Peace Of Mind

Being a first time mom brings quite a bit of new stresses and things to worry about. So when there are products out there that help to relieve some of that stress, I am all about it! That's why when Revolar reached out about doing a collaboration, I looked over their product and instantly knew it was a fit and something I genuinely wanted to share with ya'll and something I was excited to use for myself. Revolar is a small device that you can easily clip to your clothes or attach to your key chain, that you can use to alert your loved ones if you are in any danger. With the simple click of a button you can send an alert to your contacts letting them know that you need help. They have multiple alerts, one click lets your family know you are safe, two clicks lets them know lets them know you are in an uncomfortable situation and possible danger, and three clicks will send a red alert to let your family know there is an emergency and to send emergency responders to your location. I love this product not because I think I'll be using it all the time, I love it because it will give me peace of mind. I will overall feel so much safer carrying this with me all the time.

If you don't already know, I am currently 33 weeks pregnant. Baby G is coming June 2017. During my pregnancy my main workout has been going on long walks. I walk with my mom all the time. We walk during the day, at night, in the freezing weather or when it's beautiful out. We're pretty much walking all the time and loving it. We thankfully have never had any safety issues on our walks thus far, but you never know what could happen. Sometimes when we would walk at night I would hear something and get a tad freaked out. It was probably just the sound of a bunny in the bushes, but now having the Revolar on all of our walks I will just have that peace of mind that I can easily alert my family that there is any real danger. The app that is linked with the Revolar product allows you to add up to five contacts that will be notified when you click the device. I love this because then in the case of an emergency I'm not dialing phone number after phone number hoping someone answers. This alerts five people at once, which is a quicker way to get help. 

Once baby G comes I plan on going on runs and walks all the time. That is my "get the baby weight off" game plan. Since our baby boy will be born in early summer, I'll have months to be outside, enjoying the beautiful weather and getting back in shape. I already purchased a running stroller, so I'm all set to take baby G out and about during my workouts. I'm so grateful for the Revolar, it'll give me such peace of mind while I do my workouts around town. There are things that cross my mind and scare me a bit, things like I have asthma and what if I had an asthma attack while running with my baby boy. Nick is allergic to bees, what if our baby is too and we are out running and have an emergency. The list of things that a new mommy worries about is so long. Well, at least for this new mom haha. Just having the Revolar will take so much worry and stress away from me, allowing me to really enjoy these moments with my new baby and cherishing that time together. 

Owning the Revolar will not only give me peace of mind, but it'll give my husband peace of mind too. Nick, my husband, is one of the sweetest men in the world (but I'm probably a bit biased). He is not a worrier by nature, but if he thinks I am in danger or if there is a possible uncomfortable situation you better believe it will have him nervous and feeling very uneasy. Especially since I've been pregnant, Nick has been so protective and extra aware of my safety. Now he's got that daddy bear mentality and will do anything to keep his family safe. He really is so sweet, one example of this is when I was in Miami last week he didn't want me taking an Uber late at night from the airport to the home I was staying at so he arranged for one of our friends that is located in Miami to come pick me up and take me. It simply gave him peace of mind knowing that I was with someone that we both know and trust. I bet if I had the Revolar at the time, he would have felt completely fine with me taking the Uber, knowing that he was only one click away and could be alerted quick if anything were to go wrong. 

To me, peace of mind is so valuable. It allows us to live our life at a higher level, feeling less stress and being able to enjoy each moment with ease. I'm super grateful to have collaborated with Revolar, I back their product 100%. And if you've been reading my blog for some time, then you know I take which products I collaborate with very seriously. I would never attach my blog and my name to something I didn't think was amazing. I genuinely think this product could save so many lives, prevent rapes, attacks, hate crimes, etc around the world. If a product is trying to make the world a safer place, I'll support that any day. 


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