9 Month Baby Update



18lb 8 oz (29th percentile) and 28 3/4 inches (67th percentile)


17 3/4 inches (52nd percentile)



It varies depending on the brand and type of clothing, but he is around 9-12 months clothing. I just bought him some 18 month clothes for summer. 




We took him to the pool! This was his second time in a pool, first time was in Mexico, but this was his first time at a rec-center. He loved it and splashed his little heart out.  We also took him to Red Rocks for the first time and walked around the amphitheater. 



He can crawl!!!! As of last week (right before he turned 9 months old) he started crawling. He has been trying for the last few weeks and finally found his stride. He is getting quick and I am frantically trying to order baby gates. My day is filled with making sure he doesn't crawl into trouble, baby proofing is on my agenda for the next few days. As I am typing this, I keep looking up every three words to make sure he isn't into something dangerous. He is a speedy little guy and in three seconds he can be across the room. 

He is starting solids, like real solids, not purees. He has been eating pureed baby food for the last few months, but now it is time for him to start learning how to eat "big boy" food. So far he has had sliced up blueberries, avocado, cottage cheese (small curd), and baby biscuits (the ones that dissolve quick). 

No more breast feeding. At about 8 months, I stopped breastfeeding. I woke up one day and said today is the day, and boom never looked back. The transition was super smooth, I think my supply was low so Giulian was ready to be done. 


His all time favorite is still walks. He loves walks in the stroller, walks in the baby carrier, walks in the hot or in the cold, he doesn't care as long as we are outside enjoying the day and wandering the neighborhood. It is also mommy's favorite too. He also loves going out and about, whether it be to visit friends or simply to run to costco, he loves going out on new adventures and seeing new people. He is such a good baby, when we take him to restaurants or out to coffee, he will typically just sit in his stroller and people watch. He's extremely chill and content. We even took him to happy hour the other night when it was slightly pushing bed time, and he was an angel. I feel so blessed that he is a social, fun baby. He's such a joy to spend time with. He also loves to laugh, which I'm sure most babies do, but when Nick and I chase him around the house (one of us holding him of course) he thinks it's hilarious. For a long while he loved watching his Italian Nursery Rhymes, but now that he can crawl he is less interested and wants to be on the floor wandering the house instead (which is a major change in mommy world). 


Two naps typically, one around 9 or 10 and the second around 2 or 3 pm. His bedtime just got pushed back to 7pm. It was 6:30 but I want it to be later during the summer months, 7:30 is the goal for this summer so we can enjoy the warm summer evenings. I am going to get more strict about him eating 3 meals per day, the pediatrician recommended this at our 9 month check up. 


Same as before... Bubby, Bubbs, Mr. Man, Triple G, Peanut. 


It's starting to hit me how quick the years with our sweet boy are going to fly by. It's hitting me that in only three short months I will have a one year old. I can't seem to fully wrap my head around that. I am trying to cherish each moment more, the cuddles, the sweet baby moments, and trying to remember that he won't be a baby forever. It makes me want to break all of the rules, like letting him sleep in my arms (even though it'd give a baby wise mama a panic attack), but you know what when he is old and won't cuddle me anymore, I think I'll wish I allowed myself a few more cuddle naps. He is getting more fun everyday. He's becoming so insanely smart and aware, I love watching his discover new things. My favorite is when he notices something new and he can't take his eyes off of it. It's so amazing to view the world through a baby's eyes. It's okay if time wanted to slow down just a little bit. 


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