Grand Canyon Day Trip | Exploring One Of The Seven Natural Wonders Of The World

In a list of impressive sights like the Aurora Borealis, the Great Barrier Reef, the Harbor of Rio de Janeiro, Mount Everest, the Paricutin Volcano, and Victoria Falls, the Grand Canyon is one of the original seven natural wonders of the world... and I can totally see why!


We were in Phoenix for business and pleasure and figured we better make a pit stop at the Grand Canyon to see what that little guy was all about ;). It is about a three hour drive from Phoenix which isn't too bad and in my opinion absolutely worth it. This was my second time seeing the Grand Canyon, but the first time I was about 8 years old. I wanted to get an adult perspective of the Grand Canyon since everything is ginormous to little kids. I remember going back to elementary school as an adult, confused why they switched the chairs out for little tiny ones... well, come to find out that's what we had the whole time! Haha I never remember the chairs being little. Anyways, I must say... the Grand Canyon is actually quite GRAND.  In fact, it blew my mind. There were points where we would look over the edge and get dizzy. It was so much for our eyes to take in. There are so many layers to the canyon that it's difficult for your eyes to adjust and have good depth perception. Pictures really do not do it justice. There is so much depth and detail to the Grand Canyon that only when we see it with our own eyes, in 3D, can we really grasp that. 


We didn't stay long, only an hour or so. We took some photos, stared for a while attempting to take it all in, and wandered around by foot and car a bit. We saw people camping in the park, Elk were RIGHT next to where their tent was set up! Scary, yes. But I would love to go back someday and camp there too. I also want to take the donkey down to the bottom of the canyon. I have heard of people doing that and it sounds so adventurous. I'm sure if I heard some of the wild stories of what happens as you journey to the bottom of the canyon, I'd probably be more hesitant to want to do it... but as of now that sounds like a blast! 

Perspective is everything. Something I was thinking and asked my husband is if to us Colorado kids, maybe the Grand Canyon isn't as impressive as it is to someone who has never even seen mountains. Don't get me wrong, we were VERY in awe and impressed by the Canyon. However, we grew up with the Rocky Mountains in our backyard and are familiar with similar terrain. Just a thought. Another thought I had while there was, how can people believe there isn't a God?.. I'm not trying to press my beliefs on you, but when you see the Grand Canyon it makes you feel sooo small and miniscule. It makes you realize you are a tiny part of something much larger than yourself. It's quite majestic. 

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