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If you've been reading my blog for a while, then you already know I am a Colorado girl. Born and raised in the suburbs just outside of Denver. I love it here, Denver truly is a stunning place to live and grow up. If you want to read more about what it is like growing up in Colorado, read THIS blog post. I've been spending a lot more time downtown and in north Denver lately. Eating and drinking with my husband, or with friends. I have put together a list of my top five favorite places to eat and drink in Denver. On this post I have collaborated with my lovely blogger friend, Lauren Groeper of Ladyplanner. After you finish reading, head on over to her page to check out her five favorites in Denver as well at! 

Whether you are just traveling to Denver, or you've lived here for some time... I hope these two posts will help you to discover a new favorite place for you to drink, dine and have a blast with the people you love most!


Breakfast- Prosper Oats

This place reminds me of a fro-yo bar... but with oatmeal! I think this is the perfect breakfast spot. I went here with a friend one day after a hard workout and it was just what my body needed. You can also get juice or yogurt if you do not want oatmeal. I got the quinoa and steel cut oats bowl. It was delicious. They have a ton of healthy toppings to choose from. If you want a healthy breakfast, I'd but this at the top of your list.

Lunch- Masterpiece Delicatessen

Okay I have to be completely honest, I have only tried one sandwich here, the ahi-tuna sandwich. That's only because it is so delicious and I crave it, so I can't fathom ordering something else. My husband however has ordered a few different items on the menu and has loved everything he has tried. This place really would be awesome for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They offer breakfast items and a regular sandwich menu as well. But trust me, if you like ahi- tuna, try that sandwich!! 

Dinner- Sushi Sasa

If I have any sort of addiction... this is it. Which is hilarious because I kid you not, 8 months ago I "hated sushi". Now I can't seem to get enough of it. Of any sushi place in Denver, this is my favorite. You should try anything and everything on the menu. It's all really fresh, which is rare for the land locked state of Colorado. You might want to call ahead and make a reservation, it's a fairly small place and tends to be busy. 

Dessert- Little Man Ice Cream

This place has the best ice-cream in town! It is an outdoor venue that has such a charming ambiance. It's so delicious that my husband and I have stood in line in the freezing cold (along side many other people) just to get some of their yummy ice-cream, rush to our car and enjoy it with the butt warmers on. THAT is just how good it is! I have actually never been there when there wasn't a line of some sort. The actual shop is vintage inspired and you really can sense that through all the decor and the old time music that plays. They switch up their flavors often which is fun. Until you have a favorite flavor and you discover it's gone when you go. Don't worry, the disappointment only lasts a few minutes until you taste your "second best" choice, only to find out it's delicious too. If you enjoy ice-cream, absolutely make a stop here! 

Cocktails- Union Station

Now, if you've read my Denver date night post, then you have heard me rave about how much I love Union Station. It is an active train station, but it also has a ton of amazing restaurants and some bars inside. There are two great spots to get amazing drinks inside of Union Station, the Terminal Bar or The Cooper Lounge. The main reason I put Union Station as one of my top five places in Denver, isn't because the way the drinks are presented, it's not the way the drinks taste (although they taste good), and it is not because they have unheard of pricing... It is simple because the atmosphere at Union Station is so neat. You feel as though you've traveled back in time to the 1920's. The actual building was recently restored and is just stunning. The Cooper Lounge is actually a prohibition era inspired lounge. If you like a more laid back feel, the Terminal Bar is the perfect place for you. I personally enjoy them both!


I hope this list of my top five favorite places to eat and drink in Denver help you discover a new Denver favorite. Comment below with your current favorite place to eat and drink. Thanks for reading and don't forget to head over to Ladyplanner's post to discover her five favorites. 


I was honored to collaborate with some amazing people on this post. Make sure to go check them all out and show them some love. I would absolutely recommend each vendor I worked with! 

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