Clothes Pin & Chicken Wire Photo Display

I had an old silver mirror that I just didn't want anymore... but the frame was still in great shape, so I decided to make it a DIY project! I've always loved the idea of a chicken wire frame! We even had one at our wedding that held the seating chart. You can find a blog post that talks about that here

here is how i made a chicken wire frame to hang photos using painted clothes pins! Enjoy!


that is it!! Super simple way to display a bunch of pics! I am determined to have a blogging room when we buy our house, and this is going to be the first thing i hang in that room!! So excited!!! 

here are some pics of the finished product! 

My sweet little niece, abriel, loves looking at the pictures!! Such a sweetie!


Comment below with your favorite DIY project or favorite way to display pictures!! I'd love to hear! Thanks for reading!