I am SO nervous for this ... but it's a nervous and excited feeling!!! I will be doing a 90 day health challenge for myself. It includes WORKING OUT EVERYDAY... and NO LIQUOR ... YES, NO WINE!

I have not worked out EVERYDAY for 90 days... EVER! But I am absolutely up for the challenge! I recently got a 24 hour fitness membership and am loving their fitness classes, so I think that will make it a bit easier to work out everyday. 

Ever since Italy, I have gotten into a lovely routine of drinking a LOT of wine... So this no liquor thing will be a tad difficult, but I know it will cut a ton of sugar and calories from my diet. And will eliminate fat from the midsection! 

I intend on blogging about this challenge and my journey! I hope this inspires people to have a healthier 2015. Blogging about it will also hold me accountable. I can't quit when I have readers I committed to!!!! Start date is January 2nd!! End date is April 2nd! I will of course stay in the habit of working out and drinking less after April 2nd... but 90 days of pure commitment will get me on track! Ahhhh! SCARED AND EXCITED