4 Day Hair: Curly Edition. How To Style Your Dirty Hair For Four Days With Low Heat + No Wash

If you read my first "4 Day Hair" blog post then you already know that dry shampoo is my life! I could say that motherhood is the reason I do not wash my hair for 3 to 4 days at a time, but that simply isn't the case. I have done this with my hair for as long as I can remember. For multiple reasons, but the main ones being that it is good for the health of your hair to preserve the natural oils in your hair by not washing it daily (even washing it every other day is better than every single day), and I also have extremely thick hair so it's no quick or easy task to wash, dry and style it. With blowouts being a huge trend right now, not washing your hair every day is becoming more accepted, but of course there are still the few who totally don't understand it and find it gross. I personally don't think twice about it anymore, I've been rocking the shower cap for years now. 

Because I've become a "dirty hair pro" I decided it could be helpful to share a few of my tricks with you on how to style your 3 or 4 (depending on your hair type) day hair. Disclaimer, my hair can go up to 4 days and still style good, but not everyone has the same hair type and there does come a point when even dry shampoo can't fix the issue. If that is you, wash your hair lol and do it before people stare at you funny. The idea is not to waltz around town with greasy looking hair. The idea is to have your hair last and styled so that people and yourself hardly notice that it is even dirty. A good dry shampoo and a good teasing comb are key. I have linked some of my favorites below for you. The idea behind being able to style your hair for 4 days is to create looks when your hair gets greasy that hide the grease (even though it shouldn't be showing much anyways because of the dry shampoo). 

Here is a demo of "4 day hair" that you can use. I have included french braids into a few of the looks, but you could modify if you do not know how to do a french braid, or find a good YouTube tutorial and start learning because french braid looks are some of the best for dirty hair. This 4 day hair tutorial is starting with curled hair. If you would like to see a 4 day hair tutorial starting with straight hair you can find that HERE

Day 1: Curl Hair


Day 2: Front & Center French Braid

braided hair tutorial.jpg
4 DAY HAIR - LOW HEAT + NO WASH HOW TO STYLE DIRTY HAIR braided hair tutorial.jpg

Day 3: Twisted side to half up



Day 4: Side French Braid Into Low Pony



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4 day hair curled edition - how to wash and style dirty curled hair.jpg

Quick And Simple Braided Bun Hair Tutorial

Weather you're in college and rushing class, traveling and catching an early flight, or a mother and just trying to get out of the house - quick hairstyles are a necessity for any busy woman. As a new mom, quick and easy hairstyles are my thing. When I'm in a rush but I still want to look professional and relatively put together (haha because since having a baby I'm not sure that I ever feel "put together") this is one of my go to hair-styles. 

The only thing about this hair tutorial that you might not find simple is the french braid. I know how to french braid from my high-school cheer days and I wear them in my hair a number of different ways, but if you don't know how I believe you can still accomplish a similar look. Just put your hair in a ponytail, braid a section of the pony and put it in a bun - see it's simple. 

For those of you who can french braid, here is my braided bun hair tutorial.

*Don't mind all the frizzy hair on the front of my head - after having Giulian I lost quite a bit of hair around my forehead and it's starting to grow back (and looks a bit crazy haha). 

Step 1: French braid front half of hair.  Continue the braid down until the end of your hair (see pictures).


Step 2:  Grab the rest of your hair and put it in a ponytail. 


Step 3: Wrap the hair into a bun. If you want a bigger bun with more volume, tease the hair prior to wrapping it into a bun (I did not this time). Make sure the braid is on the outside of the bun so you can see it. 


Step 4: Secure the bun with bobby-pins. 


Step 5: Cut off the elastic hair tie (if visible). Be careful not to cut your hair of course (I used cuticle cutters). 


Finished Look:


Products You'll Need To Create This Look:

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#KillThemWithKindness You're Ugly Video & Response

I was working on this weeks blog post, it was going to be a Nuevo Vallarta post. It can wait. When I saw this video and immediately knew I HAD to do this weeks post on the video. I follow Danielle Mansutti on Youtube, she is a beauty and fashion Youtuber. I love her makeup tutorials. 

I don't want to steal the video's thunder, so I'm not going to say too much about it, but it is a powerful video on cyber bullying. The reality of it is everyone experiences it to some degree, even if you are stunning (which she is), weak people behind their computer or phone will say nasty things to tare you down in attempt to make them feel better about themselves. 

Watch the video: 

I LOVE her message here so much and I am so grateful she had the strength to make this video. Lets all do our part to make that number a zero. Lets give genuine compliments, praise one another, build people up. Also, lets share this video and help create awareness and hopefully open up people's minds. Hopefully after someone sees this video they will think twice before leaving hurtful comments or bullying in any way. Readers, thank you so much for connecting with me through blogging. And just know YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and God doesn't make junk!