Christ Centered Christmas Wrap Ideas

Christmas is around the corner, gifts are bought and there's just one thing left to do... wrap! I don't know if this makes me crazy, but I personally love laying out all the gifts we bought for our loved ones and wrapping all of them. I hate to admit this, but last year was the very first time that I really thought about what I was wrapping my gifts with. Usually my wrapping paper, gift tags, and bags are decked out in snowflakes, ho-ho-ho, Santa Claus, and snowmen. Now don't get me wrong, I love ALL things Christmas (from Jesus to Santa and everything in between)! I think it's such a fun time of year and I personally don't find a ton of harm in enjoying it all and singing along to Santa Clause Is Comin' To Town.  But this year I thought it would be fun to show my true heart through my gifts. Christmas is Jesus's birthday... I hope that is not news to any of you. That is literally (as you hear people say) the reason for the season... So I thought it'd be fun to share some DIY Christmas wrap ideas with you all, to add a sweet little reminder to us all what this season is truly about. 


DIY Stamp Gift Bags

You can find a ton of different stamps at your local hobby store, Hobby Lobby had a lot of Christ centered stamps, from scriptures to actual pictures of Bethlehem the night Jesus was born. I bought a stamp that said Joy to the World THE LORD has come.  You can purchase some simple brown bags any size and stamp them. You really can't mess this one up and there are so many ways you could add the stamps to the bags, I staggered them and covered the whole bag (see photos below). 

Add Ornaments

I love adding ornaments to the outside of a wrapped gift because it adds a little something special and takes the whole present to another level. Purchase some lovely Christian ornaments, pop them on a gift bag or a wrapped box and BAM! You're all set. That's such a simple way to add a sweet little reminder of what Christmas is all about. Then you're loved ones have a little something for their tree. 


When In Doubt... Ribbon

You can find so many beautiful ribbons that are focused on Jesus. Hobby Lobby (this post is not sponsored btw, I just love them) had an amazing selection of ornaments and ribbons. I loved adding the fancy ribbon with the simple parcel paper. 


Write Scripture

Adding you're favorite scripture to a gift tag or even the wrapping paper itself is a great way to add a personal touch to your wrapping. I have the WORST handwriting ever so I had to do a mock up of what would be cute on a gift tag- haha but for those of you who write better than a third grader, have at it! 


I hope you all have a blessed Christmas this year. I pray it's filled with love, family, giving, laughter and tons of great memories. This year I am reminded that God is so good, as it's our baby boy's first Christmas and I couldn't feel more blessed to have such a happy, healthy little man. Praise Jesus!

Thank you for reading, comment below if you have other fun ideas on how else to bring the focus on Jesus during Christmas. 

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Valentines Day Gift Guide: What To Get That Special Man In Your Life

As some of you know, Nick (my husband) and I have been together for 11+ years. We got married in July of 2014, but we started dating when we were about 14, the summer before high school started. By now, after 11 years of holidays together, I better be pretty decent at buying him gifts, and I like to think I am. I remember always saying things like "men are so hard to buy for" or " I just don't know what to get Nick". I would seriously get so frustrated trying to figure out gift ideas for him. I have put together this Valentines Day gift guide for men to help YOU in your gift shopping this year! I broke it down into several different "types" of men, because at the end of the day, all men like different stuff. My goal is for this post to help give you ideas and inspiration to make your man feel very loved and special this Valentines Day. 

| Click the images to shop the item |

| Use the arrows on the side to scroll through the full gift guide |


Gift ideas for your "travel-lover man" :

Scroll through using the arrows on the side.

The shirt displayed here is amazing for travel because it WILL NOT WRINKLE!!! Nick has been dying to get a ton of these shirts. They are extremely professional, but without the hassle of ironing. This gift guide also has some amazing travel bag ideas, sunglasses for those beach trips and of course a manly passport case. 


Gift ideas for your "business man"

This section is extremely easy for me, because this is my husband to a T. Your business man, just like mine, needs to be looking sharp. A new dress shirt is one of Nick's all time favorite gifts to receive. He loves the brand English Laundry, it's a tad pricey, but the quality is worth it (we know from experience). Each item below will help improve your business man's wardrobe.

Something else that can improve your man's wardrobe, and is an excellent and thoughtful gift... a new watch. MVMT Watches was kind enough to reach out to me and send us a watch for Nick. I was a little hesitant because Nick is picky about his watches!! He currently wears a gold Michael Kors watch everyday and he loves it. When we checked out MVMT's website, we were pleasantly surprised to see they had multiple watches that were exactly Nick's style. He's Italian and loves gold lol. When we received the watch in the mail, we were so impressed with the high quality case it came in. We travel a ton and the hard case will be perfect for keeping the watch safe while traveling. The watch itself is amazing, and I'd use words like luxury and high quality to describe it. It has more weight to it than his Michael Kors watch!! We are genuinely very impressed with this MVMT watch and 110% recommend it. And know this, even if a company sends us product, we will always give a honest review. So you can count on my word and reviews for an honest opinion on a product. If we don't like something, you will know it. 

Here are some photos of my man rocking his new watch. Thank you MVMT!

Gift ideas for your "mountain man" :

If your man is an outdoors lover, who has a beard and loves to cut down trees (lol kidding), then this is the gift guide for you!

Gift ideas for the "athlete" :

If your man is athletic, here are some gift ideas he will love! Workout gear and casual wear that he will be thrilled to own.

Gift ideas for the "romantic" :

I personally think Valentines Day is such a great opportunity to make someone feel special. There are sooo many romantic things you can do to surprise your special man. Here are a few ideas that I think would be romantic, but get creative, and make it personal to YOUR relationship. 

  • Breakfast in bed- Make their favorite breakfast meal and wake them up to it. Maybe make the pancakes into heart shapes, get creative. I found heart straws at Target and they will be perfect to put in a breakfast smoothie. I also found heart cookie cutters that I plan on using to make food items into hearts. Make it special.
  • Dinner- Cook his favorite meal. Maybe surprise him with an expensive steak dinner, whatever your man loves. Get a bottle of wine and light a candle. Who says women can't be romantic too. 
  • Surprise Reservations- Call up his FAVORITE restaurant and make reservations. Surprise him. 
  • Lingerie- For the married couples of course. I know when I surprise Nick with lingerie it just makes him feel special and loved. Ladies, get out of your comfort zone to show your man you love him. 
  • Couples Spa Day- This is a gift for the both of you. Sweet and romantic. ONLY if your man likes this sort of stuff. Nick doesn't, so I would not be selfish and book it because I wanted a spa day lol, remember it's about making your spouse feel special. 
  • Boudoir Photo Book- Once again for the married couples. I made Nick one for our wedding day. He was shocked! It is something they will cherish forever. If you don't know what a boudoir photo is, Google it haha. 
  • Book an adventure- Travel and adventures create so many amazing memories. Book a day getaway, or a weekend getaway. Go out of state, out of country or stay a night in your local big city. 
  • Make Dessert- Bake for him. Make his favorite dessert, maybe something you know he loves but you have never made before. 

Thank you for reading, I hope this helps you in your Valentines Day gift giving this year. Comment below with your favorite gift ideas for Valentines Day! 



Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide: Unisex Gifts For Him or Her+A GIVEAWAY

I personally find that stocking stuffers can be more difficult than actual presents. Sometimes I have trouble thinking of things that are SMALL enough to fit in the actual stocking, but also is something they will genuinely enjoy. Do any of you find that a bit difficult too?? I have spend some serious time thinking of stocking stuffers that most people would genuinely love, they will fit in most stockings, and are fairly affordable. I hope this gift guide stocking stuffers edition helps you this Christmas Season!! 

Don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY that is included in this post!! 

Michael Kors Travel Passport Wallet - $78.00 at Nordstrom- Comes in black, pink or brown. I personally think the black and brown and go for male or female gifts. You really can't go wrong with Michael Kors.

Go Travel Heated Coffee/Tea Mug - $16.99 on . This mug plugs into your car to keep your drink warm. I have NEVER seen something like this!! Haha I think it's a must and will probably order my husband and myself one. It's not particularly "stylish", but heck... your coffee is warm!! 

Frosted Cranberry Mini Candle - $4.50 at Bath & Body Works- They have a ton of different scents, but these little candles are the perfect size for any stocking! 

Canned Wine - $15.00 from Infinite Monkey Theorem. Ok ok... I know some of you reading this might be skeptical but trust me, their wine is AMAZING!! When I was in college I toured their winery that is located in Downtown Denver. Back then they talked about how "someday" they wanted to sell wine in a can. I thought it sounded brilliant! And now they are doing it! Actually, Frontier flights have their wine for sale. It's delicious and will slide perfectly into a stocking for your adult loved one! 

Savannah Mee Majesty Gift Set - $12.99 at Target. This includes a body wash, lotion, lip balm and a darling travel bag. These are all travel size items which is the perfect size for a stocking stuffer. This gift is a tad girly, but I probably only think that because my husband hates lotion, body wash AND lip balm haha ! So HE personally would not enjoy this gift, but I know a lot of men and women who would. 

Raw Vitality Trail Mix - Price isn't listed on but you can purchase this at Whole Foods. I really just think any kind of trail mix will do. Get a kind you know your loved one likes. This can be really a bag of trail mix, nuts, dried fruit or anything else you have in mind. I think having a healthy snack in the stocking is refreshing because the holidays can be filled with SOOO much junk food and unhealthy snacks. Mix it up!

Eucalyptus Spearmint Travel Size Body Lotion - $5 at Bath & Body Works. This tiny bottle of "stress relief" lotion is perfect for any stocking!

Inside Out Movie - $22.99 at Target. You can pick any movie you'd like, but this movie is ADORABLE! It has such a positive message and although it is made for kids, I love this movie so much!! 

Godiva Hot Chocolate Gift Set - $20.00 on or in a Godiva Store. Godiva has some of the best chocolate of all time in my opinion! 

A few of the items in the stocking will go together perfect for a cozy Christmas night! You could drink some wine or hot coco while you snuggle up to watch a movie! Be sure to light your candle ;) . Perfect cozy Christmas night in my opinion!! 

Custom Phone Case or Laptop Skin - Price depends on what item you purchase at . Case App was kind enough to send me a free IPhone 6s case. I got to custom design it, and being the travel lover that I am, I used a picture I took of the beach while I was in Ocean City Maryland. I put "take me to the beach" on it. It turned out more adorable than I thought it was going to!! I wanted it to be personal and meaningful. I keep seeing people make marble looking phone and laptop cases, which is cute, but I personally think your loved one would appreciate a more intimate, custom and personalized gift.

Case App was kind enough to give all of my readers 20% off their purchase!!! Code is: ACCORDINGTOD. Offer Valad until December 16th. 

Here are pics of the Iphone 6s case I made:

I hope that this stocking stuffers gift guide helps you in your Christmas shopping this season!!! Merry Christmas and don't forget to enter into the giveaway below!!! 





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