Christmas Giveback 2014: Gift bags for the homeless

Here is a video we created from a give back we did this Christmas Eve. My husband, mother and sister all helped out. We created goodie bags for the homeless, including toiletries, baked goods, baby oranges,  gloves and bottled water. It was a hit!

We drove around downtown Denver and within about 30 minutes our bags were gone. This year we only had 41 bags, but each year our plan is to do more and more. Also, it inspired us to want to create goodie bags for any ordinary day! It made us realize we CAN make a difference and change someone's day. I hope this video inspires you to give back in some sort of way, and not just around Christmas. 


Our experience: 

First off, we realized it is fairly affordable to give back. I bought the gloves, which I found for $1 a piece at Dollar Tree. My mom made the baked goodies, because she is the chef of the family! She also surprised us with bottled water. My sister bought "cuties", which are baby oranges. We got the toiletries from different hotels that offered to help. Thank you Disney ;)

We had different reactions while handing out the bags... which I think is normal. Some not so good reactions... but MOST of the reactions were cheer, excitement, joy, etc. That was such a blast to make people smile!!! 

Comment Below with your FAVORITE way to give back!