Chasing Fears

chasing fears - life outside our comfort zone

I think so often in life we get so caught in our routine and comfort that we do not have the opportunity to discover new fears. Yes, I said the OPPORTUNITY to DISCOVER new fears. The fear of being the only english speaker in the room. The fear of getting in a car crash because the people in Rome drive like maniacs. The fear of losing the person you've allowed yourself to fall madly in love with. The fear of getting caught while skinny dipping in the ocean in Mexico. We can only discover these new and exciting fears if we put ourselves in new situations. How can we know we are scared of something if we have never even been exposed to it? This will allow us to experience something fresh and even make discoveries about ourselves. Now I am not talking about seeking danger... I am simply saying what if... what if  we said yes more. What if we were open to trying new things, seeing new places, seeking new adventures, meeting new people, tasting new foods. Some of the most empowering moments in my life have been when I pushed through fear and tried something new. New can be so scary, but when I have allowed myself to be brave and courageous, it has opened up so much in me that I didn't know existed. I get scared a lot. I have fear just like the rest of us ( if not more). But I can honestly say that I understand why people say life begins at the end of your comfort zone. I was so scared to get on an airplane for the first time and fly to Italy because it was around the time that all those planes were going down and missing. I was afraid to quit college to be an entrepreneur. I had some fears of zip lining through the jungle in Puerto Vallarta. The thought of jumping off the cliffs in Lake Powell freaked me out. I was anxious to tell my story on stage in front of a few thousand people. When I pushed through each of these fears, the result was amazing memories and a stronger sense of self. When I have faced my fears and tried new things while following my heart, it always seems to result in the most amazing experiences that I will cherish forever. If we never give ourselves the chance to try new things, we will never experience this idea of the opportunity to discover new fears. We went zip lining and my husband was surprised at how scared and nervous he was. He never expected to have that much anxiety about it. But he did it anyways and...he loved it! He pushed through that fear and enjoyed the ride through the jungle. It was so liberating for him to be in a scenario where he discovered a new fear and allowed himself to push through it to the other side (excitement). 

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
— Neale Donald Walsch

There is such a fine line between fear and excitement. How often are we allowing ourselves to get outside of our box (our comfort zone) enough to be on that fine line... What if we decided to spice up our life, live on the edge, and chase the discovery of new fears

Comment below and share with me a memory or a time you went outside of your comfort zone and discovered a new fear, resulting in an exciting and cherished memory. I'd love to hear from ya!