Momfessions Part 2: Confessions From A Toddler Mom

Well, this post has been on my mind since I wrote Confessions Of A New Mom back when baby G was a newborn. Since I wrote that post I’ve had a note in my phone of an ongoing list of hilarious confessions about motherhood that I knew I’d share with you one day. Being a mom you collect tons of these stories. You know, the slightly gross, slightly embarrassing, super ridiculous mom stories (we’ve all got them). Only few share them, but trust me we ALL have them. I appreciate the Stepford type mother, keeping everything clean, super organized, zero laundry in the hamper at all times, hair always curled mom (they only exist on TV and Instagram) but trust me they are not a real creature. News flash, everyone’s baby poops… every toddler chucks their food across the room at one point or another. Every toddler has a temper tantrum (some just more than others). So if you’re trying to pretend that none of that happens and try super hard to play perfect in the land of motherhood, you’ll probably hate this post so just go ahead and click the little x in the top right corner of your screen (bye-bye). But, if you’re a mom who loves to laugh at the silly, messy, chaos that sometimes comes with motherhood, then welcome! You’re very much welcome here and you’re my kind of mama! We are the transparent ones, the ones who try their very best but still find the grace to know that even when you’re doing your best there will still be messes, accidents and you might even be disappointed with yourself at times. It’s time for us to laugh together mamas, and yes it’s okay, you’re laughing with me not at me while you read these momfessions (they’re pretty silly). Comment below if you’d like to join in with the fun and share some mommy confession of your own!

10 Confessions From A Toddler Mom:

confessions from a toddler mom

1. I put diaper cream on Giulian’s butt (a clean butt), then I got distracted ate lunch without washing my hands ... and yes I ate with my hands. GAG!

2. Getting the baby ready for a bath I flung poop across the room. How you ask? Well, I pulled his diaper off assuming that it was only pee, and trying to be quick to get him into the bathtub, so I didn't get peed on, I flung the diaper across the room to the trashcan and poop flung onto the floor. Lesson: never ever assume it’s only pee in the diaper.

3. Sometimes I used to put American Idol on while I was feeding the baby dinner- he liked it too.

4. I gave up on making my own baby food (purees) because I got offended that he didn't like my cooking.

5. One night Nick and I gave Giulian Tylenol, which we don’t like to do, because we thought he must be in serious pain. Come to find out he just had a poop in his pants and wanted changed. Oops

6. I feel guilty that I let my baby watch TV. This comparison game creeps in sometimes, because I have one friend who’s kid literally hasn’t watched any TV. 

7. I have mom guilt for not having more mom guilt. Lol okay I know this probably sounds crazy or doesn’t make sense, but sometimes I feel like “shouldn’t I feel more guilty for the way I parent?” Does feeling guilty mean you care? As if it means you don’t care if you don’t have guilt? That’s a bunch of crap, but there seems to be some obsession with mom guilt in our community...

8. We put the Snuza on Giulian until he was about 14 months old and it was hard for us to stop. What’s a Snuza? Basically a monitor that lets you know your baby is breathing. We knew he was too old when he could rip it right off. #WorriedParents

9. I’m scared to have another baby because I feel like Giulian will feel left out or unloved. I prefer the funny momfessions, but this is something I think about often. Especially since Nick is already ready for another baby.

10. I’m more of a toddler mom than a newborn/baby mom and I’m totally okay with it. Tons of moms love newborns more than toddlers, I’m probably the opposite, I think it’s way more fun when we can laugh, chase each other around the house, play and be goofy together. Once Giulian hit 10 months I’d say things started to get way more fun! I’m loving it.

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