Birthday Week + Blog Updates

Hello friends!! 

I am officially twenty seven, and according to my husband, I have entered my prime. Haha whatever that means! It feels great, I am not one who is too concerned with age and frankly I don't want to spend time sweating about getting older (especially at such a young age) because when I am ninety years old I will WISH I was this age again. I had such a fabulous birthday and I really feel overwhelmed with gratitude for my world class family and friends. I truly got spoiled this year and I felt so loved and special. I got a few surprise cards in the mail that were so thoughtful, my sister had flowers delivered to my house, she took me to get a manicure and pedicure, a best friend from Dallas sent me a stunning box of macarons (my favorite sweet treat), other best friends took me to brunch, others surprised me with wine and flowers, I was surprised with cupcakes from a friend, my mom bought me way too many gifts, and my sweet husband took me to an expensive sushi dinner! On top of that I received some sweet, thoughtful texts, voicemails and videos. Oh my goodness! How on earth did I get so lucky? I am truly grateful for such thoughtful, kind and loving people surrounding me. God is so good and that is the best thing he has ever brought into my life, amazing people. The feeling I had yesterday of just feeling so special motivates me to make others feel that way. How can I go out of my way to make someone feel special? And it doesn't have to be their birthday, any day works! Okay, now I am rambling on. Long story short I had a wonderful birthday and thank you anyone and everyone who made it special! 

Did you miss last weeks blog post?!

Last week I put together a roundup of my favorite photos from our month long Europe trip! To read all about it and see the photos, click HERE

What's To Come?!

I am extremely excited for all of the blog post ideas I have currently! Tons of them of course travel related, many posts are in the works related to our Europe trip. I am also excited for the fall/autumn posts that I will do. I have already bought all the yummy ingredients to a fall recipe I know you all will love! It's not healthy though, in fact it's a tasty dessert... so stay tuned. It wouldn't be fall without a little fall fashion, so of course I will be doing a post of that type too. The most exciting post that I am planning is a Colorado road trip post! So many things in the works and I am truly having such a blast with it. I cannot believe that in just a little under a month I will celebrate my two year blogging anniversary. Yep, two years! I started According To D in October of 2014. October 13th to be exact. The two years have flown by and I cannot wait to continue this blogging journey with you all. Thanks so much for being an active reader, I love connecting with you! 

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