnancy I got two prenatal massages, which is not enough! I mean it's better than none, but gosh the more the better. It relieved so much of my leg and back pain. On top of relieving physical pain, the prenatal massages released a lot of mental stress. Pregnancy is emotional, your body is releasing all sorts of hormones that you aren't used to and it can be quite draining. The prenatal massages allowed me to de-stress, unplug mentally and relax. It's so important to take care of yourself physically and mentally throughout pregnancy and I personally think this is one of the best ways. 

If you are in the Denver area, go see Katie Dempter with Elevated Bodywork. Like I said before, I received two prenatal massages throughout my pregnancy, they were both nice but one was way better than the other. The first massage I had was decent, the girl was super nice, but the atmosphere was not peaceful at all. The lights were on, there was no peaceful music, and I could hear people talking in the office right outside the door the entire massage. When I went to see Katie for my second prenatal massage, it was a totally different experience. Her massage room is so peaceful, the lighting and music set the tone to really relax. She uses essential oils to reduce stress, and she knows what she's talking about when it comes to prenatal massages. It was so reassuring to hear her knowledge on what you can and can't do during a prenatal massage in each trimester. I absolutely loved her massage, I can't rave about it enough and I'd recommend it to any of my Denver area readers! 

Coconut Oil, Bio-Oil & Coco Butter Lotion

I've heard mixed opinions on stretch marks, many say it's genetics and that you can't control if you'll get them or not. I don't know all of the facts, but my personal opinion on it was that I was going to keep my belly as moisturized as possible just in case it helps prevent stretch marks. I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and up until this week I has zero stretch marks from this pregnancy. As of now I only have a tiny one near my belly button, around the skin where I used to have my belly button pierced. I am really really praying that I don't get anymore, if I do I know it'll of course be worth it, but I still hope I don't. Throughout my pregnancy I've used multiple containers of organic coconut oil, it's been my number one form of belly moisturizer. I even have a few t-shirts that I have ruined because they have so much coconut oil on them. I also use Bio-Oil on my tummy, I have a few friends that swear by this stuff. It's supposed to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, so at this point I am obsessively putting it around my belly button in hopes it helps. I've also been using Palmer's coco butter stretch mark cream and their regular coco butter lotion. I love all of these products and hopefully I won't get anymore stretch marks. 

Ginger Tea & RASPBERRY Leaf Tea

During my first trimester I eliminated coffee and caffeine. I'm a total coffee addict so that was quite difficult. Also, it was during the winter months so all I wanted was a cup of something warm to drink. For those months, instead of coffee I drank tea. They don't recommend all teas during pregnancy so I stuck to ones that were safe and actually beneficial to my pregnancy. Ginger tea was awesome to fight nausea during the first trimester. I personally love the taste of ginger tea with honey and it did help settle my tummy at times. Raspberry leaf tea is also super tasty. Midwives suggest it during pregnancy because it is known to support the uterus and the female system. 


Sometime in January a friend gave me a Yeti cup, and omg it's become a pregnancy must have for me. I'm not the best at drinking water, I only enjoy drinking lemon water or water that is ice cold. If I am carrying a water bottle around with me all day, I am less likely to stay hydrated and drink it if the water gets room temperature or warm. Having a mug that keeps my water cold all day has helped me so much, it makes it so I actually enjoy drinking water and I stay hydrated during my pregnancy, which is so important for you and baby. I carry a 30oz one with me all day, and even though it's a bit of a pain in the butt to lug around, it's so worth it. 

Well there you have it, those are my top pregnancy must haves! Those are the things I used most and felt like I couldn't live without during pregnancy. I hope this list helps you throughout your pregnancy. If you have any pregnancy must have suggestions, comment below, I'd love to hear!



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Travel & "Oh The Places You'll Go!" Themed Baby Shower

If you know me or have been a reader of my blog for a while now, then you aren't at all shocked with the theme we chose for our baby shower. My husband and I are total travel lovers, so naturally our baby's room theme and the baby shower theme had to be travel related. I loved the idea of a travel themed baby shower that had hints and touches of the "Oh The Places You'll Go!" , the children's book by Dr. Seuss. If you haven't already read that book, do. It's adorable and has so many huge life lessons crammed into a "children's book". I personally think anyone at any age would just adore that book. To me, this baby shower theme was a perfect fit for our family. Nick and I love travel, and we also love the idea and live by the idea that anyone can do anything that they want to in life, which is one of the themes throughout the book. So, like I said, the theme was a perfect fit for us. I also think it's such a precious theme for a baby boy! If I was having a little girl I probably would have been sucked into doing a theme based on color, glitter and tutus lol. 

I want to give a special thank you to everyone who helped plan the baby shower. I picked the theme and helped with the ideas, but my amazing family and close family friends helped put it all together. We feel so blessed to have them in our lives and couldn't feel more grateful for the perfect baby shower they threw for us and baby Giulian. Thank you! 

The Invitations

I had the privilege of collaborating with Basic Invite for my baby shower invitations. I couldn't be more pleased with the company and how the invitations turned out! This was my first time ordering through Basic Invite, but it won't be my last. I was very impressed with the quality of the product, and the amount of choices and options they allow when creating the invitations. They had this adorable airplane template that was a perfect fit for the travel themed shower. My favorite part was that I had the option to change and play around with the colors of  almost everything on the invitation. They are one of few websites that offer almost unlimited color options with instant preview. This was so helpful when designing the invitations because I was able to use the colors of the baby shower. They also offer over 40 different colors of envelopes. I'm a girl who LOVES choices, so this was a big bonus in my opinion! I chose the color "Pewter Shimmer", it is a shimmery grey/metallic silver. Our main baby shower colors were silver and baby blue, so the invitations matched perfectly. You could also choose details like the trim of the actual invitation. I chose the "ticket" trim since it made it resemble an old travel ticket. Once you are finished designing your invitation, you can order a sample of it to make sure it's exactly what you wanted. I love that feature, that way you aren't disappointed with your product and running into any issues. Once of my absolute favorite features that Basic Invite offers is their free address collection service. This made my life so much easier and saved my hand from some carpal tunnel! This service basically allows you to gather all of the addresses you need for the invitations all through a link. I was able to send the link to everyone invited to my baby shower, then once they put their address in the system I was then able to get the addresses printed onto the envelopes for free. So simple and stress free. I wish I used them for our wedding invitations a few years ago. The address collection service has also been helpful while I am filling out thank you cards. When I am looking for someones mailing address I just log back into Basic Invite's website and scroll through my address book on there. Overall I love this company's invitations and I will absolutely be using them in the future. I'd also recommend them to anyone reading this post, I had a great experience and was very pleased with their products and services. 


The Decor & Details

The welcome table was just adorable. There was a sign that said "Please help the busy mom to be by making yourself the addressee" along side a stack of blue envelopes that match the thank you cards. That was it saves me some time on filling out the addresses when sending out the thank you cards. We had a little globe that said "follow that dream" placed on the welcome table. I purchased that globe for Baby G's room and it tied in perfectly with the shower. Also on the welcome table there were little blue pieces of paper for each guest to write "motherly advice" on. Then they could put it in the precious travel suitcase box that was on the table. 

I made the "Oh The Places We'll Go" banner. I'm a sucker for cute banners, I think they add so much to baby showers, bridal showers, etc. I also made another banner that was different hot air balloons, but we didn't get a photo of them (bummer), that banner was used to hang on the food table. I also made the card basket that was made to look like a hot air balloon. Then we added little decorations here and there like the actual Dr. Seuss book and a G for our little guy's name, Giulian Georgio Greco. 

My mom made the most adorable treats for people to take home and they were in shabby chic wood boxes on each table as the centerpieces. There were two different treats, one was a white chocolate covered pretzel with blue sprinkles and the other treat was chocolate covered Oreo cookies that were made to look like baby rattles. Each treat had a label on it that said "Bundle of Boy", my mom handmade each of the labels too. The treats were absolutely precious and of course delicious. She also filled blue mason jars nuts for people to snack on at their tables. 

The Cake

The cake turned out to be precious! Thank you to one of my best friends Jenny for making the cake, girl you are so talented. I had sent her a few cakes that I liked on Pinterest and we chatted about what it'd look like. Her and her mom did the cake and I was so impressed, I loved the airplanes, clouds, the different colored layers, and of course the sweet baby in a hot air balloon on top. It truly was the best travel themed cake for a little boy baby shower. There are so many hot air balloons in the book "Oh The Places You'll Go!" so the cake topper couldn't have been more perfect. I love that each tier of the cake has something different. The planes and the clouds are simple and exactly what I was looking for. 

We also had some decor items on the cake/ dessert table. The picture frame on the table has an illustration from the book in it. Then next to it is a big globe that we put the words Oh The Places You'll Go on. 

The Food & Drinks

Alongside the cake there were a bunch of other dessert options. My family and friends sure know how to throw a party, they always provide way more food and treats than probably necessary. But heck, it's nice to have the options. 

The blue crates you see that are holding the plates I found in Delaware at a cute beach store. Nobody at the shower would have known they fit with the travel theme, but they do since we got them on our personal travels. They were handmade by a local and my Aunt Pam was sweet enough to get them for baby G's room and ship them to us here in Colorado. In his room they'll hold all of his books, but they were perfect at the shower too to hold the plates.

There was tons of food to choose from, and it was all so tasty! There was chicken salad, rolls, fruit, chips, salsa, several dips, crackers, gluten free crackers, gluten free scones and muffins, little quiches, egg/green chili casserole, mini muffins, mini cinnamon rolls, and the most adorable veggie train. The vegetable train was made by a close family friend and it couldn't have turned out more adorable! Trains of course go with the travel theme so it was a great way to add some character to the food table. 

Shower Highlights

This day truly brought tears to my eyes. Our friends and family are so amazing and spoiled us and little baby G. We are so blessed to have such sweet and loving people in our lives who are so generous and kind. It feels great to have a strong support system during this important time in our life. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I wouldn't choose any other village over ours. My heart is filled with so much gratitude. 

Oh and btw look how dang adorable my niece's dress is!! It's an "Oh The Places You'll Go!" dress. She is part of the decor for the day and wow did that little princess love the attention. 

Thank you so much to Sam from Zoey Grace Photography for shooting the shower. I love the photos and will cherish them forever! If you are reading this and are in the Denver area, I would totally recommend her. She was super professional and I loved her photos. Thanks Sam!

*The photos of the invitations were taken by me, not the photographer. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully it helped you with some baby shower inspiration. Make sure to subscribe below for blog updates and to get notified when new posts go live. 


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Baby Greco Name Reveal + Why We Chose It

For a while there I thought our kid wasn't gonna have a name! Picking a name for our little guy was such a difficult task for Nick and I. We had a girl name picked out and then when we found out it was a boy we were a tad worried because for months we had been discussing boy names and couldn't agree on anything. To be honest I wasn't really crazy excited about any little boy names. We went through so many lists online trying to find a good name. We knew we didn't want a name from the top 100 most popular names of 2016/2017 list. My sister named her first baby Logan around the time when everyone was and now he is known as Logan H. in school since there are too many in his class. There were quite a few names I liked on that list but I was just annoyed with the idea of our son growing up with a ton of kids with the same name. Both Nick and I wanted him to feel like his name was unique. Another desire we had for the baby name was that we really wanted it to be Italian. Nick is Italian, and we both love the Italian culture, and we plan to teach him Italian as he grows up, so it would only be fitting for him to have a sweet Italian name. The last thing we really wanted for his name was for it to include something from a family member. I am beyond happy to say that we picked a name that fits all of those hopes that we had for his name. It's unique, it is Italian and it includes a family name!

Giulian Georgio Greco

Baby Greco Name Reveal photo Greco_1_zps554j1lhm.gif

GIF by Bloom Portraits

Giulian Georgio Greco. Or as my husband calls him, Triple G. We are super excited about his name and are so relieved to finally have picked one that we both love. I'm gonna break down his first name and middle name and explain why we chose it!


Giulian is short for Giuliano. I suppose technically Giulian isn't an Italian name, but it's just short for the Italian version. Giuliano is beautiful, but we live in the U.S. and I wanted a name that people wouldn't butcher. When we visit Italy, if they want to call him Giuliano, we would love that! But here in America he is Giulian. We love that most people will think it's spelled with a J, but it's actually a G. The Italian alphabet does not have a J in it. For the J sound it is Giu. For example, our aunt in Italy name is Giuditta. When I first heard her name I assumed it was spelled Juditta, boy was I wrong. I love the Italian spelling of his name, mostly because even if our son meets someone with the same name here in America, I highly doubt it'll be the same spelling. It adds more character to his name and makes it even more unique. 


This is the part to his name that I had to fight for a little. Georgio is Nick's middle name and I've loved it ever since I first met Nick. It's not a name you hear everyday. When you hear it you might think of the Italian designer Giorgio Armani, at least I did when I first heard the name. Or maybe you think of Nick Papa Giorgio from the Vegas Vacation movie, which is so hilarious that my husbands name is Nick and his middle is Georgio. The reason we spelled Georgio with an E instead of an I is because that's the way Nick's middle name is spelled on his birth certificate. I wanted our sons middle name to be from his daddy, spelling and all. Nick's middle name is Georgio for a few reasons, one it's Italian and two it honors his grandpa on his mom's side of the family who's name is George Stanley. Like I said before we really wanted a name that was Italian and also honored family members, so this couldn't be a more perfect middle name. It's Italian and it not only honors his daddy but it honors his great grandfather too. Another reason we went with Georgio is because Nick got hooked on the idea of having his initials be G.G.G. Nick loves the idea of calling him Triple G, and let me tell you he got SO attached to the idea of it. I can't tell you how many Italian G name lists I've looked through! Too many. 

 photo Greco_2_zpsnymxtquo.gif

GIF By Bloom Portraits 

We are so beyond happy to finally have his name picked out. We can't wait for Giulian to get here. I sure do hope he loves his name and I hope one day he will read this post and be pleased with how and why mommy and daddy picked his name. 


I want to give a special thank you to Bloom Portraits located here in Denver for helping me to make Giulian's name reveal special and super creative! They had the idea of doing the GIF's to reveal his name and I was thrilled at how creative they were over there. They were so professional and we loved the end product. I think we'll have to take our little guy there for some more photos in the near future! Thank you Bloom!


Peace Of Mind

Being a first time mom brings quite a bit of new stresses and things to worry about. So when there are products out there that help to relieve some of that stress, I am all about it! That's why when Revolar reached out about doing a collaboration, I looked over their product and instantly knew it was a fit and something I genuinely wanted to share with ya'll and something I was excited to use for myself. Revolar is a small device that you can easily clip to your clothes or attach to your key chain, that you can use to alert your loved ones if you are in any danger. With the simple click of a button you can send an alert to your contacts letting them know that you need help. They have multiple alerts, one click lets your family know you are safe, two clicks lets them know lets them know you are in an uncomfortable situation and possible danger, and three clicks will send a red alert to let your family know there is an emergency and to send emergency responders to your location. I love this product not because I think I'll be using it all the time, I love it because it will give me peace of mind. I will overall feel so much safer carrying this with me all the time.

If you don't already know, I am currently 33 weeks pregnant. Baby G is coming June 2017. During my pregnancy my main workout has been going on long walks. I walk with my mom all the time. We walk during the day, at night, in the freezing weather or when it's beautiful out. We're pretty much walking all the time and loving it. We thankfully have never had any safety issues on our walks thus far, but you never know what could happen. Sometimes when we would walk at night I would hear something and get a tad freaked out. It was probably just the sound of a bunny in the bushes, but now having the Revolar on all of our walks I will just have that peace of mind that I can easily alert my family that there is any real danger. The app that is linked with the Revolar product allows you to add up to five contacts that will be notified when you click the device. I love this because then in the case of an emergency I'm not dialing phone number after phone number hoping someone answers. This alerts five people at once, which is a quicker way to get help. 

Once baby G comes I plan on going on runs and walks all the time. That is my "get the baby weight off" game plan. Since our baby boy will be born in early summer, I'll have months to be outside, enjoying the beautiful weather and getting back in shape. I already purchased a running stroller, so I'm all set to take baby G out and about during my workouts. I'm so grateful for the Revolar, it'll give me such peace of mind while I do my workouts around town. There are things that cross my mind and scare me a bit, things like I have asthma and what if I had an asthma attack while running with my baby boy. Nick is allergic to bees, what if our baby is too and we are out running and have an emergency. The list of things that a new mommy worries about is so long. Well, at least for this new mom haha. Just having the Revolar will take so much worry and stress away from me, allowing me to really enjoy these moments with my new baby and cherishing that time together. 

Owning the Revolar will not only give me peace of mind, but it'll give my husband peace of mind too. Nick, my husband, is one of the sweetest men in the world (but I'm probably a bit biased). He is not a worrier by nature, but if he thinks I am in danger or if there is a possible uncomfortable situation you better believe it will have him nervous and feeling very uneasy. Especially since I've been pregnant, Nick has been so protective and extra aware of my safety. Now he's got that daddy bear mentality and will do anything to keep his family safe. He really is so sweet, one example of this is when I was in Miami last week he didn't want me taking an Uber late at night from the airport to the home I was staying at so he arranged for one of our friends that is located in Miami to come pick me up and take me. It simply gave him peace of mind knowing that I was with someone that we both know and trust. I bet if I had the Revolar at the time, he would have felt completely fine with me taking the Uber, knowing that he was only one click away and could be alerted quick if anything were to go wrong. 

To me, peace of mind is so valuable. It allows us to live our life at a higher level, feeling less stress and being able to enjoy each moment with ease. I'm super grateful to have collaborated with Revolar, I back their product 100%. And if you've been reading my blog for some time, then you know I take which products I collaborate with very seriously. I would never attach my blog and my name to something I didn't think was amazing. I genuinely think this product could save so many lives, prevent rapes, attacks, hate crimes, etc around the world. If a product is trying to make the world a safer place, I'll support that any day. 


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32 Week Bumpdate

Eight weeks until babies due date! I cannot believe it, I truly feel like this pregnancy has flown by. The next eight weeks are filled with so many exciting things. Our baby shower is in less than two weeks, we start taking our baby classes, and we move! With all of these exciting things taking place it's hard not to think that the next few weeks will just fly by. I feel so grateful, this pregnancy has been amazing, stress free and healthy for baby and myself. 

Lets start with baby G... he is doing AMAZING! We had a doctor appointment today and per usual he is doing good, and both myself and baby are right on track with growth. We had our final ultrasound today. We had one more than usual because they needed to check his kidneys again, they said they looked good and they are no longer concerned about what they wanted to check. We were super excited to get an extra ultrasound, especially one where we are so far along. The photos we got today were a tad less impressive than our last ultrasound, the tech lady said that's because he is quickly running out of space in there so it becomes harder to get good photos of him as the weeks go by. We did however get an amazing photo of babies lips today, and let me just say wow that baby won't need injections ever lol. They looked so full and heart shaped, which makes sense because both Nick and I have decent sized lips. But who knows, maybe he will come out looking totally different than we are predicting based on the ultrasound photos. Those things can be deceiving anyways. Since it was our final ultrasound we had quite the crew with us. My mom, Nick's mom, my sister, one of my nephews and my niece all came for the show. We were all crammed in that tiny room and of course all of the women were crying over how precious baby G is. Once the ultrasound tech said the babies lips looked like his dads, I lost it and started balling like a baby. I'm such a sucker when it comes to our baby being a mini Nick. Seriously if he looks like a little Nick I'll just be the happiest mommy on earth! Based on the ultrasound, he is weighing in at 4lbs 7ounces. In the 68th percentile! That is one big baby boy. Haha which makes me a tad nervous for birth... I want a very healthy (plump) baby, but delivering a ten-pounder sounds quite intimidating. His heart rate was a tiny bit slower than it had been the rest of the pregnancy, it usually was 152 but today it was 145, which are both perfect and right where it needs to be. 

Babies don't come from storks, they come from swans!

A post shared by Danielle Greco Denver Blogger ( on

We start our "get ready for baby" classes this week. We signed up for a birthing class, CPR and safety, and Nick will take Daddy Bootcamp. This week we start with the birthing classes, it's about nine total hours split between two days for this course. I am a tad nervous going into the class, it's all becoming more real that in just a few weeks I will be in labor and giving birth. I'm sure it's normal for a mother to be nervous about birth, especially since it's our first baby, but I'm really hoping to come out of the birthing class feeling more confident and less nervous about it all. A friend of ours kept raving about the Daddy Bootcamp class, so we just had to get Nick registered for it. He's pretty nervous about the baby, and tiny infants make him super nervous, so this class will probably give him some more confidence and put him at ease. I guess the class is taught by dads, which is perfect and I think Nick will really enjoy that. 

Our baby shower is next weekend and I couldn't be more excited! My mom, sister, Nick's mom and some of our closest family friends are throwing the baby shower and I feel so grateful for that. My mom has already been baking, making the most adorable treats for the guests at the shower. The shower theme is travel of course! That's also his nursery theme ;) which I just adore! I'll be doing a full in depth blog post on both the baby shower and his nursery, so stay tuned for those. Both will incorporate one of my all time favorite books, Oh The Places You'll Go by Dr. Suess. Okay that is all of the details I'm giving you, now you have to wait for the full posts on those. 

Speaking of the baby room though, I cannot wait to get all settled and start nesting like crazy. Even though I've had a strong desire to start nesting and setting his room up, it's been a tad delayed, but for a great reason. We are moving! I am so excited and grateful for this. God has a plan and sometimes if you are patient and have faith, the plan works out perfectly. We will be moving to a house in the highlands are of Denver. We are beyond excited to have the chance to live in such a neat neighborhood for a while. Nick and I have only lived in the suburbs, so living in the city will be quite a change. When we finally decide to buy a house it will probably be in the suburbs too, so getting the chance to take a little season of our life and experience city living will be a great opportunity for us. I can't wait to be able to put the baby in the stroller, stroll down the streets of our neighborhood to my favorite coffee shops, restaurants, and boutiques. The neighborhood we're moving too offers so much to do, it has amazing parks nearby, and great walking paths. In the next week or so we will get to move in and settle. I'm so excited to get his room set up, I feel like I'll sit in there all the time until he comes. 

Okay, lets talk about pregnancy symptoms and such. Like I said before I'm super grateful to have had such an awesome pregnancy with no complications and a healthy baby. But even with the healthiest of pregnancies, it's just tough on your body sometimes and can be a bit exhausting. Third trimester has been going great so far. I'd say the number one difference I notice in the third trimester is emotions. Holy cry baby! I am so dang sensitive these days, like on a whole new level. Sometimes it takes everything out of me to be a strong person. For example, I just got back from a 12 day vacation, traveling to Ocean City Maryland and then off to Miami after that. When Nick dropped me off at the airport I was a mess. I was crying a ton and if I even thought about the fact that I wouldn't be with my husband for almost two weeks then water works would start. It's crazy how attached to him I feel during pregnancy, especially the third trimester. I just want to be with Nick all the time and I'm a big 'ol baby if I am missing him at all. The sweetest thing was he said he felt more emotional than usual while I was gone and he missed me more than normal. This baby is making both mom and dad even more connected which apparently results in two emotional people that can't be separated. Don't get me wrong, it's sweet, but gosh I can't wait until my hormones are normal again. 

More symptoms include heartburn and lack of sleep. For the heartburn, Tums are my best friend! I carry them with me everywhere because you never know when the heartburn will strike. The lack of sleep thing keeps getting worse and worse... I'm thinking it's just prepping me for a newborn baby. I'm mainly losing sleep because of leg pain. What the heck?! I've heard of pregnant women having horrible back pain, which makes more sense. But nope not me, I'm losing my sleep due to leg pain. Pregnant women are advised not to sleep on their backs or belly (obviously). So we get to sleep on our left or our right side, even though they say the left side is best. I thought that'd be totally fine, but apparently my legs do not feel the same way. The outsides of my legs throb during the night. The first few hours of sleep they are fine, but after more then three hours, they start to get so tight, sore and like I said they throb. It wakes me up a ton in the middle of the night and usually around 6am I am out of bed and up for the day because I just can't take it anymore. It's times like these when a huge comfy chair to sleep in is a must. I'm so grateful that my schedule is flexible and I can take naps during the day if needed, but wow I will appreciate a full night sleep when that day comes into my life again. By the way, I still get up to pee a ton during the night too haha. 

Even with all of those not so pleasant things that come with pregnancy, I must say I am enjoying my pregnancy. There is nothing better than feeling baby G move. And oh my goodness, our baby has parties in there!! He moves a ton, it's so amazing. Now his movements are starting to feel less like little kicks and more like huge movements, as though he's doing the wave in my belly. His movements now are taking my breath away sometimes. I can't imagine what it'll feel like at week forty when he's double the size. I'm so in love with our little guy. I already feel super connected to him. Sometimes I'll poke my belly and he will poke back, it's the best.

One last thing I want to add to the longest "bumpdate" ever... We picked a name!!! Of course I'm going to do a separate blog post on it and typical to the blogger in me, I have a super cute way we are going to announce the name. So stay tuned for that as well, but we are crazy excited and relieved to finally have his name picked out. I can't wait to share it with you all :). 

Thanks so much for reading and following along with my pregnancy journey. Make sure to subscribe below with your email to stay in the loop and get notified with current blog posts and exciting updates. Thank you!



26 Week Bumpdate + PinkBlush Maternity Wear

26 weeks pregnant! So crazy to say, I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone already. I feel like weeks 24 and 25 disappeared. My pregnancy app (Ovia) says the baby is the size of a bowling pin this week, or a butternut squash. I'm shocked, that sounds HUGE! Baby is also about two pounds now. My favorite fact my app shared this week was that the baby's systems are pretty much done developing, and now he will just continue to grow in height and weight. That blew my mind to think our baby is fully functioning in there and nearly ready to come into the world. Only two more weeks and I'll be entering the home stretch, the third trimester. I am really trying to enjoy and embrace each stage in pregnancy so that time doesn't fly by faster than it already seems to be. 

I am so happy to finally be out of the "awkward stage". You know, the stage in pregnancy when you just look chubby, fat and bloated instead of pregnant. Awkward doesn't even begin to cover it haha. I'd say around week 23 or 24 was when I finally felt like if I walked around people would know I was pregnant and not just chubby in my belly region. That "awkward stage" is just the worst, and I'm sure if you've been pregnant before you'd totally agree. I love having my full out pregnant belly now, I feel like a proud mama. The last two weeks I've really started to feel much better and more at peace with my changing body. If you read my second trimester update post then you know I was really struggling for a while with the weight gain part of pregnancy. I was having a super hard time feeling confident about my body and the changes it is undergoing. Currently I am starting to feel much better about it all and I am starting to embrace and love my pregnant body. It feels great to be less down, frustrated and upset about it because honestly that was really taking a toll on me emotionally. I think a big contributor to the new peace with it is coming from the new found love I have for the baby in my tummy. I think it's a combination of knowing it's a little boy and feeling him kick all the time, but I am growing more and more attached to and in love with our baby boy every day. Thinking about how much I love him already really freaks me out. How can I love someone so much that I've never met? How can he not even have a name yet but he has me wrapped around his tiny little finger? This whole parent thing is starting to blow my mind. I cannot wait to meet baby Greco. I am starting to daydream of all the fun things we will do together as a family. So, like I was saying, I think I've been feeling much better about my body changing lately because the focus is shifting. I'm more focused on him now. I'm becoming honored to have my body transform in order to grow our son, and I'm finally realizing that it'll all be worth it because the prize that comes from pregnancy is far greater than any price I or my body has to pay. 

Pregnancy symptoms have been about the same as my last post, I'm feeling pretty great. The main difference I have noticed though is my emotions. I am extremely sensitive and emotional these days. Mainly with my husband, if he is even slightly mean to me or angry at me I become a big emotional mess and cry... lots. I really haven't been hyper emotional my whole pregnancy up until now, so both Nick and I are quite surprised by this. I typically just remind myself, "Danielle, you are pregnant and super sensitive so try not to get upset". I also have to remind myself that my husband is a very sweet man and I am just really sensitive these days and taking what he says to heart. It's all pretty hilarious actually. Nick and I laugh about it when I'm crying over random stuff because we both know it's hormones taking over. On the bright side, I am not mean, angry or bitchy... just a sensitive cry baby haha. Watch out world, the emotional pregnant lady is here and will probably cry if you're even slightly mean to her! One other new pregnancy symptom I've been experiencing is braxton hicks contractions. At first I didn't know what these were until my app described them and I realized I had been having them. I mainly get them when I am active, sometimes even if I am just walking on the treadmill I get them. It feels like my belly gets really tight. It's normal to experience them around this point in pregnancy which is comforting to know, and they are getting my body ready for labor which I found so interesting that our body starts preparing and practicing so early. Impressive.  

Lets talk about this adorable dress! My friends at Pink Blush Maternity were kind enough to send me this blue floral maternity dress and I am loving it. I have had the best luck with dresses through Pink Blush. Every dress I have worn from them fits perfect, is high quality and extremely comfortable. The company carries maternity clothes, non maternity clothes and perfect transitional pieces that are designed to fit you before, during and after pregnancy. Pink Blush and I did a collaboration last June, European Vacation Outfit Inspiration, they sent me a dress that was one of those transitional dresses I'm referring to. I've worn that dress so many times and I get a ton of compliments on it. Lucky for me, that dress is now perfect during my pregnancy as well. It's such a huge savings to be able to buy pieces that work during different stages of life. I've worn three dresses total from Pink Blush, the third is one my friend purchased, and I must say I love the fit for all of them. They are all size small and fit great. It's nice to know the company is consistent with their sizing, that way once you know what size you love with them you can confidently order new items without a concern of if it will fit or not. The dress I am wearing in these photos is perfect for any special occasion during your pregnancy. By that I mean I think this dress is perfect to wear to a wedding, your baby shower, Sunday church, Easter, etc. It's a very classy dress, you can dress it up or wear it more casual and it's so comfortable! I still haven't decided what I'll wear to my baby shower in a few months, but this dress is a definite possibility.  I am doing a giveaway with Pink Blush for a $75 gift card! Head over to my Instagram for details and a chance to win! Good luck!


Baby Greco Gender Reveal

Ya'll have waited long enough! We are so excited to announce the gender of baby Greco...

baby boy gender reveal blowing glitter gender reveal

It's A Boy!!!!

baby boy gender reveal daddy reveal

Bring on the blue! It's official, I have a little boy in my tummy! Nick and I are over the moon excited about this! We cannot wait to meet our little guy. I am currently 23 weeks pregnant, we found out the gender about two weeks ago. We're so grateful baby was in a perfect position during the ultrasound for us to discover the gender. And let me just say, some of the photos we got... wow! It's 100% a boy haha there is no mistake there. Nick was adorable,  like most men he was hoping for a baby boy and when the ultrasound tech said "it's a boy" I swear Nick's eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas. Now of course I was so excited too, I cried when we found out, but Nick was just so adorable. His excitement was impossible to hide. 

First of all, I'm just grateful and happy we have a healthy baby, above everything else that is most important. But let me just say I am so excited about having a boy for so many reasons. First being that almost everyone tells us that boys are easier, and of course we would like to start out with an "easy" child, that way we aren't too scared to have more. Now who knows, maybe it's not technically a fact that boys are easier and I'm sure tons of parents would argue with us on that, but from what I've seen with the kids in my life, it sure does seem that way. Speaking of family's kids, that's another reason I'm so excited to have a boy. I have two nephews who are just absolute sweethearts! They are now 12 and 11 years old and are still such a joy to be around. If we have a little boy that is anything like them then we'll be on cloud 9. I do hope to have a little girl one day too of course, a little shopping buddy, but I'm excited that if we do get blessed with a little girl one day she will have a big brother to look after her. In a perfect world of course.

We still haven't chosen a name for baby Greco. In fact, we are having a really hard time finding a boy name we both love. We'd like to choose an Italian name, but aren't having much luck finding one we want for our kid. I will keep ya'll posted. 

I've started buying items for his nursery, friends and family have already gotten us a ton of adorable baby gear (like the sweet football outfit Nick is holding in the picture) and I just got all registered for the baby shower (see last weeks blog post, I talk about registering for baby). All of which is making me more and more excited to meet this little baby boy! I will totally be doing a post on his room theme, it is ADORABLE and I'm so excited to share it with you all once it is finished, which probably won't be until early May.

Only about four months left until he makes his grand arrival. I'm on the countdown but I am also just trying to enjoy each moment during pregnancy. I'm trying to stay focused on the blessing that pregnancy is when my mind wanders to focusing on not so positive things. Baby Greco is kicking up a storm in there, it's such a miracle to feel your baby move and it is by far my favorite part of being pregnant. In fact, our baby boy is kicking as I am writing this and I am all smiles. Baby Greco must like me blogging about him. Nick has felt the baby move three times so far and he gets wide eyes every time! We both agree that feeling the baby move makes it all feel so much more real. Once you feel your baby move, there is no denying you are creating a life. It's such a blessing and I feel so lucky to be experiencing this. 

If you all missed last weeks post it will give you a more in depth look into how the second trimester is going. Also if you'd like to follow along even more with my pregnancy journey, follow my blog's Instagram account for bump pics, ultrasound shots and more! Thanks for popping by this week to find out the gender of baby Greco, we are so excited to be having a little boy! Thanks for reading.



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Second Trimester Update : Registering, Products I'm Loving, Baby Movements & More

Hello Friends! 

This weeks post is going to be super laid back, casual and really I just wanted to share how my second trimester has been going and things that this mommy to be has been discovering. It's still hard to believe I am already 22+ weeks pregnant. The time seems to be flying by. Now that we know the gender (which I will be revealing in a blog post next week), I am in the process of registering and getting the nursery together. Okay, who knew registering was such a long process!! I have already spent hours looking at stuff in stores, online, and doing research on different products to find out what the best picks are. Although it's a long and tedious process, I'm really loving it! It's so fun knowing the gender and scouring the internet for the cutest baby stuff. It's making me so eager and excited to meet our little baby girl/boy! If you are wondering, I am registering at Target and Amazon. I thought about doing BuyBuyBaby but chose Target instead, no strong reasons for this decision, I simply have a Target addiction haha.

While registering, I am trying to keep my baby's health in mind. I'm not being a nazi about it, but on certain products I would prefer to use organic, non-toxic, paraben free, BPA free items. It really can be quite simple to choose healthier products these days, and sometimes it isn't even that much more expensive which is wonderful. I was doing research on non-toxic baby wipes and came across THIS article, I wanted to link it because I found it extremely helpful and informative. I figured if you are a mommy or mommy to be, it might help you too. This lady's site has a ton of information along the lines of health and baby products, I totally subscribed right away!

One product that I am excited to get is the HALO Bassinest. I love it because baby Greco can sleep close to us but not in the bed with us. I'm kinda scared to have my baby in the same bed as us, Nick and I are crazy sleepers and could easily hurt the baby. My favorite feature of this bassinet is that the side walls lower down so you can sooth the baby without getting out of bed.

They also sell all organic items for inside the bassinet, like the mattress pad and organic sheets. I personally registered for the non organic mattress pad since it was so much cheaper, but then registered for the organic sheets since it will be covering the mattress anyways. The last product I am super excited about is the MamaRoo by the brand 4Moms. Now obviously my baby is not born yet and I'm not 100% sure that baby Greco will even like this, but I have a really good feeling about it. The infant chair creates movements that are meant to mimic a mothers movement. It has multiple settings of movements and it also has different settings of sounds it will play. I watched a few YouTube videos of moms testing this infant chair out and they seemed to love it. I can't wait. I really hope that if you are a mom or if you are expecting this all helps you in some way. Okay... enough about registering, even though I could probably do an entire blog post on the topic now that I've spent hours and hours registering! 

To continue on with updates, last weekend we went to Phoenix on a business trip! We had an absolute blast and I must say I am gathering a bunch of info so that I can one day write a post on traveling while pregnant. That was baby's fourth flight, and I already have five more flights booked during my pregnancy. After nine+ flights during pregnancy I should be good to go on research to write that post for y'all! This was my first trip while wearing mostly maternity clothes and I must say it was quite fun. I really think they have great options out there for pregnant women to have style these days. In the picture below I am wearing a maternity shirt, maternity pants, a normal sweater over and of course some accessories. 

maternity style phoenix arizona

For the most part my second trimester has no complaints, my baby is healthy and based on the amount of kicks I feel it seems extra happy too. I feel extremely grateful for a healthy pregnancy for myself and the baby. With all that being said, there is one thing that I am having a hard time with, and ladies if you can relate please comment below with some ways you got through it. I am having a hard time with the weight gain. For the most part I have tried to have a really healthy pregnancy. I have stayed active and working out (although I will admit I didn't go enough during the holidays) and I am eating pretty healthy and I am definitely not "eating for two". But of course weight gain is just part of pregnancy, and I should be able to wrap my head around that and be okay... it's just not always that easy. When your husband tells you your butt and thighs have gotten bigger before he says he notices a big pregnant belly, it's a bit of a shot to my confidence. I am okay with the weight gain in my belly, actually I am loving my round pregnant belly, it makes me so excited to be a mommy. The part that is hard to accept is the extra fat and weight on the rest of me. Lets just say feeling sexy seems like a distant memory. I love being a woman but oh my goodness we have to be strong in confidence and faith in God to make it through this whole pregnancy thing. I am not trying to bitch and complain, because trust me I truly am grateful for my healthy pregnancy and I wouldn't trade that for a smaller size, but I am just venting some emotions (thanks for sticking through it). Well, on the bright side I will say this- pregnancy makes me appreciate my pre-pregnant and one day post-pregnant body. I cannot wait to get back in the gym with no limitations on what I can and cannot do, I really think I will have a greater appreciation for that feeling since experiencing pregnancy. 

On a much more positive note, second trimester has brought about the most amazing experience of my entire life. Feeling the baby move. I really cannot explain how it makes me feel, and only mommies would truly understand, but feeling the baby move is such a miracle. It makes me feel in awe of God, his plan and his power. It makes me feel aligned with God's plan for me, and it makes me appreciate the blessings that he pours into our lives as we are becoming parents. I truly cannot wrap my head around the fact that I am growing a human inside of my body. It blows my mind and amazes me that in my body is a little baby that will someday be our son or daughter, with a little personality and a whole new life! Like I said before, I can't wrap my head around it. God is good. 


Thank you all for following my pregnancy journey! I've loved chatting with some of you about pregnancy and becoming a mommy. Stay tuned for more pregnancy posts of course, and next week we will be revealing the gender! Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss it. 



First Trimester Complete | Weekly Update

first trimester weekly breakdown

It's official, I am in my second trimester! Well, according to some of my pregnancy resources, some of them say it starts when week 13 is finished. I'm going to go with the ones that say I am already in my second trimester, because well... I am impatient like that. If you missed our pregnancy announcement post you can catch it HERE to read all about how we found out, how we told our family and an overview on how pregnancy has been. 

In this post I will do a weekly breakdown of the first trimester, what symptoms I was feeling, etc. So far during my pregnancy I have loved following other women's pregnancies. I love hearing what each week was like and contrasting it to my own. It is nice to relate with other pregnant women and feel like everything is "normal". From watching pregnancy videos, reading blogs, and having a few of my best friends pregnant at the same time, I am quickly realizing that each pregnancy is very different and every woman's experience is different. And that's OKAY! We do not all need to have identical pregnancies for it to mean we are all growing healthy babies and that is something I have learned in these last 13 weeks. 

On top of doing a weekly breakdown I will answer random questions about pregnancy. I hope there are some pregnant, soon to be mommies reading this and if so I hope this post helps in someway or is just a joy to read! Lets get into it... 


In maternity clothes yet? 

Not yet, but things are a bit tighter. 


What helped with the nausea? 

Carbs, ginger tea and preggie-pops. My sister in law bought me the preggie-pops and I was so surprised at how much they helped me with my nausea. You can buy them at Target or on Amazon. I would carry them in my purse just in case an unexpected burst of nausea would hit. That would hold me over until I could get some carbs in my tummy. Peanut butter toast seemed to be my thing in the first trimester. It helped settle my stomach, or I would eat some crackers. My sister in law also bought me ginger tea, this is delicious and helped settle my tummy at times, I would make it with honey and it was a warm sweet treat. 


Any cravings?

I have just been leaning towards more carbohydrates and less meat. In the beginning chicken never sounded good. I have had some random cravings including pineapple, oranges, green chili, milk, fro-yo, and french toast, but I haven't seemed to have one single craving that I continue to eat week after week. 


What are you missing most?

Coffee, coffee and more coffee! Oh, and sushi... specifically a spicy tuna roll. Basically anything I can't eat, I want and crave. Drinking tea or hot coco helps with the coffee cravings. 


Total weight gain?

About 3 lbs, a bit less. I am surprised because the doctor said 5-8 was the norm for first trimester, but heck I'm not complaining!


Gender prediction?

I am not far enough along to know the gender yet, so here is my prediction... girl! At first I totally thought it was a boy because I just couldn't picture us having a girl, and because Nick said he wanted a boy. But now I am convinced it's a girl. My grandma has a strong feeling it's a girl, and my mom and I both had girl related dreams. Another reason I think it is a girl is because I did the pee + baking soda test (Google it) and the test said it was a girl. We also did the ring, string and belly test (lol also Google) and it totally said girl! Who knows if these silly tests are real but I am sold. Plus, we have two boy kitties so maybe it's time I finally get my girl hehe.


Emotional or moody?

Really not too bad at all, even my husband would agree! My hormones/emotions seemed way more out of wack when I would PMS than now that I am pregnant. I have cried a few times that maybe I wouldn't have otherwise, but it isn't very often and I feel normal and happy. 


Working out?

Yes, it is much lower impact and calmer than my workouts prior to pregnancy, but I am enjoying staying active and working out. Most of my workouts consist of walking on the treadmill at a very high incline, followed by weights. I have continued to take the Body-Pump class at 24 hour fitness, but I have stopped doing my high intensity interval training workouts. I also have quit running while I am pregnant. It takes me much longer to burn calories, but the doctor said to keep your heart rate at around 140 so I just want to do what is best for the baby. I plan on working out my entire pregnancy, it helps me to feel happy, healthy and when I don't workout I find my muscles and joints feel extremely tight which makes me irritable. 

Weekly Breakdown

Week Five:

  • We found out around week 4/5.
  • No weight gain yet.
  • No doc apt yet.
  • Worked out.
  • Not many symptoms, just light cramping and feeling more sleepy.

Week Six:

  • Light spotting and cramping.
  • Increased sense of smell. 
  • Working out.
  • Same weight.
  • Emotional.
  • Very thirsty, always drinking water.
  • Loving naps.

Week Seven:

  • Had my first nauseous moments.
  • Felt light headed at times.
  • One day this week I took a THREE hour nap!!! 
  • Still very thirsty. 
  • Less than 1 lb weight gain, but weight fluctuates anyways. 
  • No cravings yet.

Week Eight:

  • Slight change in nipples.
  • 1 lb total weight gain.
  • Had first doctor appointment and heart the heart beat. Did a vaginal ultrasound. 
  • Babies heart rate was 152 beats per minute - normal. 
  • Baby is 1.45 cm.
  • Nauseous this week, needed to eat consistently to not feel sick. 

Week Nine:

  • 2 lb total weight gain.
  • Still nauseous if I don't eat consistently. Carbs help. 
  • Less sleepy but still more tired than normal.

Week Ten:

  • Same weight gain, 2 lb total.
  • Breaking out a bit on my face.
  • Feeling less exhausted.

Week Eleven:

  • Slight nausea.
  • 2.5 lb total weight gain.
  • Workouts are walking and weights.
  • Experienced lots of light headed and dizziness this week.
  • Last few days of the week I was extremely exhausted. 

Week Twelve:

  • Lots of nausea this week. 
  • Worked out less.
  • Less tired.


One trimester down, two more to go until baby Greco arrives! Stay tuned!