DIY Wedding Chalkboard Program

Our wedding program, at our wedding. 

Our wedding program, at our wedding. 


Pinterest at times can be very intimidating! There are SUCH cute ideas on there, but at times they seem to be impossible to recreate! I must admit, I have had my Pinterest Fails... failing to create the same adorable thing I pinned, or absolutely screwing up a Pinterest recipe. I am sure many of you can relate!!! But here is one time that I got it right!!! 

Nick and I got married July 20th 2014! And Pinterest helped me plan the whole wedding!!! There was one thing on there in particular that I fell in love with and was determined to recreate! A DIY Wedding Chalkboard Program. So, instead of handing out paper programs to each guest as they come into the wedding, they would see a huge fancy chalkboard painted program. I loved the idea! So here is how I recreated this Pinterest Must!!! 

Here is what I saw when I looked at Pinterest for chalkboard program ideas:

Chalkboard wedding program ideas that are featured on Pinterest 

First: I was having trouble finding a framed chalkboard. I was specifically looking for a fancy, antique looking, white frame. It was practically impossible to find. So, at hobby lobby I bought a framed tack board. I flipped the tack board over, and painted the back side with chalkboard paint (can be found at any craft store). When it dried, I put it back into the frame and Voila!!! 

Next: I bought a chalkboard marker and some chalk. I found the marker dried nice and the normal chalk smeared easily. I do NOT have good handwriting... So I had my cousin do all of the writing! We also used a gold sharpie on it. Our wedding colors were white, gold and blush... So this really made it pop. It turned out beautiful

Now, at home we have flipped it back to the cork board side and use it to post pictures on. But it is so great to know I ALWAYS have the program from our big day right on the other side!