10 Tips For Traveling While Pregnant

Since travel is such a huge part of our lifestyle and passion, it was only natural that I took a few trips during my pregnancy. This baby bump has been on 9 flights total in the last 9+ months. During my first trimester I was in Las Vegas (not really a pregnant woman's dream destination), second trimester I went to Arizona two different times, and third trimester I went to Maryland and then Florida. Each trimester my traveling experience was quite different, since each trimester you feel different from the others. Overall I'd say traveling while pregnant isn't too shabby, and I'd encourage any woman with a healthy pregnancy to continue with their travels and enjoy some adventure before your new baby enters the world. 

The toughest things I noticed during my pregnant travels was nausea in the first trimester, feeling exhausted easily in each trimester, and being an emotional mess in the third trimester. No joke when my husband dropped me off at the airport for me to leave for a two week trip without him in my 31st week of pregnancy, I was balling like a baby and was a total emotional wreck. Even though traveling while pregnant isn't always the easiest thing in the world, I'm so glad I took each of these trips. I created so many amazing memories with my baby boy in my tummy. Memories that I'll cherish forever. In my second trimester I got to walk stage with my husband at a business event and share our story in from of 10,000 people. At that same event I got to feel him kick up a storm while my favorite mentor spoke from that same stage (he seemed to love this guy as much as Nick and I do). Then just weeks later I got to share my story with a few hundred entrepreneurs during a 45 minute segment, feeling empowered and facing my fears of public speaking with my baby right there with me. Third trimester I got to take our son to the beach for the first time, relaxing by the stunning ocean in Maryland and then in Florida. I got to walk the entire board-walk that I grew up visiting with him in my belly. My grandparents who live in Maryland got to see my pregnant belly. My best friend who lives in New York, while we were in Florida she got to feel Giulian kick and she teared up with emotion. All of these memories are so special to me, to know that while I was growing our son we went on all kinds of little adventures together, and already have created so many memories as mommy and baby. One day I'll be able to tell him about everything we did together while he was growing in mommy's tummy. 

Memories were not the only thing created on those trips, travel tips were too. Each trip I took little notes in my phone every time I came across something that helped a ton during my "pregnant travels". Some of the tips were created from things I thought of prior to a trip that actually turned out to be helpful, and of course other tips were birthed by a "dang I should have done that differently" moment. Regardless, I think I've got ten tips that will help some pregnant ladies out with their travels! Lets get into it...

Las Vegas, Nevada 8 Weeks Pregnant

Las Vegas, Nevada 8 Weeks Pregnant

1.)Bring Healthy Snacks & Preggie Pops To Help With Nausea

When I was 8 weeks pregnant and we took a trip to Vegas, I had some difficulty with nausea. I luckily had a pretty smooth first trimester, I didn't get sick too often, but when nausea would hit it was no fun. Having healthy, high carb snacks on me at all times was such a big help. Every time I would get nauseous I would just snack on some crackers or something to help settle my tummy. Preggie Pops were also a huge help for nausea. 

2.)Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated during pregnancy is always important. Make sure to bring extra water bottles with you on the airplane, since these days they are stingy about everything on flights and you don't need to ask the stewardess to keep refilling your tiny cup of water. 

3.)Protect Yourself Against Getting Sick

Being sick with a bad cold during pregnancy is not fun at all, trust me I know. I was sick about 5 times throughout my pregnancy. They say when you are pregnant your immune system is suppressed, which means you can catch things easily. To be proactive, when I traveled I would bring a ton of items that kept me from catching things. Hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and Kick Ass Immune Drops were my go to items for helping me to not get sick. 

Phoenix, Arizona 22 Weeks Pregnant

Phoenix, Arizona 22 Weeks Pregnant

Ocean City, Maryland 31 Weeks Pregnant

Ocean City, Maryland 31 Weeks Pregnant

4.)Allow Time For Rest

Pregnancy is no joke, you are creating a human, so of course you are going to get a bit more tired. You can balance rest and taking care of your body with fun and adventure while you travel. It's important to allow for some down time so you don't over do it and cause stress to your body and the baby. Aka don't be embarrassed to sneak off and take a nap. 

5.)Second Trimester Is The Best For Traveling

Most women experience a boost of energy during the second trimester, and that was true for me. I enjoyed my second trimester trips much more. The nausea was gone, I had a bit more energy and my belly had popped but wasn't so large to where I was extremely uncomfortable. The second trimester is from weeks 13-28, if you are taking a "baby-moon" that'd probably be the most ideal time to go. 

6.)Airline Regulations

Every airline is different of course, but most won't let you fly after you are 36 weeks pregnant. Check with your airline before booking tickets to make sure everything will be okay. 

7.)Request An Aisle Seat

It shouldn't be shocking news that pregnant women pee a lot, that's sorta a well known fact. The aisle seat is definitely  a good idea if you'd like to avoid dirty looks or grouchy neighbors. My flight home from Florida I got a window seat and had to ask the man and his daughter to get up multiple times on the 4 hour flight. Luckily they were super sweet, but I should have requested an isle seat just out of courtesy. 

8.)Pay To Check Bags If Traveling Alone

It is suggested that pregnant women don't lift things over 25 lbs, which I know not everyone agrees with, but that's what "they" suggest. Jut to be safe I personally think it's best if you check your bag if you are pregnant and traveling alone. If I am traveling with Nick, I have him help with my bags, but when I traveled alone I checked it just so I wouldn't get exhausted walking through the airport with a bunch of luggage. I usually use a duffel bag when I travel, but during pregnancy I switched to using luggage with wheels just to make it easier through the airport and everywhere else. When I was traveling alone, I asked someone to help me grab the luggage off of the carousel, the man who helped was super nice and said his wife is pregnant too so he totally understood. 

9.) Wear Comfy Clothes & Shoes

This one is especially important in the third trimester, but comfy clothes during pregnancy is key. There is no way I was about to rock heels in my third trimester during my trips. This doesn't mean I only wore yoga pants and sweats, I would wear jeans, cute tops and tons of maxi dresses, but they were all comfortable. Make sure to pick extremely comfortable outfits and shoes for your flights and travel days. 


10.)Listen To Your Body

I honestly think this is the most important thing a pregnant woman could do while traveling. Listen to your body, if you are feeling tired- sleep. If you are feeling dizzy- sit down, drink water and eat a snack. I'd also say listen to your gut feelings. For example, when I was in Miami, Florida my friends rented a yacht and were going to be out on the water all day. Of course it sounded like a blast, but I didn't want to risk being in the sun all day and overheating. I also didn't want to be in a situation where I could get a bunch of bug bites, with the whole Zika Virus thing. So I decided to stay at the house, take a stroll to the beach, read a book and just take that day to relax. At the end of the day, the health of you and your baby is most important and no adventure is worth putting that at risk. 


Miami, Florida 32 Weeks Pregnant

Miami, Florida 32 Weeks Pregnant

I hope these pregnancy travel tips helped you. I can't wait till our son is here and I can share tips on traveling with a baby! That'll be a few trips away before I can write any post like that, haha I've got a lot of trial and error to do before I'll be a "travel with a baby pro", but someday. If you've got awesome tips for traveling during pregnancy, comment below, I'd love to know! Thanks for reading, make sure to subscribe and stay connected.