Packing Video | How To Pack For A Month Long Trip In A Carry On Bag


Writing to you all from Rome! We are in Europe for a month and having a blast so far. For this trip I packed everything in a carry on bag, I didn't want to worry about checking a bag with the potential of it getting lost. Especially with us moving around so much on this trip, I wanted to be very mobile. Right before I left for the trip, I made (with the help of the amazing video master Colby Hunt)  a video on how to pack for a month long trip in a carry on bag. 

One of my very first blog posts I ever created was a post (not a video) on how to pack for a three week trip to Italy. This post has been repinned on Pinterest hundreds of times and is super popular with my readers. Since that post (which I did two years ago) I wanted to do a packing video, and I FINALLY created one!! This post has been long overdue. I have been asked by so many people how I pack so light and how I fit so many outfits in one carry on bag. 

I remember when I first tried packing in a carry on bag, I was pleasantly surprised. It was for our honeymoon and Nick, my husband, kept pushing me to pack light. The fight went on for a few weeks before I finally gave in and agreed to pack in a carry on bag. Looking back, that is one fight I am glad he won. As I began packing I surprised myself. I was shocked at how many outfits I could actually fit in a small bag. I started doing research on how to pack light and watched just about every "packing hacks" video I could find. Everyone was shocked when I was done packing for our honeymoon, my family, friends, Nick and even myself! I was super proud of myself for making it happen and it felt great on the trip to only have a carry on bag. The crazy thing is, there were even a few items I brought that I didn't end up wearing and I didn't feel like I had a shortage of outfits. I realized a lot about packing from that trip. 

After much experience, I truly believe you can be stylish and have an abundance of outfits during your travels, but still managing to pack light and in a carry on size bag. I am a strong believer of packing light without sacrificing style. Ladies, you can do it all. Trust me. I (maybe like you) didn't think that packing light was possible unless you wanted to look like a "backpacker" who wears the same yoga pants and t-shirt half of their trip. Which is okay of course, but personally not my kind of travel style. I am ultra girly and enjoy looking "cute" on my trips, no matter where I am going. If you are like that too, I think you'll love this video and find it super helpful. 

I hope you all enjoy this video and I hope it encourages you to pack lighter and helps you on your next big trip!! 


I've received a ton of emails asking where I got the lavender luggage in this video, you can shop the bag HERE or click the image below!