How To Deal With & Avoid Travel Anxiety

how to deal with and avoid travel anxiety

As you probably already know, I love travel. I get so excited every chance I get to take a new adventure and discover a new location. However, just because I love something, doesn't mean it's always easy for me. I do experience some travel anxiety and fears of flying. These fears have been a part of my life ever since I first discovered my love of travel. I truly thought that after years of taking many flights, I would grow out of the nerves I get when I fly, but that hasn't been the case unfortunately. Nonetheless, I am a strong believer that if you let fear win, you miss out on life, and I also believe that life begins at the end of your comfort zone... therefore I simply decide each trip to be stronger than my fears, place my faith in God, and enjoy my life. There are several things I do to relax and try to actually enjoy my time in the air or on a flight. Over years of travel and hundreds of flights, I have discovered a few things that help shift my mind from panic, stress and fear of what bad things could happen to focusing on the fun adventures that lie ahead. If you are like me and struggle with some travel anxiety and fears, then I hope this list will help you out too. 

  • Download Music / Positive Playlist

Before our last Europe trip, I downloaded quite a few songs that made me feel happy, calm, relaxed, positive, etc. Most of the music was Christian music. Having that in my ear to drown out the noise in my head of fearful thoughts was extremely helpful. My favorite song I downloaded was Captain by Hillsong United. That song would not only calm me down but often it would put me to sleep, and that says a lot because I don't sleep easily on planes.  

  • Read

Another great way to distract yourself or take your mind off the flight is to read. Bring a book that will put you in a good state of mind. Probably not one that will get your mind racing down a negative path. Maybe bring a few books to choose from, or if you're not a novel lover, maybe grab some magazines before take off. 

  • Watch Movies

Again, another distraction. Are you catching a theme here? I especially love this one on long flights that are over seas. They not only keep your mind in a good place, but movies also make the time go by faster. Now, I personally love watching comedies, or inspirational movies while I fly. It really doesn't matter what you watch, just keep in mind watching movies like "Final Destination", "Snakes On A Plane", or "United 93" might not be ideal picks while you're in the air and searching for peace of mind. 

  • Journal

If you enjoy journaling and find it calming, this might help. Sometimes I journal while I fly; I start with a positive topic and take it from there.

  • Alcoholic Beverages

Now I'm not saying get all drunk and sloppy, but heck a few drinks might give you some liquid courage. If you get drunk and sick on an airplane, don't blame me... 

  •  Take Melatonin & Nap

Melatonin is a natural sleep aid. Make sure you take the correct dosage and make sure it's okay for you to take, but sleeping is a great way to pass the time. 

I hope you find these tips helpful! If I've missed one, please comment below and let me know!! I'd love to give new ideas a try. Thanks for reading, make sure to subscribe below to receive future posts.



Flying Virgin America | Our Experience

I have flown a lot, I honestly have no clue the number of flights I have been on, and I am grateful for that. I have flown Spirit ( yuck), Southwest, Frontier (back when they were good and even now when they are not so good), United, American Airlines, Delta, U.S. Airways, Alitalia (an Italian airline) and we have even flown Aeroflot (a Russian airline). I know we still have a bunch of airlines we need to try, but we have made quite a dent in the list. I especially want to experience those high end flights like Emirates Airline or Cathay Pacific Airways that basically have the amenities of a personal hotel room. Wow would that be a crazy experience!! Another airline I had always wanted to try... VIRGIN! I was always intrigued and wanted to take a Virgin flight because of its modern and fun reputation. Richard Branson has done a phenomenal job at branding the company.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.

One of my best friends and I got the chance to flew Virgin on our way to San Francisco for our girls trip. We were both so excited. We just had such a strong image in our head of the airline being different than other airlines. We pictured it being cleaner, nicer, a more fun environment and overall a more enjoyable experience. I'm so happy to say it met our expectations!

From the moment we checked in our experience Virgin America was already leaps and bounds different and more pleasurable! When you walk up to check-in, there is fun music playing at the ticket counters. NO where else have I ever seen that. It truly gets you in the mood for a fun trip or vacation! It also takes your mind from the stresses of traveling to thinking about your destination and focusing on relaxing and having a good time. I'm sure every airport is going to be a bit different, but I can speak for the Denver and San Francisco airports when I say the Virgin America employees were incredibly friendly! For example, my friend and I booked our tickets at separate times, and if you have traveled often then you know that our chances of sitting together were slim to none. We went up to the ticket counter (for both flights) and they changed our seats so we could sit together, no problem. They were so kind about it too, didn't make us feel like we were some huge nuisance. They even gave us a few options and asked if we prefer window, middle or aisle. 

Our experience on the plane was really good. It seems like so often now airlines nickel and dime you for anything and everything they can. Sometimes with other airlines (yes Spirit & Frontier I am talking about you) it feels like they care more about their pocket books than the passenger's experience and quality customer service. Not Virgin though... The main difference was the entertainment. You had a ton of free options which was so fun and made the time pass by fast! There was a screen in front of every seat, that you could order your drinks/food from, play games on, or watch movies/TV. The free features that we noticed and enjoyed were the games and TV. I played Pac-Man for half the flight! 

One other thing I noticed was the first class seats... wow. Sometimes I pass by first class and wonder why anyone would pay for it, because it doesn't "appear" much different. Well, with Virgin America the first class seats looked AMAZING! The chairs looked so comfortable and the amount of physical space they had was legit. Made me want to upgrade asap!

I have put together a video to show you a bit of our experience on our very first Virgin America flight. It will not be our last, we loved it. In the video you'll see a glance at first class, and all the entertainment I was telling you about! Enjoy the video:

Thanks for reading! Comment below and share with me your favorite airline and why!