Fall Foliage - Colorado in Autumn


fall folliage in colorado

I have grown up in Colorado, and something I absolutely love about it is that it has every season. Winter, spring, summer and fall are all completely different and each beautiful in their own ways. I know so many states do not have that luxury! Colorado is just stunning! My husband and I just took a two day trip up to Silverthorne Colorado, which is about an hour west of Denver. This time of year is great to take trips up to the mountains, it's the very end of September and the colors this time of year are stunning! They are almost fluorescent! Orange, yellow, red, green, brown... It is breathtaking! If you haven't witnessed fall foliage like this... YOU MUST!!!! It's something that most pictures just cannot do it justice! Anyways... while we were in Silverthorne, we went on a morning hike. We took a ton of photos and I want to share them with you. Like I said, pictures do not do it justice, but regardless... I hope you enjoy!!! 


I hope you enjoyed these photos of our fall foliage hike! I encourage you to go adventure around nature this autumn!! Comment below with your favorite fall activity! 


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