Maryland Fruit Stands

My grandparents retired years ago and live in Ocean City, Maryland! Such a great place. Maryland in the summer is so stunning. it's super green, the weather is typically in the 80's, and the bay & ocean are so pretty. We are currently visiting (July 2015), and picking up fresh fruit from a roadside stand was one of the first things we did upon arrival. 

Living in Denver, we don't see fruit stands often, so it's a real treat when we do! You can find farmers markets if you look for them, but you can't just pull off any highway and grab fresh fruit. This part of maryland, there are so many of these darling produce stands.

These peaches were the best i have ever ever had! The white peaches were the sweetest and were extremely juicy. We were in heaven. 

I encourage you to visit Maryland if you have not already. It is not typically at the top of someone's bucket list, but it really is a stunning part of the United States and is worth exploring. Most of the northern east coast has a lot to offer, go check it out!


Comment below with your favorite produce stand story! Thanks for reading!