Must Have Travel Size Items! 3.4 oz Toiletries Perfect For Travel!

My husband and I do a lot of traveling and I am fairly particular about which products I use when I travel. That is why I love when I find my favorite products in a 3.4 oz container or less, no joke it makes me so excited! It's so helpful when you find your favorite dry shampoo, lotion,  toothpaste, face cream, etc. in travel size so that when you are out exploring the world you can maintain the same hygiene routine that you do at home. I'm sure you're already aware of this, but when traveling it's super important to have the correct size liquid containers if you are doing carry-on luggage. When you check a bag it doesn't matter if you pack a jumbo size of shampoo or perfume, but toiletries in a carry-on bag must be 3.4 oz or less. I personally prefer to do a carry-on bag for several reasons, one because I know the airport people aren't stealing my stuff (sorry, but that has happened before), two because I don't have to wait after I land for my bag to arrive, and three I don't want to be that sad traveler who doesn't have her bag the entire trip because it got lost in space. I'd prefer to have my stuff on the vacation, not when I arrive back home ten days later- just saying. So, this post is for the people who are like me and rock a carry on bag most of the time!

Here are my absolute favorite travel size toiletries:

Dry Shampoo. I have linked my three favorite dry shampoo brands: Batiste, Klorane, and Not Your Mother's.

Hempz body lotion. This lotion smells so amazing and is incredibly hydrating.

Organic To Green Travel Size Coconut Oil. This is so amazing for a makeup remover, moisturizer, hydrating product for hair, shaving cream,etc. When traveling it's amazing to have one product that has multiple purposes so you save room in your bag. This product is online only at Ulta. Click the link to shop. Another option is to put coconut oil into an empty travel size container (linked below).

Tiny Vaseline This is my favorite lip moisturizer, I love it!  

Travel size empty containers. These are so helpful! If you can't find your favorite products already bottled into travel size, you can simply put them into these empty ones. To be safe, place them in a zip lock so they don't leak into your bag. 


Philosophy "Away We Go" Set. A set of travel size Philosophy products.

Frizz Be Gone by Giovanni Eco Chic Hair Care. I love this especially in humid weather where my hair tends to get frizzy.

Burberry Brit Sheer Eau de Toilette Rollerball, .34 oz. Really just find your favorite perfume, you can get almost any popular perfumes in travel size, or go to the perfume stores you see in malls and they usually have travel sprayers they can fill with any perfume or cologne.

Marvis - Whitening Toothpaste, 3 X 25ml - Clear. You better pack some toothpast if you want kissed on your trip!



                                                                                        Photo From The TSA Website

                                                                                        Photo From The TSA Website


I hope this helps you pack in the future and hopefully helps avoid tsa from throwing away your beauty products because they are too large. Thanks for reading! 

Comment below with your personal must have travel toiletry items! 

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Packing Video | How To Pack For A Month Long Trip In A Carry On Bag


Writing to you all from Rome! We are in Europe for a month and having a blast so far. For this trip I packed everything in a carry on bag, I didn't want to worry about checking a bag with the potential of it getting lost. Especially with us moving around so much on this trip, I wanted to be very mobile. Right before I left for the trip, I made (with the help of the amazing video master Colby Hunt)  a video on how to pack for a month long trip in a carry on bag. 

One of my very first blog posts I ever created was a post (not a video) on how to pack for a three week trip to Italy. This post has been repinned on Pinterest hundreds of times and is super popular with my readers. Since that post (which I did two years ago) I wanted to do a packing video, and I FINALLY created one!! This post has been long overdue. I have been asked by so many people how I pack so light and how I fit so many outfits in one carry on bag. 

I remember when I first tried packing in a carry on bag, I was pleasantly surprised. It was for our honeymoon and Nick, my husband, kept pushing me to pack light. The fight went on for a few weeks before I finally gave in and agreed to pack in a carry on bag. Looking back, that is one fight I am glad he won. As I began packing I surprised myself. I was shocked at how many outfits I could actually fit in a small bag. I started doing research on how to pack light and watched just about every "packing hacks" video I could find. Everyone was shocked when I was done packing for our honeymoon, my family, friends, Nick and even myself! I was super proud of myself for making it happen and it felt great on the trip to only have a carry on bag. The crazy thing is, there were even a few items I brought that I didn't end up wearing and I didn't feel like I had a shortage of outfits. I realized a lot about packing from that trip. 

After much experience, I truly believe you can be stylish and have an abundance of outfits during your travels, but still managing to pack light and in a carry on size bag. I am a strong believer of packing light without sacrificing style. Ladies, you can do it all. Trust me. I (maybe like you) didn't think that packing light was possible unless you wanted to look like a "backpacker" who wears the same yoga pants and t-shirt half of their trip. Which is okay of course, but personally not my kind of travel style. I am ultra girly and enjoy looking "cute" on my trips, no matter where I am going. If you are like that too, I think you'll love this video and find it super helpful. 

I hope you all enjoy this video and I hope it encourages you to pack lighter and helps you on your next big trip!! 


I've received a ton of emails asking where I got the lavender luggage in this video, you can shop the bag HERE or click the image below!