Ocean City, Maryland. An East Coast Treasure

If you have read my Maryland fruit stands post, then you know I visit Ocean City, MD very often since my grandparents retired there. We just went again, but this time was different because it was in October, and we have never made a trip out there in autumn... and if you've read my fall folliage post, then you know I'm overly obsessed with fall. So needless to say... I was excited! We were pleasently surprised by Ocean City this time of the year. Summer time is a blast too, but of course that's when all the tourists come to town to enjoy the boardwalk and the beach. This time of year was so peaceful and calm. The leaves are turning and the colors were stunning. The beach was so quiet, it was lonely, but in the best way possible. It was just us and a few fishermen enjoying the tranquility of it all.  



If you are out there you MUST go to Dolle's Candy! They are seriously the best!!! My family owns it, my cousins. The Dolle family is just the best and their candy is out of this world. I am not just saying that because they are my family, no joke their salt water taffy and chocolates are the absolute best I have ever had! If you are in Ocean City, you must go there. They have several shops, the main one is on the boardwalk. The stores have such a lovely feel to them, you almost feel as though you have gone back in time to an east coast candy store in the 1920's. It's just darling. The company has an amazing history and has always been in the family.Go check them out when you go! 


I hope you enjoyed this post! Comment below with your favorite place on the east coast!! 


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