Baby G Is 1 + A Dino Themed Birthday Party

I just can't wrap my head around what a big boy we have.  Baby G turned one last week and we celebrated with a Dino themed birthday party! It was a hit! We felt so overwhelmed with the love and support that our family and friends showed us and our sweet little boy. It's hard to believe that it has already been a full year, the craziest year of my entire life.  This last month it has felt like Giulian  has gone from our little baby, to a toddler (that word makes me want to cry and just might give me baby fever . This is how "2 under 2" happens).  He is now pulling up on everything, standing on his own, walking with one of those toy things that babies can push around, and I just know his first steps are around the corner. Every week that passes I see him get smarter, stronger and his little personality shines through more and more. 

When deciding what kind of party to have  I threw out the idea of nautical and other Pinterest like party themes,  but Nick  did not seem too excited about it. Then when I said well what about a dinosaur themed birthday, his eyes lit up like a kid and he was sold.  Nick loved dinosaurs when he was little and so the thought of his son having a Dino themed birthday was perfect.  One of the first things that I saw when planning the birthday was the cheesy mommysaurous, daddysaurous and babysaurous tee shirts.  My inner dork  got way too excited and I knew we had to have that was overpriced Dino shirts. We got dino napkins, tablecloths and a RAWR banner, but the thing that took the Dino theme to the top was the cake. We worked with Renee with Astonishing Cakes and I honestly don't even know where to begin, I could rave about her work forever!! She designed a two tier cake, a smash cake and dino shaped cake pops! When you see the photos below you'll be so impressed, this woman is the true cake boss. And to top it off, the cake and cake pops were absolutely delicious. You could tell it was homemade filling and cake, it was so fluffy and moist. If you live in the Denver area, I would totally recommend Astonishing Cakes for any cake needs, she does wedding cakes, birthdays, graduations, and just about every other celebration. Her eye for detail really makes the event so special. Seeing those dino cakes just melted me, it added so much to our baby's first birthday party and I will never ever forget it.  Oh and I have to mention that she made his name out of fondant and that was such a wonderful surprise! 

If you're planning a dino party for your little one, I hope the photos below give you a bit of inspiration! Also, there is a ton of cute ideas on Pinterest (of course). 


Okay, time for a one year old update! I feel like between 9 months until now he has totally changed! It all happened at lightning speed and I can't seem to slow it down. Like I said before, he feels like a toddler now. When I was writing baby G's 9 month update he was JUST learning to crawl, now he has the fastest crawl I've ever seen (especially when he's chasing the kitties) and he is super close to taking his first steps. 


21 lbs (45th percentile) and 30 1/4 inches (67th percentile)


18 1/4 inches (59th percentile)


12-18 month 



We went to Glenwood Springs for a little getaway and we took G to the Hot Springs pool. We had such a blast!


Like I said before, he is about to take his first steps. He can now stand on his own and walks around while pushing his Lightning McQueen car. He waves to people all the time, says Mama, Dada, hi Dada, and hi (but mostly hi Dada).

Favorite Foods?

He loves fruit, blackberries and blueberries are his favorite. He loves banana, meat (he's had red meat and chicken and loved both). Pasta, of course. Cottage cheese, avocado, eggs, sweet potatoes, potatoes... I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton of foods he likes, but at this point we feed him a lot of what we are eating and he is loving it. 


A special thank you to Astonishing Cakes for collaborating and making our baby's birthday party so special. 


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