Summer BEAUTY Must Haves

It's June and Summer is FINALLY here!!! Here are some my personal summer beauty must haves!!!  

My #1 must have is ... BRONZER products!!! 

I am a total fan of a summer glow! My favorite is having a natural tan of course, but that's not always possible. Above are a few of my favorite bronzer products!! One is a Banana Boat tinted lotion to give you a "fake tan"... Next is a bronzer lotion from Victoria's Secret; I love just rubbing this on my arms and legs for a nice shimmer glow!! And last is my facial bronzer! I love this brand, it gives a gorgeous shimmer bronze glow on your face! 

Here are the links for these specific products:

Next must have is SPF foundation!

Truthfully this is a beauty tip for ALL seasons... SPF is SO important for keeping your skin healthy and young! Protecting against the sun is in my opinion always the #1 beauty tip! Secret: to keep your hands looking young, apply a high spf daily! 

Lip gloss/stick summer shades... a summer beauty MUST!! 

I love summer shades of lip gloss and lip stick! Shades of pinks are as summery as it gets! Also peach or coral shades, purple or orchid shades, etc. Anything bright! 

Last but not least... I always love to have during the summer is floral or fruity scented lotions!! They always remind me of summer and I just love having them!! Plus, my skin gets dry and I love keeping a smell good lotion around! 

I hope you all have the most amazing summer!!! 

Comment below with your favorite summer beauty product!!