Washington D.C. & The Famous Georgetown Cupcakes

washington monument main pic.jpg

Last month my husband and I were in Baltimore for business, so we decided to do a day trip up to Washington D.C.! How can you be only an hour away and NOT go see the monuments and our nations amazing capital?! 


Really it wasn't a day trip... we landed in Baltimore at like 5:00 pm and drove up to D.C and got there around 6:30 (rush hour and we stopped for food). My best friend lived in D.C. and she told us that the best time to see the monuments was at night because they light the monuments up. Wow was she right, it was stunning at night! We got there before the sun went down and stayed late. Watching the sun go down was so amazing. The way the light was hitting the monuments, and the way the monuments were reflecting in the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool was beautiful. The picture to the right is the Lincoln Memorial and the picture below is the Washington Monument. These two were by far my favorite sights we saw in D.C. Lincoln was HUGE! It does not disappoint, it is massive. 

There were SO many people out and about. So many community activities going on. It really made it seem like D.C. would be a fun place to live. There were people jogging and riding bikes all around the reflection pool and along the sidewalks around the monuments. There was a huge group of young people playing glow in the dark kickball out on the lawn surrounding the Washington monument. You could feel such a strong sense of community throughout the whole city. It was lovely. 

We didn't get to go to the White House or the Capital, but we drove by. The White House is sooo much smaller than I would have thought, it was crazy. It reminded me of when we first saw the statue of liberty... it seemed so tiny compared to what I had pictured in my head. Don't get me wrong, they are large, but just not MASSIVE in my opinion. 

Here are some photos we took of our time exploring the monuments:

                                                         Washington Monument

                                                         Washington Monument

After a few hours of exploring we started to get hungry. On a whim we decided to try to find the famous Georgetown Cupcake Shop!! I loved the show DC Cupcakes on TLC of the two sisters and their adorable cupcake shop, so of course we wanted to try some of these famous cupcakes to see what the fuss was all about. From the heart of D.C. to the cupcake shop, it was only like 3 miles! It took us about 10-15 minutes to drive there. When we got there, there was a line out the door!! It was late at night and people were standing outside waiting in a long line for the cupcakes!!! At this point we are like omg these cupcakes must be so delicious! So... we waited in line, which honestly didn't take too long. There is so much to look at while you wait, and plus you need some time to pick from the list of flavors! YUMM! 


My husband and I each got two, we picked the same flavors, coconut and pumpkin spice. We were there in October so they had halloween and fall cupcakes available for the season! My mom got chocolate ganache and coconut. Ok, so to be honest I'm really not the biggest cupcake fan... USUALLY. But these were insanely delicious. I planned on eating a few bites of each and throwing them away. Nope, I ate both of my cupcakes in like 10 minutes. I had a stomach ache after lol. They were so yummy though. My mom and Nick loved theirs too. We all three agree the coconut was so good!!! My absolute favorite was the pumpkin spice. Which I'm sorry to recommend because it's seasonal, but it was so delicious. Their cupcakes are moist and fluffy. Yumm Yumm. Writing this makes me want to get on an airplane back to DC for some cupcakes!! 


This was my first time in D.C. but it will not be my last. I hope this inspires you to take an adventure to somewhere new.  Thanks for reading, comment below with your next adventure!!  Still dreaming of cupcakes.....


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