Travel & "Oh The Places You'll Go!" Themed Baby Shower

If you know me or have been a reader of my blog for a while now, then you aren't at all shocked with the theme we chose for our baby shower. My husband and I are total travel lovers, so naturally our baby's room theme and the baby shower theme had to be travel related. I loved the idea of a travel themed baby shower that had hints and touches of the "Oh The Places You'll Go!" , the children's book by Dr. Seuss. If you haven't already read that book, do. It's adorable and has so many huge life lessons crammed into a "children's book". I personally think anyone at any age would just adore that book. To me, this baby shower theme was a perfect fit for our family. Nick and I love travel, and we also love the idea and live by the idea that anyone can do anything that they want to in life, which is one of the themes throughout the book. So, like I said, the theme was a perfect fit for us. I also think it's such a precious theme for a baby boy! If I was having a little girl I probably would have been sucked into doing a theme based on color, glitter and tutus lol. 

I want to give a special thank you to everyone who helped plan the baby shower. I picked the theme and helped with the ideas, but my amazing family and close family friends helped put it all together. We feel so blessed to have them in our lives and couldn't feel more grateful for the perfect baby shower they threw for us and baby Giulian. Thank you! 

The Invitations

I had the privilege of collaborating with Basic Invite for my baby shower invitations. I couldn't be more pleased with the company and how the invitations turned out! This was my first time ordering through Basic Invite, but it won't be my last. I was very impressed with the quality of the product, and the amount of choices and options they allow when creating the invitations. They had this adorable airplane template that was a perfect fit for the travel themed shower. My favorite part was that I had the option to change and play around with the colors of  almost everything on the invitation. They are one of few websites that offer almost unlimited color options with instant preview. This was so helpful when designing the invitations because I was able to use the colors of the baby shower. They also offer over 40 different colors of envelopes. I'm a girl who LOVES choices, so this was a big bonus in my opinion! I chose the color "Pewter Shimmer", it is a shimmery grey/metallic silver. Our main baby shower colors were silver and baby blue, so the invitations matched perfectly. You could also choose details like the trim of the actual invitation. I chose the "ticket" trim since it made it resemble an old travel ticket. Once you are finished designing your invitation, you can order a sample of it to make sure it's exactly what you wanted. I love that feature, that way you aren't disappointed with your product and running into any issues. Once of my absolute favorite features that Basic Invite offers is their free address collection service. This made my life so much easier and saved my hand from some carpal tunnel! This service basically allows you to gather all of the addresses you need for the invitations all through a link. I was able to send the link to everyone invited to my baby shower, then once they put their address in the system I was then able to get the addresses printed onto the envelopes for free. So simple and stress free. I wish I used them for our wedding invitations a few years ago. The address collection service has also been helpful while I am filling out thank you cards. When I am looking for someones mailing address I just log back into Basic Invite's website and scroll through my address book on there. Overall I love this company's invitations and I will absolutely be using them in the future. I'd also recommend them to anyone reading this post, I had a great experience and was very pleased with their products and services. 


The Decor & Details

The welcome table was just adorable. There was a sign that said "Please help the busy mom to be by making yourself the addressee" along side a stack of blue envelopes that match the thank you cards. That was it saves me some time on filling out the addresses when sending out the thank you cards. We had a little globe that said "follow that dream" placed on the welcome table. I purchased that globe for Baby G's room and it tied in perfectly with the shower. Also on the welcome table there were little blue pieces of paper for each guest to write "motherly advice" on. Then they could put it in the precious travel suitcase box that was on the table. 

I made the "Oh The Places We'll Go" banner. I'm a sucker for cute banners, I think they add so much to baby showers, bridal showers, etc. I also made another banner that was different hot air balloons, but we didn't get a photo of them (bummer), that banner was used to hang on the food table. I also made the card basket that was made to look like a hot air balloon. Then we added little decorations here and there like the actual Dr. Seuss book and a G for our little guy's name, Giulian Georgio Greco. 

My mom made the most adorable treats for people to take home and they were in shabby chic wood boxes on each table as the centerpieces. There were two different treats, one was a white chocolate covered pretzel with blue sprinkles and the other treat was chocolate covered Oreo cookies that were made to look like baby rattles. Each treat had a label on it that said "Bundle of Boy", my mom handmade each of the labels too. The treats were absolutely precious and of course delicious. She also filled blue mason jars nuts for people to snack on at their tables. 

The Cake

The cake turned out to be precious! Thank you to one of my best friends Jenny for making the cake, girl you are so talented. I had sent her a few cakes that I liked on Pinterest and we chatted about what it'd look like. Her and her mom did the cake and I was so impressed, I loved the airplanes, clouds, the different colored layers, and of course the sweet baby in a hot air balloon on top. It truly was the best travel themed cake for a little boy baby shower. There are so many hot air balloons in the book "Oh The Places You'll Go!" so the cake topper couldn't have been more perfect. I love that each tier of the cake has something different. The planes and the clouds are simple and exactly what I was looking for. 

We also had some decor items on the cake/ dessert table. The picture frame on the table has an illustration from the book in it. Then next to it is a big globe that we put the words Oh The Places You'll Go on. 

The Food & Drinks

Alongside the cake there were a bunch of other dessert options. My family and friends sure know how to throw a party, they always provide way more food and treats than probably necessary. But heck, it's nice to have the options. 

The blue crates you see that are holding the plates I found in Delaware at a cute beach store. Nobody at the shower would have known they fit with the travel theme, but they do since we got them on our personal travels. They were handmade by a local and my Aunt Pam was sweet enough to get them for baby G's room and ship them to us here in Colorado. In his room they'll hold all of his books, but they were perfect at the shower too to hold the plates.

There was tons of food to choose from, and it was all so tasty! There was chicken salad, rolls, fruit, chips, salsa, several dips, crackers, gluten free crackers, gluten free scones and muffins, little quiches, egg/green chili casserole, mini muffins, mini cinnamon rolls, and the most adorable veggie train. The vegetable train was made by a close family friend and it couldn't have turned out more adorable! Trains of course go with the travel theme so it was a great way to add some character to the food table. 

Shower Highlights

This day truly brought tears to my eyes. Our friends and family are so amazing and spoiled us and little baby G. We are so blessed to have such sweet and loving people in our lives who are so generous and kind. It feels great to have a strong support system during this important time in our life. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I wouldn't choose any other village over ours. My heart is filled with so much gratitude. 

Oh and btw look how dang adorable my niece's dress is!! It's an "Oh The Places You'll Go!" dress. She is part of the decor for the day and wow did that little princess love the attention. 

Thank you so much to Sam from Zoey Grace Photography for shooting the shower. I love the photos and will cherish them forever! If you are reading this and are in the Denver area, I would totally recommend her. She was super professional and I loved her photos. Thanks Sam!

*The photos of the invitations were taken by me, not the photographer. 

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