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Ciao! I am currently in Italy at the moment!! To follow us on our trip, you can find pics and updates on Instagram. We are having a blast and cannot wait to share our experiences with you all! 

While I am away I wanted to still have a few blog posts go live. Today I am going to walk you through some of my favorite things at the moment. From books to food to beauty and everywhere in between. One of my favorite things to do is read my favorite blogs and see what those girls have discovered, in fact, a few of my favorites were once recommendations from other bloggers. So, here are my current favorites in all categories of life. 

Favorite #1 | "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert

I LOVE THIS BOOK. The subtitle is "creative living beyond fear", and that was a topic I enjoyed so much. If you are a blogger, writer, entrepreneur, artist, etc. I truly believe you will love this book. In the book Elizabeth talks about her theories on creativity, ideas, passion and more. She helped me to understand that I do not need some grand purpose for what I am doing, simply being happy, passionate and pursuing the creative ideas that come my way is enough. With blogging, I really needed to hear that. I'm really not shocked that I love the book since she also wrote Eat Pray Love, another favorite of mine. I went and saw Elizabeth speak live and wow that too was outstanding. If you get the chance, go see her speak. She is a bucket full of wisdom.

Favorite #2 | Halo Top Ice Cream

Okay this is a true obsession for both myself and my husband. My friend, who is super fit, told me about this "healthy" ice cream. She had previously refereed me to the Arctic Zero ice cream which in my opinion is disgusting and tasted like artificially flavored ice. So I was skeptical when she began to tell me about how good Halo Top ice cream was, but then we tried it. It is so delicious, super creamy and tastes amazing!! The best part, it's about 240 calories per pint (depending on the flavor) and 24 grams of protein. It is gluten free, and has no synthetic growth hormones. We could eat the whole pint and not even feel guilty. It's like eating a protein bar but you really feel like you are getting a cheat in. We have tried the Mint Chip, Lemon Cake and Birthday Cake flavors and love them all. I am not even a lemon fan but I love the lemon cake flavor. This is going to help me kick my gelato cravings when we get home from Italy. 

Favorite #3 | Rocksbox

I started collaborating with Rocksbox a few months ago and was so excited when I got the chance to work with them. If you don't know much about them, read THIS blog post. It is a monthly subscription box where you can rent designer jewelry and if you like it you can purchase it (at a discounted price) and if you don't you can send it back for new jewelry. It's been such a blast trying before buying. The best part is that you can earn credit from referring your friends and use that credit to buy jewelry. I have earned so many free Kendra Scott pieces through this program and am loving it!! It's a blast, and you always look so cute. 

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Favorite #4 | Kick Ass Immune

I swear by this stuff. Any time I am getting sick, I drink a few drops of this mixed with my water and bam... I don't get sick. It works most of the time and I don't get sick as much as I used to. I also love drinking this prior to traveling, since it's easy to catch a cold while traveling. I have used Kick Ass for a few years now and I still love it. I purchase it at Whole Foods. Great stuff!

Favorite #5 | Two Rivers Coffee

This favorite obviously won't help everyone, unless you live in or near Arvada, Colorado. I used to be an avid Starbucks drinker, happily spending my $6 on a drink about four times a week. Then for about six times in a row (at different Starbucks locations) my drinks were horrible. The latte or cappuccino foam/froth would be bubbly and gross. It seemed like it was made three hours ago, heated up in a microwave and handed to me. I was pissed each time I opened that lid in hopes of frothy goodness (my favorite part of a coffee drink) and looked down at a poorly made $6 latte. Now, Two Rivers on the other hand, never disappoints! I crave it like crazy now, their espresso and lattes are so creamy and smooth, and they brighten my day with the latte art. Whether you order for there or to go, they have a stunning design in the latte. It is less expensive than Starbucks and actually worth every penny. If you are not in Arvada, I encourage you to simply find a local coffee shop that really respects the art of making coffee. It'll be a much better experience, I promise. 

Favorite #6 | LaurenConrad.com

I am such a fan of scoping out different blogs and lifestyle websites. Lauren Conrad's website is such a fun place to find a bit of everything girly, from decor to baking, her site has it all. I also adore looking at her Instagram feed, the photos are always so perfect and inspiring. They make me want a beautiful home to throw parties in all the time, and be the most amazing hostess. Here is a great example of that:

Favorite #7 | Coconut Oil

I recently started using organic unrefined coconut oil for my face lotion. I was nervous to make the switch from face lotion to coconut oil because I thought I would break out bad or have super oily skin. I use it on my face after washing it prior to bed. It took a few weeks for my skin to fully adjust, at first I had a few breakouts but now that my skin is used to it that doesn't happen too much. It leaves my skin soft and I hear it helps with wrinkles (who knows if that is true, but I sure hope it is). Either way, I love knowing that what I am putting on my face is organic and doesn't have added chemicals. I also put it on my body sometimes instead of lotion, only at night though because I find it makes my clothes all greasy. I love rubbing it into my cuticles, it seems to hydrate them great. Also, when my hair gets dry I will put a drop in my hand and work it through the ends of my hair. Basically coconut oil is perfection and seems to work on everything haha!! It's great. 

Favorite #8 | Ryan Farish 

My husband introduced me to this man's music a few years ago and I love it. He creates the perfect relax/chill out music. When I work on my blog post or am doing any busy work I love having his playlist on in the background. It relaxes me and makes me feel inspired and peaceful. I love his song The Promise. It's nice music to have on while doing something because it doesn't have lyrics, so my mind isn't distracted. His music is also nice on an airplane, especially if I am feeling nervous, it is quite calming. Love it!


I hope this list of favorites helped you in some way! I love sharing my latest obsessions with people. Comment below if you made a new discovery from this list or comment letting me know YOUR current favorites. Thanks for reading!