Colorado Pumpkin Patch + 4 Month Baby Update

As a mom, there is nothing I love more than going on little adventures together as a family. Before Giulian, I still wanted to do fun little outings and adventures with Nick, but he could do without things of that nature (not exactly his cup of tea). So I must admit that I love having our son, he's my little excuse for why we need to do things like go to the pumpkin patch, go to the zoo, take hikes, etc. It's bringing the inner child out in Nick and myself and we are loving every bit of it. Although Giulian wasn't able to pick his pumpkin out, he still loved staring at all the vibrant colors of the pumpkin patch and feeling like he was on an adventure with Mom and Dad. 

I can't believe our little man is already 4+ months old. Time is flying by and before I know it he will be 1/2 a year old and trying to talk! The last baby update I did was when he was 2 months, so I figured it was time for another one. 




26 inches - 85th percentile


14lbs 5 oz. - 25th percentile

What Size Clothing?

This answer makes me want to cry, he's getting so big!! A lot of his clothes are 6-9 months! Almost all of his sleepers are 9 month, because he is so long the 3-6 month ones don't fit him anymore. It is amazing how much can change in such a short amount of time, when I did his 2 month update he was just getting out of newborn clothes and into 0-3 month or 3 month clothing. 

Special Outings?

Very special outing, he went on his first family vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! I will probably do an entire post on our experience and our first time traveling as a family. He did so great on the planes and in the airports, we were so proud of him. 

He has also been to the zoo three times now, and of course the pumpkin patch. 



He has slept for 8 hours straight!! Okay, that only happened once lol but that is a start and we are praying it happens more often. He has been giggling up a storm recently, his laugh is the best. He grew a comb-over (I figure that should count as a milestone since I said him losing his hair in his 2 month update was a milestone). He has rolled from his tummy to his back (only four times). He tried his first "solid" food, he ate some rice cereal and absolutely loved it. 


What Does Baby Love?

When we get him (make loud munching noises while "eating" his belly), he thinks it's hilarious. He loves being naked, and especially being naked while eating his toes. He loves watching Veggie Tales, going on walks and looking up at the trees or at the sky during our walks, he loves being in our baby carrier facing out so he can see what is going on around him, or doing chores with mom while in the baby carrier (and he usually falls asleep while I vacuum). He loves playing on his play mats, or in his saucers. He is loving his baby oatmeal or rice cereal at night and thinks it is so funny when he blows bubbles while "eating" it and gets the food all over mom. He also loves people, he gets so excited when people come talk to him or pay attention to him. He adores his cousins (my sister's kids) and he loves spending time with the family (Grandparents, Aunt, Uncles). It melts my heart to type out all the things he loves, he truly is such a happy baby and I just adore him. But above all, this baby loves eating his toes. 


What Is Baby's Routine?

I wish I could say this has changed a ton in the last two months, but when I read this section in his Two Month Update, I unfortunately realized that not much has changed. In fact, I could some nights say it's gotten worse. We are taking action to try and change his sleep routine though, we have started "sleep training". In brief, we are doing 2-5-5 (2 minutes of crying, then we go in and sooth him, 5 min of the same and then another 5), this is teaching him to sooth himself to sleep instead of needing to nurse to sleep. If he can sooth himself back to sleep then hopefully he won't wake me up every two hours at night needing me to nurse him back to sleep. We also are trying to get him on a nap schedule of napping two hours after he wakes up, and then three hours after that nap is another nap, and then four hours after that is bedtime. I am praying when I post my next update that I can solidly say he is sleeping better and in a more consistent routine. 



It's hilarious how these have changed since the last update I did. Our current nicknames for Giulian are Little Man, Mr. Man, Bubby, and Bubbs. When talking about him with other people we sometimes call him Triple G or Baby G. Bubby is the most used nickname at this time. 


Thoughts on the past two months?

Although the sleeping is still extremely tough (we are just starting to sleep train him), overall I'd say in the last two months we have become far more comfortable as parents and are in a much better routine than the months prior. It is becoming more and more fun with our little man, his personality is really shining through and we are loving it. There is nothing better than when he giggles and is having fun with us. I can't wait until he's sleeping better, allowing me to enjoy my days with him more instead of feeling like a zombie, but regardless being his mommy is a ton of fun and we love him to pieces!