6 Ways To Create A Strong Community With Your Mommy Friends This Summer

With summer just around the corner, I've been thinking of things that would be a blast to do with Giulian. This is practically his first summer, since last year he was a newborn baby and couldn't do too much outside of pooping, crying, sleeping and staring. I was listening to a podcast recently with Jen Hatmaker (or maybe I was listening to her audio-book For The Love, I can't remember which audio it was from) and she was talking about the importance of community and how it is so simple and extremely important to create stronger relationships with your friends who are also parents. Her example was hosting a BBQ, simple. I was inspired in that moment to create a list in my phone of things I could do this summer to create a stronger sense of community with my mommy friends. I was inspired to make this list so that the intention was set, that way I was more likely to actually act on these things instead of letting summer fly by without making an effort in this area of my life. I love community, I love friendship, and I absolutely love laughing with my best friends while we are sipping on a crisp glass of pinot grigio (wine is my love language). Bonding with my besties is an integral part of my life and now that most of us have babies we have to be even more intentional to make sure we still create those memories, otherwise the busyness of motherhood will cause you to look up two months down the road only to realize you haven't seen your friends once. Here are 6 simple ways you can connect with your mommy friends this summer. I'm sure this list will spark more ideas for you of fun things you can do with your mommy friends this summer. 

Host a BBQ

Who doesn't love a summer barbecue? The moment I smell one I'm jealous I'm not attending. It's a great way to get the families together in a fairly simple and stress free way. 

Sign up for a race and train together

I am currently doing this with a few of my best friends and I'm loving it. It gives you another thing to bond over. The day of the race will be a blast, the Dads will be on baby duty while the mamas run. 

Schedule a regular moms lunch, moms night out, etc

This is easy to do and easy not to do, but it's worth the extra effort. A consistent mommy date is important to put on the calendar otherwise like I said before, time will keep flying by and before you know it months will have gone by without seeing your best mommy friends.

Schedule a family play date

My girlfriends and I have been scheduling baby play dates often and it's such a great time. I think it's good for the moms and good for the babies. No matter how old or how young, having your kids learn to be social is extremely important and these play dates are a great step. *Coffee is a must here.

Have a s'mores night

During the summer I look for any way to fit a s'mores in. Even if your friends don't enjoy the chocolatey treat, they can at least enjoy conversation by the fire. 

Attend a community event with your mommy friends and the kids

I recently did a post on 7 activities to do in Denver during the summer months, so if you live in the area this is a wonderful resource to help you find events to attend. If you are not located in Denver, google activities in your city and invite your friends to attend the events with you. It's a great way to try new things, get out of the house and spend time with your  fellow mommy friends.


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