Magnolia Market Waco Texas

Well y’all, Joanna didn’t disappoint! Magnolia Market is nothing short of amazing! Nick said it’s the Disney World for moms, he’s absolutely right! 

Don’t quit, and don’t give up. The reward is just around the corner. And in times of doubt or times of joy, listen for that still, small voice. Know that God has been there from the beginning—and he will be there until . . . The End.
— Joanna Gaines, The Magnolia Story

 “I am going to make everything around me beautiful, that will be my life.” - Elsie De Wolfe. I saw this quote on a piece of art in the Magnolia Market store . What a perfect concept and what a great goal! I want to make beautiful relationships, beautiful children, a beautiful home, a business that makes women feel beautiful, and travel the world and explore the beauty God created. I must say, my favorite part of visiting Magnolia Market was witnessing the beauty of making your dreams into a reality. Joanna Gaines and Chip Gaines are inspiring. You could feel their values in everything they’ve created. Quality, kindness, family, beauty... it was all there! Being surrounded by it all made me motivated and excited about my own goals and dreams. It made me eager to work my butt off in pursuit of it all, and it made me remember that it’s important to strive for community, quality and integrity and making those things the focus of any brand. If I’m being honest, Waco as a whole didn’t seem super special. The only thing that seemed amazing about Waco was everything Chip and Joanna have created. Good for them for making an average town into a bucket list attraction. That’s no small feat.

While we were there we walked around the outdoor courtyard area, shopped in the Magnolia store and popped into the bakery (of course). I got a cinnamon roll from the bakery and oh gosh it was delicious! I forced myself to throw 1/3 of it away because I totally almost ate the entire thing (a million calories I’m sure). Everything in the bakery looked delicious.  

One thing that caught my attention was the employees. Everyone was so polite and nice, we didn’t have a single bad experience. I’m not too sure if that’s a Texas thing or if it’s a Magnolia thing, either way everyone was super kind. We are going to have to take another trip back because there’s still more on my Magnolia to-do list. I’d love to eat at their restaurant Magnolia Table and also stay at their bed and breakfast (which I’m sure is probably booked two years out).

We had such a wonderful time and would totally recommend the trip. Comment below if you’ve been, I’d love to hear your experience.

A special thank you to Mazda for lending us their beautiful 2019 CX-5 Signature for our adventure to Waco, Texas! Nick and I are obsessed with this car and have already been chatting about getting one! We loved the safety features and fell in love with the butt warmers in the backseats. Those things matter to Colorado peeps! Again, thanks so much Mazda for letting us take your car on an adventure.


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