5 Things Being A Toddler Mom Has Taught Me

First, I want to give a special thank you to Mal with Mal Wine Studios for taking these amazing family photos for us! They’re stunning and I’ll cherish them forever! You can check out her information HERE, she is a Denver based photographer specializing in family and lifestyle photography!

Giulian is two. How did that happen?! He definitely isn’t “Baby G” anymore, he’s graduated into “Toddler G” and he isn’t afraid to let us all know about it. He’s fun, energetic, learning about a million words a week, and learning how to express his opinions now more than ever. And yes, he’s getting a bit more sassy. He knows what he wants and what he doesn’t want, and he is sure to tell Mom and Dad all about it.

I thought it’d be fun to share a few things that being a toddler mom has taught me. So here we go…

Care Less About What Other People Think

When your toddler is screaming and throwing a fit in a restaurant or at Target, you instantly become hyper aware of the people around you (or is that just me). I’ve learned that the stares and the rolling eyes in that moment mean nothing except for those people don’t have kids. I try to focus on us and figure out the best way to calm him down and continue on with what we are doing. The more I am worked up about everyone’s thoughts or being an inconvenience to their peaceful day, the less productive I am. 

toddler boy family photos


Dance Parties Can Turn Any Bad Day Good

When in doubt, dance. Rainy day? Dance. Stuck inside from a snowstorm? Dance. Stressful work day? Dance? Toddler teething? Dance. Life throws you a hurdle? Dance. 

Seriously even on our most stressful days, having a family dance party will cheer us right up. You can’t dance (especially to our playlist) and not smile. Really, try busting out your craziest dance moves without cracking a smile. Nearly impossible. Plus, it teaches Giulian to be fun, lighthearted and playful.

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PERSPECTIVE. “Ya but, my little boy is healthy and happy.”

I catch myself thinking this a lot. When something bad happens, when something stressful pops up, I’m like ya okay but Giulian is still healthy and happy which is all that REALLY matters. That thought has actually helped me through so much. We had a lot of hard times in our business after Giulian was born, and the perspective that we still have the blessing of health, which matters most, helped remind me of what was truly important.

toddler boy family photos
toddler boy family photos

Appreciate The Big and Little Things In Life

Watching the wonder in their eyes when they see things for the first time brings a greater appreciation for the world we live in. It’s easy to take things for granted, and to forget how truly blessed we are to be alive in this world. The joy he has when running through a field, playing with flowers, discovering new bugs and animals, playing with a stick and eating an ice cream cones brings a whole new joy to us too.

toddler boy family photos


Okay so he’s currently teaching this. I’m no where near graduation, but it’s a process. I hear this schooling is about 18 years… I’m only on year 2 and have ohhhh so much to learn.

toddler boy family photos
toddler boy family photos
toddler boy family photos

5 things being a toddler mom has taught me
5 things being a toddler mom has taught me

Momfessions Part 2: Confessions From A Toddler Mom

Well, this post has been on my mind since I wrote Confessions Of A New Mom back when baby G was a newborn. Since I wrote that post I’ve had a note in my phone of an ongoing list of hilarious confessions about motherhood that I knew I’d share with you one day. Being a mom you collect tons of these stories. You know, the slightly gross, slightly embarrassing, super ridiculous mom stories (we’ve all got them). Only few share them, but trust me we ALL have them. I appreciate the Stepford type mother, keeping everything clean, super organized, zero laundry in the hamper at all times, hair always curled mom (they only exist on TV and Instagram) but trust me they are not a real creature. News flash, everyone’s baby poops… every toddler chucks their food across the room at one point or another. Every toddler has a temper tantrum (some just more than others). So if you’re trying to pretend that none of that happens and try super hard to play perfect in the land of motherhood, you’ll probably hate this post so just go ahead and click the little x in the top right corner of your screen (bye-bye). But, if you’re a mom who loves to laugh at the silly, messy, chaos that sometimes comes with motherhood, then welcome! You’re very much welcome here and you’re my kind of mama! We are the transparent ones, the ones who try their very best but still find the grace to know that even when you’re doing your best there will still be messes, accidents and you might even be disappointed with yourself at times. It’s time for us to laugh together mamas, and yes it’s okay, you’re laughing with me not at me while you read these momfessions (they’re pretty silly). Comment below if you’d like to join in with the fun and share some mommy confession of your own!

10 Confessions From A Toddler Mom:

confessions from a toddler mom

1. I put diaper cream on Giulian’s butt (a clean butt), then I got distracted ate lunch without washing my hands ... and yes I ate with my hands. GAG!

2. Getting the baby ready for a bath I flung poop across the room. How you ask? Well, I pulled his diaper off assuming that it was only pee, and trying to be quick to get him into the bathtub, so I didn't get peed on, I flung the diaper across the room to the trashcan and poop flung onto the floor. Lesson: never ever assume it’s only pee in the diaper.

3. Sometimes I used to put American Idol on while I was feeding the baby dinner- he liked it too.

4. I gave up on making my own baby food (purees) because I got offended that he didn't like my cooking.

5. One night Nick and I gave Giulian Tylenol, which we don’t like to do, because we thought he must be in serious pain. Come to find out he just had a poop in his pants and wanted changed. Oops

6. I feel guilty that I let my baby watch TV. This comparison game creeps in sometimes, because I have one friend who’s kid literally hasn’t watched any TV. 

7. I have mom guilt for not having more mom guilt. Lol okay I know this probably sounds crazy or doesn’t make sense, but sometimes I feel like “shouldn’t I feel more guilty for the way I parent?” Does feeling guilty mean you care? As if it means you don’t care if you don’t have guilt? That’s a bunch of crap, but there seems to be some obsession with mom guilt in our community...

8. We put the Snuza on Giulian until he was about 14 months old and it was hard for us to stop. What’s a Snuza? Basically a monitor that lets you know your baby is breathing. We knew he was too old when he could rip it right off. #WorriedParents

9. I’m scared to have another baby because I feel like Giulian will feel left out or unloved. I prefer the funny momfessions, but this is something I think about often. Especially since Nick is already ready for another baby.

10. I’m more of a toddler mom than a newborn/baby mom and I’m totally okay with it. Tons of moms love newborns more than toddlers, I’m probably the opposite, I think it’s way more fun when we can laugh, chase each other around the house, play and be goofy together. Once Giulian hit 10 months I’d say things started to get way more fun! I’m loving it.

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Baby G 15 Month Update

Y’all, my baby is a toddler now (cry face), how did that happen?! When parents say “enjoy it, it goes by so fast”, they’re not kidding. This is by far my favorite age so far. Each age is super special in its own way, but I am obsessed with his fun, adventurous personality that has been coming out in the last few months. He’s always been so cute and silly, but now he will seriously make me belly laugh and he is such an enormous joy to Nick and I. Some moms say they love the infant stage more than the toddler stage, but I’m the opposite! I really am enjoying this stage in Giulian’s life, and honestly it makes me super sad to think I won’t have “toddler Giulian” forever. I love chasing him around the house, tickling him, watching him giggle, reading him books, teaching him, and of course snuggling him. Oh my goodness, not to mention he knows how to kiss now!!!! Seriously it’s the best. He makes a cute kissing noise, puckers up and leans in. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been trying to get him to give me kisses haha and trust me I take them every chance I get. He also knows how to blow kisses, is it a wonder why this is my fave age?! Too cute!


I need to update his height after our appointment next week. Weight: 24+ LBS


Waiting on dr. apt.


Most of Giulian’s clothes are either 12 or 18 months. The shirt in the photos below are 18 month and the pants are 12 month.


We had our family vacation to Maryland! He loved the beach and we had such a blast, you can read more about that in this post. My mom and I also took him to the Denver Aquarium for the first time (he loved it), we bought a season pass so it’ll be old news soon, but he was amazed by it the first time! I’d say other than those events it’s been about the same around here for the last few months :).


Since his one year old update, he is now walking! Well, now he’s running haha so a lot has changed in the last few months. He took his first steps about 10 days after turning one! On 6-28-2018 Giulian took his first steps from my mother in law to a toy he wanted to play with! It was so exciting! A few weeks after that he was walking and crawling was old news. Fast forward a few months and Giulian is running! He's so fast and so dang cute when he runs around.


Our little guy is similar to Nick in the fact that if he could only eat meat and cheese he’d be pretty happy. He loves chicken, chicken/apple sausages, cheese, yogurt, all berries, avocado, peaches, mango, grapes, peas (puree), lentil pasta (with pesto or marinara), toast with either butter or pesto/avocado, cottage cheese, fig bars, sweet potato, bakes potato, eggs (sometimes), cauliflower crust pizza, apple sauce, etc. I’m sure I’m forgetting something. He’s not too picky of an eater but I will say he gets in moods where he’ll eat everything and is amazing and other times he will throw everything on the ground. It’s pretty hit or miss with G man.

What Does He Love?

He loves being around family, when people come to see him he gets so excited! His cousins are the best thing on earth and he just squeels with excitement when he sees them. He still loves walks with mom and dad, especially if it includes stopping by the park to play on the playground. He loves outings, we have a Zoo membership and the Denver Aquarium membership. He loves going on little adventures with us. He loves when we run around the living room, screaming, tickling him and “getting him”. He loves kicking balls, okay and I’m sure every parent thinks their kid is going to be a star at something but we for real think our kid is gonna be a soccer star! He’s legit amazing at eye foot coordination, better than me! He loves sitting in our lap and reading a book, he gets to turn the pages of course though. He loves watching Moana, Trolls, Lion King, The Wiggles and his “teach baby to talk” program. And not gonna lie, I love watching Moana as much as he does! He loves music and when me, him and daddy dance to fun music around the house (especially disco).

What Does He Dislike?

Giulian gets so mad if we try and put him in his stroller when he just wants to run around. He is starting to throw little temper tantrums when we take something from him, tell him no, or try to do something he dislikes. He hates the boogie sucker (of course).

I want to give a special thank you to Abbeigh from Abbeigh Blake Photography for taking these amazing family phtots! They came out so perfect and you were such a joy to shoot with, thank you so much!

If you are in the Denver area and are looking for a photographer, Abbeigh is your girl! Especially if you have kids because she was unbelievable at getting Giulian to give her genuine smiles. When we did our family photos, Giulian was teething and needed a nap, and she still managed to get him to be super happy and she got amazing photos. Basically, she’s super woman!

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15 month toddler update

Baby G Is 1 + A Dino Themed Birthday Party

I just can't wrap my head around what a big boy we have.  Baby G turned one last week and we celebrated with a Dino themed birthday party! It was a hit! We felt so overwhelmed with the love and support that our family and friends showed us and our sweet little boy. It's hard to believe that it has already been a full year, the craziest year of my entire life.  This last month it has felt like Giulian  has gone from our little baby, to a toddler (that word makes me want to cry and just might give me baby fever . This is how "2 under 2" happens).  He is now pulling up on everything, standing on his own, walking with one of those toy things that babies can push around, and I just know his first steps are around the corner. Every week that passes I see him get smarter, stronger and his little personality shines through more and more. 

When deciding what kind of party to have  I threw out the idea of nautical and other Pinterest like party themes,  but Nick  did not seem too excited about it. Then when I said well what about a dinosaur themed birthday, his eyes lit up like a kid and he was sold.  Nick loved dinosaurs when he was little and so the thought of his son having a Dino themed birthday was perfect.  One of the first things that I saw when planning the birthday was the cheesy mommysaurous, daddysaurous and babysaurous tee shirts.  My inner dork  got way too excited and I knew we had to have that was overpriced Dino shirts. We got dino napkins, tablecloths and a RAWR banner, but the thing that took the Dino theme to the top was the cake. We worked with Renee with Astonishing Cakes and I honestly don't even know where to begin, I could rave about her work forever!! She designed a two tier cake, a smash cake and dino shaped cake pops! When you see the photos below you'll be so impressed, this woman is the true cake boss. And to top it off, the cake and cake pops were absolutely delicious. You could tell it was homemade filling and cake, it was so fluffy and moist. If you live in the Denver area, I would totally recommend Astonishing Cakes for any cake needs, she does wedding cakes, birthdays, graduations, and just about every other celebration. Her eye for detail really makes the event so special. Seeing those dino cakes just melted me, it added so much to our baby's first birthday party and I will never ever forget it.  Oh and I have to mention that she made his name out of fondant and that was such a wonderful surprise! 

If you're planning a dino party for your little one, I hope the photos below give you a bit of inspiration! Also, there is a ton of cute ideas on Pinterest (of course). 


Okay, time for a one year old update! I feel like between 9 months until now he has totally changed! It all happened at lightning speed and I can't seem to slow it down. Like I said before, he feels like a toddler now. When I was writing baby G's 9 month update he was JUST learning to crawl, now he has the fastest crawl I've ever seen (especially when he's chasing the kitties) and he is super close to taking his first steps. 


21 lbs (45th percentile) and 30 1/4 inches (67th percentile)


18 1/4 inches (59th percentile)


12-18 month 



We went to Glenwood Springs for a little getaway and we took G to the Hot Springs pool. We had such a blast!


Like I said before, he is about to take his first steps. He can now stand on his own and walks around while pushing his Lightning McQueen car. He waves to people all the time, says Mama, Dada, hi Dada, and hi (but mostly hi Dada).

Favorite Foods?

He loves fruit, blackberries and blueberries are his favorite. He loves banana, meat (he's had red meat and chicken and loved both). Pasta, of course. Cottage cheese, avocado, eggs, sweet potatoes, potatoes... I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton of foods he likes, but at this point we feed him a lot of what we are eating and he is loving it. 


A special thank you to Astonishing Cakes for collaborating and making our baby's birthday party so special. 


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Two Month Baby Update

How has it already been two months since sweet Giulian entered the world?! It's gone by so fast! If you read my first baby update in my Navigating A Newborn post, than you know how the first few weeks went for us and our new son. In a nutshell, we have a healthy happy baby and we were super stressed out parents who couldn't sleep and maybe made a silly trip to the ER... to read and get caught up click HERE. Well, now Giulian is 9 weeks old and we as a a family are really getting in the swing of things! I couldn't be more happy and in love with our son, he is such a sweetheart, so incredibly smiley and brings so much joy to our whole family. It really doesn't get more precious than him ( insert heart eye emoji ). I thought it'd be fun for this update to answer a list of questions about baby! Here we go... 


23.5 inches - 74th percentile


11 lbs 2 ounces - 26th percentile

What size clothes? 

It seems like he's growing out of new outfits everyday. Most of his newborn outfits don't fit anymore, mainly because he's too long. There are quite a few outfits he didn't even get a chance to wear (so sad). Most of the things that fit him are 3 month clothes. 


Any Milestones?

He lost his hair... does that count as a milestone lol? Not all of it though, he still has an old man hairdo with some long hair in the back but nothing up front. It's starting to grow back now and is softer than ever!

He also had his first "blow out". Parents you know what that means. And if you don't know what that means... lucky you!


Special Outings?

His first big outing was the Italian Festival in LoHi that Nick's family has been going to for years. My mom told us that we were "under stimulating" him and that's why he got so fussy in the evenings, well it turns out that she was right. Our little guy loves to be out and about, which makes total sense that he's our son. So the night after my mom told us that we took him to that festival and he loved it! He was such a ham, loving all the attention from everyone in the family. Other special outings this month were our cousin Lauren's wedding and the same weekend we took him to a local training event for our business in Denver. He better get ready for next month because that's when his traveling days begin (stay tuned).


Thoughts On The Past Month?

He is getting more and more fun every single day. He already has such a cute little personality! He's so smiley, those big gummy smiles just melt me and daddy. Motherhood is getting "easier" everyday. I put easier in quotes because it's anything but easy, but I will say you do get into more of a rhythm and I am starting to know what he wants and doesn't want which helps so much. I'm also starting to learn his cries, what each one means. Nick and I are also so much more comfortable with him these days. We worry and stress about him so much less than we did the first few weeks of his life, which allows us to relax and have more fun with our little guy. 

What Is Baby's Routine?

He usually goes to sleep around 9:30 - 10:30 and wakes up 2 or 3 times every night. Some nights are better than others and each night is different, but I'd say a typical night is him going down around 10, waking up at 1 then going back down at 2, waking up at 5 and then going back down at 6. Lately he has been waking up like 40 minutes after I put him down around 6am, so I grab him and nurse him in bed for a few hours. If I do it that way, I get a few more hours of sleep in the morning. His napping during the day is all over the place. I'm starting to read a book on sleep training, so I'll let you know if it helps or when he gets on a better napping schedule. As of now he wants to be held during naps, which isn't ideal for a mommy who'd like to get stuff done during the day. 

Baby's Favorite Toys?

Hands down his musical octopus. He just loves this thing, it has 8 legs and each them play music with a different instrument. It's precious to watch him interact with it. He smiles at it! Nick and I almost always have the songs from the toy stuck in our head. I'll insert a video of the octopus saving the day as little guy got fussy in the car.

Too much cuteness 😍

A post shared by Danielle Greco (@danielle_m_greco) on

What Does Baby Love?

Well obviously his octopus toy. He also loves when people talk to him, he's so smiley and is trying really hard to coo and giggle. He loves food, he's one hungry guy. He loves going on walks in his stroller. He loves being outside and looking up at the sky. He enjoys car rides (as long as they aren't too long), especially during the daytime so he can look at the sky out the window. He loves taking naps in the Baby K'Tan wrap carrier on mommy. He loves when daddy sings to him (it's so precious). Morning cuddles with mommy seem to be a new favorite. He also really likes white noise, I downloaded an app that helps a ton. 


What Makes Baby Mad?

When you take his food away and he's still hungry, he gets pretty hangry. He gets so mad/sad when he hasn't pooped or if he has gas, and let me say this is the saddest thing ever. I hate when his tummy is upset. We have bought baby probiotics, baby gas drops, and gripe water to help the situation, but sometimes his tummy just doesn't wanna cooperate and hurts him. He also gets upset when mommy talks while I'm nursing him. This one cracks me up that a baby so young can already be so particular with things he doesn't like. When i'm nursing him and I try to talk he makes this winey little cry that is just the cutest thing ever. 


Triple G. Baby G. Little guy. Peanut. Bubbie. Bubba. Who knows where some of these names come from, but those are most of the things we call him lol. 



Mommy Goals

If you know me, then you know goal setting is a huge part of my life. I set goals for just about every area of my life, business, blogging, fitness, spiritual, etc. To me motherhood is no different. I want to set intentions for what kind of mother I'd like to be. I know I won't be perfect, and I don't expect everything to go exactly as I plan, but I don't like the idea of entering motherhood without setting any sort of goals or intentions for myself. I think having a clear vision of what kind of mommy I want to be will help me to stay on that track when times get tough. Being a mom is going to be such a huge part of my life and although I won't strive to be perfect, I will strive to be the best mom that I can be. 

God First, Daddy Second, Kids Third

I want my children to be raised in a home with a strong connection to Christ, and a loving marriage. My husband has to come before my kids. I'm sure many of you reading this might disagree, and that's okay. Both Nick and I come from divorced parents and we are trying to do this right and in our eyes this is most important. How many of us grew up in a home with divorced parents, and how many of us wish our parents were still together? Some of the cause for divorce is the parents getting distant and becoming more like co parents than husband and wife. I never want Nick to forget that he is my #1. No matter how amazing our kids will be ( which I'm anticipating some great kids) I still want to put Nick first. I don't want our kids to think that marriage is a joke. We believe it's our responsibility to be the example for our kids of what love and marriage really is. I want them to watch their parents work really hard on their marriage, love each other and fight for each other. It won't always be perfect, we are human and will have peaks and valleys, but I trust that as long as we put God first and each other second, everything else will work out the way it needs to. I will strive to be a wife that is always respectful and loving, because I want my son to have those as his standards for when he is looking for a wife one day. I want my son, who I am currently pregnant with, to view marriage as a sacred thing that is worth pursuing. 

Stay Grateful

Having a healthy child is such a blessing, one that I don't ever want to take for granted. I want to keep my eyes on how blessed we are to have a healthy baby instead of how difficult it might get. I also want to stay grateful for the opportunity to be a stay at home mom. That is something I've always dreamed of but didn't always know I'd have the chance to do. Being a stay at home mom is such a privilege and a blessing to women who want that, and although I know it's one of the toughest jobs, I want to always stay grateful that I get the chance to live that. 

Be Active

Happy mommy = happy baby. From past experience I know that I am so much happier when I stay active. When the baby comes in June I want to walk with him a ton, I think it'll be important for my mental and physical health to stay outside, get lots of fresh air and keep my body moving. I want to maintain that lifestyle for my own happiness, but also to be a good example for my child. I want them to see why staying active is important and then hopefully implement that into their own life down the road. 

Take Adventures

This is something I'm super excited for. I love the idea of having a little buddy to do a ton of stuff with like the zoo, museums, butterfly pavilion, the aquarium, taking hikes, exploring new towns in our area, and so much more. As a family I want us to create as many fun memories as possible. I don't want my baby or older kid to see and do the same thing everyday. My sister is amazing at this, her and her three kiddos always have something fun planned. They are always outside, attending local events, doing planned activities, etc. and they have such a good time together. At this point my nephews are at that teen age where they take that for granted and groan sometimes when my sister plans fun things for them, but I'm sure when they are older they will appreciate all the fun adventures they all took together. 

Raise A Bilingual Child

This one is quite intimating and I must admit we don't 100% know what we're doing. But you know what, if there is a will there is a way and this mama is determined to figure out the way. Nick and I are huge Italy lovers, we have family there, have visited Italy several times and plan to go back a ton in our lifetime with our kids. In fact, my blog has an entire section of posts that are just about Italy, that's how much I love it. Nick has gotten so great at speaking Italian. He is a big part of why it's so easy for us to get around Italy with minimal problems. I know a little Italian, it's not that great. Nick's Dad knows Italian pretty well and is amazing at understanding it. As a family though we really committed to all learning it and being fluent one day. We have registered on Amazon for baby books that are Italian/English. That'll be a start. We hear that if you want to raise a bilingual kid you need to have one parent speak one language and the other parent speak the other language. We want to have Nick speak a lot of Italian, but not 100% of the time. It'll be a great way for me to improve and also help teach our child. We will probably end up hiring someone down the road to help us teach our children Italian. I think it'll be such a blessing for them to grow up learning another language. I wish I had, it seems so difficult to learn one as an adult. Wish us luck haha!

Minimal Yelling

Please don't think I'm judging you if you yell a ton at your kids, but understand it's just not something I admire when it comes to parenting. I know that I'm not always going to be perfect, I am simply a flawed human and I'm sure I'll lose my patience sometimes, but my intention and my goal is to be a mother that only yells when necessary. If my kid is about to walk in front of a moving truck, obviously I will raise my voice to get his attention so he doesn't get hurt, but when it comes to the small things in life I really don't see the point to be screaming all the time. I don't want my kids to be so numb to my yelling voice that when I use it in an emergency to get my child's attention, it is useless because they just think "oh typical mommy yelling about something again". This is also not me saying I don't want to discipline my kids. Obviously that wouldn't be helpful, but I don't think that discipline and yelling have to be hand in hand. 

Raise A Confident Child

I truly believe that my words as a mother will impact our son in a massive way. If I am always being encouraging, motivating and showing a strong belief in my son then I am confident that he will then be a more confident kid and adult. My husband and I both want our son to believe he can do anything he has a passion for. We want him to be confident, brave and strong in knowing that the Lord puts desires in our hearts not to tease us but because he knows with him anything is possible. To a healthy degree, we want to instill a winning mentality into our child's mind. Through words of affirmation we hope to raise a confident young man. 

Give Myself Grace

I hear "mommy guilt" is a real thing and quite the struggle. I could see myself struggling with this, and that is why I've set a goal to keep it in check. There is so much pressure to be a perfect mother, especially as a stay at home mom. With all of the hefty goals I have for myself as a mom, it could be easy for me to beat myself up if I don't meet those goals all the time. So, that is why I've implemented this goal of giving myself grace and trying to keep the mommy guilt at bay. I will do my best, but I'll also try to remember that perfection doesn't exist and I am simply human. And after a long day that maybe didn't go as planned or maybe didn't win me the mommy of the year award, I will grab a glass of wine, relax and remember that tomorrow is a new day and I will do the best that I can do. 

Make Time For Me

I can really see how it's easy to lose focus on yourself as a wife and mother, when there are so many responsibilities that need taken care of, but I don't want to lose my identity or self in it all. I am committed to being selfless as a mother, and I know I'll do my best for my kids, but I also want to make sure my cup is full. I'm not just talking about taking time for pampering myself (although that is probably important to some degree too), but I am really talking about things like making time for my blog, still reading, doing personal development, growing as a woman of Christ, etc. I believe that if my cup is full then I am able to give more. If I am fulfilled as a woman, I can then offer more to my family. 

World School Our Kids

This one has been a dream of ours for years now. I want to travel the world with my children as we raise them. We have a strong desire to raise kids who are aware of the world, not just our bubble here in the U.S. When our children are learning about the Roman Empire, we want to show them Rome. When they are learning about the Mayans, we'd like to show them Mayan ruins. When they learn about the pyramids in Egypt, we'd like to hop on an airplane and show them. Not only will it be extremely educational for them, but as a family we will create so many memories together that will be priceless. We already have our first trip planned and our son will have his first passport stamp at the age of 3 months! We can't wait!

Allow Him To Be Him

I really want our kids to have freedom to pursue whatever THEY choose. Sometimes it'll be difficult for Nick and I not to pressure them to do what we want them to do, but at the end of the day we want them to be happy. For example, Nick and I would love for our son to play football. Nick played football, I was a cheerleader on the sidelines at all of his games, and we just have such a strong desire for our little one to play. But we will do our best not to pressure him in any way, and we will let him choose whatever his true passions are. Who knows, he might not like any sports. He might love theater, or the debate team, or something else. Regardless, we will cheer him on and encourage him in whatever he loves. 

Honestly I could probably go on forever with different goals I have for myself as I enter motherhood, but these are just the ones that I find most important. These are the goals I am committed to putting most of my focus into as a new mom. Like I said before, I know I won't be perfect and I know that no mother or parent is perfect. However, I do love having expectations for myself as a mom, that way I can have guidelines or goals when parenthood seems complicated and difficult to navigate. I hope this post inspired you to be the best parent you can be and to set goals for yourself when it comes to how you raise your little ones. Thanks for reading, make sure to subscribe below to stay in the loop and receive updates on future posts.