New Found PEACE

The last few months I have really put my focus on becoming more at peace, experiencing more joy, and really trading in my fear for faith. 

I wanted to write this post and be open and vulnerable because I think so many people struggle with finding peace. I'm not perfect, and I still have moments and days where stress and fear try to take over.. But I have been doing some things that have REALLY made a shift in my mind, thoughts and heart that have created a more peaceful version of myself. 

One thing I have been doing to make a shift towards peace is my morning routine. I have been listening to Joyce Meyers in the mornings before I start my day, while drinking a cup of coffee and enjoying my breakfast. This is perfect because it starts your day off with a focus on God and getting your mental state right. After listening to Joyce I always find that my focus is on what I am blessed with and what I am excited about in life. When you start your day with a mindset of faith and strength in God, you are bound to have a powerful day!!

Another thing I keep doing to create more peace in my life is pray more. I know this sounds so simple. But really people, this has helped me soooo much! When I pray, I like to thank God for what he has given me. It puts me in a total state of gratitude. Sometimes when I am praying and thanking God, I can't help but cry. For example, I was in Maryland last month visiting my grandparents. I woke up one morning, made some coffee and went out to their back patio that overlooks the bay ( it is stunning). I started to pray and thank God for all the blessings pouring into our lives, and tears just ran down my face. Tears of thanks, gratitude and joy. Let me make something clear, my life isn't perfect by any means, I have struggles, disappointments and downfalls just like anyone else... But I find when my focus is on gratitude and blessings, I am at peace and more blessings start to come in. 

These last few months I have also been shifting a focus of mine. This focus shift is responsible for a lot of my new found peace. I have tried to really, really stop playing the comparison game. I am guilty of comparing my life to so many others. Oh, they have a nicer car. They already bought a big home. They are skinnier. They make more money than we do. ETC! And wow is that draining. This change really ties in with the prayers I've been doing. When you spend more of your time counting your blessings, you forget to compare them with other peoples blessings. Counting theirs against yours... I also have stopped trying to rush everything. Comparing with others and then rushing to try to have the same. That is exhausting!!!!!! I did that with our engagement and wedding. I was in such a hurry to have a big ring and a fancy wedding that it put such a stress on my husband and he wasn't even able to enjoy that journey as much. I refuse to do that with buying a home and starting a family. I don't want to rush and take any joy out of that. Do I want those things today? Sure. But I am willing to wait until God says it is the right time for us to have those things in our life. Patience brings peace. 



I hope that my transparency can help you make a shift in your life too.

A shift towards "a new found peace". Thanks for reading, comment below

with YOUR favorite way to bring more peace into your life!! 

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