Confidence. Self Talk. Shifting Our Focus

In the first blog post about self worth, I talked about how we must change the way we view ourselves. This post should help us all out in this life long journey of how to conquer self doubt, low self esteem and navigating through the worldly pressures to look and be "perfect". I pray we can be on a journey together of learning to love ourselves and embrace who God made us to be. 

To be honest, I would say a lot of the time I have great confidence, but other times it is horrible! Sometimes when my hormones are out of wack, my confidence takes a real beating. I would say this is all correlated to my self talk... if I have positive thoughts, I feel amazing... on the flip side, if I have one bad thought it can be like a downward spiral into the land of self wallowing and negativity. Can you relate?? 

Comparison is the killer of confidence

I believe if we can master speaking life instead of death we will feel confident and free!!! We are in a society of comparing ourselves to others. Comparing hair, teeth, size, shape, color, bank accounts, clothes, etc. Haha and nothing like a little comparison to make you feel inferior and basically like crap! It is the enemy that plants seeds of comparison within us to make even the most beautiful women feel that she is unable to love the way she looks. Comparison is the killer of confidence!! Let's shift our focus. Let's focus on our positives attributes. Let's focus on our strong points, because WE ALL have them! Joyce Meyers says that confident people focus on their strengths instead of their weaknesses. I would totally agree. I will start. I love my hair, my eyes, my height, my teeth, my skin color and tone! There ... Your turn! What do you love about you?! Comment below telling me. I would love to hear! And do not say "nothing"... that is such an insult to God, your creator.. ever thought about that?.. So think of things you genuinely love about YOURSELF! 

Are there things I want to improve in my life? Of course!! But I am going to focus on what I love so I have inner peace and can be truly happy. 

Statistically 71% of women suffer from a low self esteem from physical appearance. We can change this with our self talk. Not only what we say to ourselves, but others too. Tip #1: COMPLIMENT OTHERS! Build people up! In return you will feel amazing.  

We are ENOUGH at any size or shape. It's great to have goals , but know you are enough and beautiful all the time . I meet so many women who say "I will love the way I look when..." "When I lose these last 10 lbs" "when my skin clears up" "when I get a boob job" "when I can buy all those clothes to feel great". Well, so many times I have played the "when" game, and at 25 years old, I am already tired of it. I am gonna love all of me NOW, and when I do this or that it'll be just a bonus. 

We must first love ourselves . The mindset of how we view ourselves must be right first. We must tell ourselves we are enough and beautiful before we reach our goal weight or before we look a certain way. Then when we reach that goal, we will already feel great on the inside, now the outside world matches... a reflection.

Tip #2: every time you catch yourself thinking something negative about yourself, replace it with THREE positive thoughts about yourself! This won't feel natural at first, but over time you will change your thoughts. Give it a shot! 

I hope my thoughts add value in some way. I want to end with this, the top definition in the urban dictionary of Beautiful: 

This is the kind of beautiful I want to put first. Above external beauty. 💕 

This is the kind of beautiful I want to put first. Above external beauty. 💕 



Thank you for reading! Please comment below and share this with woman it might add value to.