Husband Takes Over The Blog: Mizzen+Main Dress Shirts

Hey there blog followers! This is Nick , Danielle’s husband writing here. I’m excited to do this post because this is genuinely a product I use on a daily basis. So it only made sense for me to write this one. 


A few years back I started listening to podcasts. I began hearing the advertisements on the podcasts and I remember hearing one ad at one point for a new kind of dress shirt. Now I am the guy who wears dress shirts just about every day as I’m out building our business, so as time has gone by I’ve found certain brands of shirts that I like and I tend to stick to those brands. Well, the ad I heard on that podcast was for Mizzen+Main shirts. What caught my attention was they said they are wrinkle free (a little part of me dies inside every time I’m running late and have to iron a shirt) and are made of an athletic type of material that is good for warm weather and is comfortable. Then a few weeks later Danielle actually got an email from them and they asked if they could send us a shirt to try out. We of course said yes… This was over a year ago… and now I am hooked.

So when they offered to send another shirt I jumped on the opportunity to write on the site, give a review, and share my thoughts.

Mizzen+Main shirts have completely ruined other dress shirts for me. Ever since that first post my wife did, I’ve been slowly collecting more and more of their shirts because they are the only ones I want to wear anymore. Think about it.. you look through your closet, there’s a slew of nice dress shirts that you have to iron before wearing (adding 15-20 minutes to your morning routine) or there’s the shirts you don’t have to iron and right when you put them on they look great.. So I always go with the easy option. As I believe most men do.


On top of that we travel quite a bit for our business. And I love the convenience of these shirts when traveling. You can pack them in your bag and rest assured that when you get to your destination you can immediately wear the shirts. No ironing (can you tell I hate ironing shirts?) and if you're not an expert shirt-folder-person when you’re packing them in your bag, they still don’t get messed up. I can throw them in my bag and know that they will look great no matter what. On top of that, I wore my shirts when we went to Italy, in August (Italy is a sweaty mess in August) and because they are made of the material they are, I was comfortable. Walking for hours in the heat, no problem. Being indoors with AC blasting, no problem. Running late for a flight or train and don’t have time to neatly fold your dress shirts, no problem.


Basically these are just the easiest shirts ever. They are comfortable and look great, while at the same time they are extremely convenient for travel and day to day use. I don’t wear regular dress shirts any more. Mizzen+Main shirts have ruined regular dress shirts for me. Permanently.


This has also made Christmas shopping for me (from my wifes perspective) much much easier than in the past. Before I would have to think about what I want and it would usually be something thought of on the spot and not that I really needed. Now I just want more of these shirts. This isn't a Christmas buying guide or anything but ladies-buy one for your man. Let him try it. Its hard to go back to the regular dress shirt life once you’ve experienced these shirts.


So long story short - I’m a raving fan. Seriously these are just the best dress shirts I’ve ever had. I’ll never go back to the old way and Mizzen+Main has struck gold with these shirts. They are incredible.

Use code danielle3 for $50 off of any three dress shirts! 

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