Products We Love For Traveling With A Toddler

It’s my mission to become better and better at traveling with Giulian. I know traveling with a toddler can be a nightmare, but I also know that with the right knowledge, tips and products we can have smooth vacations and enjoy creating memories together as a family. I want Giulian to be well traveled and for us to have photo album after photo album of memories throughout the years while we travel as a family.The photo you see here is from our very last trip to Mexico with Giulian, one of my favorite trips of all time! We had a blast together and the trip went smooth. They haven’t all been smooth. When Giulian was 4 months old we went to Mexico, actually it was the same resort, and it was not fun. I was exhausted, we over packed, brought the worlds largest stroller (what were we thinking) and I don’t have many fond memories from that trip. I remember being so frustrated and confused why other people have had amazing trips with their babies… why couldn’t we? Instead of being mad about it I decided I was going to do my very best at becoming informed on tips that would help make our travels more enjoyable. I do understand that every child is different and there are other factors that play into having a good trip, but I wanted to prepare for as much as I could. Through trial and error we are figuring out what travel products we love and which ones we could do without! In this blog post and video I’m sharing our favorite products we use when traveling with Giulian!


I like to think of this bag as the “let’s survive this flight without tears" bag. Come prepared, bring alllll the things that will make your toddler happy. The longest flight we’ve had with Giulian has been almost 4.5 hours, and they’ve all gone great! As you see in the video, I bring a lot of entertainment items. We pre download new movies onto the Kindle, we bring colors and paper, his favorite books, sticker books, a water painting book (forgot to add to the video), we have educational games on our phone, and snacks galore! Not just the everyday snacks, the extra special, once in a blue moon snacks too. Bring fresh fruit and veggies to help keep your little one healthy on travel days (sometimes the day passes so fast and eating isn’t a huge priority). He’s a normal toddler and gets super bored, so honestly each activity will not last a very long time, but at least you have options.

Jiobit tracking device

I’ve done a few blog posts about this product, because I use it in several different ways, but it truly is one of the best products for traveling with a busy toddler. Especially as Giulian gets older, I will use this more and more. He is fast and extremely curious, and typically when we travel we are in busy places with a ton of people. This is a “just in case” device. Nobody ever thinks they’ll be the one to lose their kid, but it truly only takes a split moment for that to happen. You can connect the device with an app on your phone, allowing you to track the location of your little one. The device is lightweight and about the size of an oreo, so you can wear it easily. It can attach to your kids pants or you can put it on their shoe using the laces. If you want to read a further review of this product, check out my past blog post. You can purchase it on Amazon, I’ve linked all of the products from the video below. If you cannot see it then you need to turn your ad blocker off.

UPPAbaby MINU Travel Stroller

Like I said before, on our first trip with Giulian we made the huge mistake of taking our city jogging stroller. Guys this stroller is HUGE and it was miserable to try and get it through the airport, folded up for gate check, and when we got there it was horrible trying to get it around the resort. Lesson learned. We are loving the new UPPAbaby MINU stroller! It’s so lightweight you can fold it and pick it up with one hand. It has a bottom storage compartment and a back pocket, so it’s a great balance of being lightweight and easy to travel with but also being functional. I also love that the sun visor pulls down far, this is important because Giulian gets so upset when the sun is beating right on his face. Another feature is that is lays flat so your kiddo can easily do a stroller nap, which Giulian is a pro at. I personally think this is the perfect travel stroller for a toddler, it’s everything you need but not too much to handle.

Travel High Chair

Okay so the funny thing is we needed this a long time ago and just kept putting it off… why? Who knows, it’s literally only like $23 and saved us so much trouble. When we go to Maryland we stay at my grandparent’s house, which does not have a high chair. Giulian refuses to eat if he’s not strapped in, like most little boys he just wants to run around and play. I’m so grateful we ordered this. It’s lightweight, packs easy and we will get use out of it for years to come when we have other kids.

Car Seat Bag

Okay, I don’t want to be judgmental but it seriously grosses me out big time when I see the car seats come down the luggage carousel at baggage claim with no cover on them. Airports are dirty and so disgusting, so having something my kid is going to sit in and probably drop his snacks on and continue to eat them, it better be covered. Not just for cleanliness but also to protect your car seat. Our car seat bag is beat up and has rips in it. That would have been our car seat is we didn’t have it covered. I also love having a car seat bag so that when we check the car seat we can also slip some toys in there. There’s extra space in the bag and they won’t charge more if there are toys in there.

Diaper Bag

travel diaper bag - momkindness

I am so mad at myself for forgetting to put this product in the video. Shame on me, y’all need to know about this diaper bag, it’s legit for traveling. The brand is called Momkindness and you can find them on Instagram under @momkindness. The diaper bag is versatile, and that’s why I love it for traveling. It can be worn as a regular diaper bag with the long strap, or you can convert it into a backpack! My favorite travel feature is that it can slide right onto your luggage! Super convenient, like I said I am so mad at myself for forgetting it in the video. It’s my favorite diaper bag!


Thanks for reading! I genuinely hope this helps you when deciding what to bring on your next adventure with your toddler! I think it’s important that we travel with our kids, for the knowledge we gain, bond we create and memories that will last forever.

Comment below if you have a product you love! I’m ALWAYS open and excited to hear about helpful travel products or tips!


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traveling with a toddler products
traveling with a toddler products