Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide: Unisex Gifts For Him or Her+A GIVEAWAY

I personally find that stocking stuffers can be more difficult than actual presents. Sometimes I have trouble thinking of things that are SMALL enough to fit in the actual stocking, but also is something they will genuinely enjoy. Do any of you find that a bit difficult too?? I have spend some serious time thinking of stocking stuffers that most people would genuinely love, they will fit in most stockings, and are fairly affordable. I hope this gift guide stocking stuffers edition helps you this Christmas Season!! 

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Michael Kors Travel Passport Wallet - $78.00 at Nordstrom- Comes in black, pink or brown. I personally think the black and brown and go for male or female gifts. You really can't go wrong with Michael Kors.

Go Travel Heated Coffee/Tea Mug - $16.99 on . This mug plugs into your car to keep your drink warm. I have NEVER seen something like this!! Haha I think it's a must and will probably order my husband and myself one. It's not particularly "stylish", but heck... your coffee is warm!! 

Frosted Cranberry Mini Candle - $4.50 at Bath & Body Works- They have a ton of different scents, but these little candles are the perfect size for any stocking! 

Canned Wine - $15.00 from Infinite Monkey Theorem. Ok ok... I know some of you reading this might be skeptical but trust me, their wine is AMAZING!! When I was in college I toured their winery that is located in Downtown Denver. Back then they talked about how "someday" they wanted to sell wine in a can. I thought it sounded brilliant! And now they are doing it! Actually, Frontier flights have their wine for sale. It's delicious and will slide perfectly into a stocking for your adult loved one! 

Savannah Mee Majesty Gift Set - $12.99 at Target. This includes a body wash, lotion, lip balm and a darling travel bag. These are all travel size items which is the perfect size for a stocking stuffer. This gift is a tad girly, but I probably only think that because my husband hates lotion, body wash AND lip balm haha ! So HE personally would not enjoy this gift, but I know a lot of men and women who would. 

Raw Vitality Trail Mix - Price isn't listed on but you can purchase this at Whole Foods. I really just think any kind of trail mix will do. Get a kind you know your loved one likes. This can be really a bag of trail mix, nuts, dried fruit or anything else you have in mind. I think having a healthy snack in the stocking is refreshing because the holidays can be filled with SOOO much junk food and unhealthy snacks. Mix it up!

Eucalyptus Spearmint Travel Size Body Lotion - $5 at Bath & Body Works. This tiny bottle of "stress relief" lotion is perfect for any stocking!

Inside Out Movie - $22.99 at Target. You can pick any movie you'd like, but this movie is ADORABLE! It has such a positive message and although it is made for kids, I love this movie so much!! 

Godiva Hot Chocolate Gift Set - $20.00 on or in a Godiva Store. Godiva has some of the best chocolate of all time in my opinion! 

A few of the items in the stocking will go together perfect for a cozy Christmas night! You could drink some wine or hot coco while you snuggle up to watch a movie! Be sure to light your candle ;) . Perfect cozy Christmas night in my opinion!! 

Custom Phone Case or Laptop Skin - Price depends on what item you purchase at . Case App was kind enough to send me a free IPhone 6s case. I got to custom design it, and being the travel lover that I am, I used a picture I took of the beach while I was in Ocean City Maryland. I put "take me to the beach" on it. It turned out more adorable than I thought it was going to!! I wanted it to be personal and meaningful. I keep seeing people make marble looking phone and laptop cases, which is cute, but I personally think your loved one would appreciate a more intimate, custom and personalized gift.

Case App was kind enough to give all of my readers 20% off their purchase!!! Code is: ACCORDINGTOD. Offer Valad until December 16th. 

Here are pics of the Iphone 6s case I made:

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Christmas Gift Guides For Her - For every budget!

It can be very difficult to shop for your loved ones around Christmas time. Here is a gift guide I have created to help you shop for the special ladies in your life! I scoured my favorite stores on the internet to bring you the best gift guide for HER 2015 edition!! I have also found the "bargain" option to many of the items. So this gift guide will suit every budget. I hope they help you in your Christmas shopping this year. Merry Christmas!! 

ITEMS PICTURED ABOVE (from left to right).

*For some of these gift ideas I have created an "Affordable Option", and those are pictured below, not above. The affordable options are similar products I've found but just cheaper than the other products (both great though). 

EXPRESS London tunic sweater - $49.90

elf affordable brushes.png

I hope you enjoyed this gift guide & I hope it's helpful for you in your Christmas shopping!! Merry Christmas!



Christmas Giveback 2014: Gift bags for the homeless

Here is a video we created from a give back we did this Christmas Eve. My husband, mother and sister all helped out. We created goodie bags for the homeless, including toiletries, baked goods, baby oranges,  gloves and bottled water. It was a hit!

We drove around downtown Denver and within about 30 minutes our bags were gone. This year we only had 41 bags, but each year our plan is to do more and more. Also, it inspired us to want to create goodie bags for any ordinary day! It made us realize we CAN make a difference and change someone's day. I hope this video inspires you to give back in some sort of way, and not just around Christmas. 


Our experience: 

First off, we realized it is fairly affordable to give back. I bought the gloves, which I found for $1 a piece at Dollar Tree. My mom made the baked goodies, because she is the chef of the family! She also surprised us with bottled water. My sister bought "cuties", which are baby oranges. We got the toiletries from different hotels that offered to help. Thank you Disney ;)

We had different reactions while handing out the bags... which I think is normal. Some not so good reactions... but MOST of the reactions were cheer, excitement, joy, etc. That was such a blast to make people smile!!! 

Comment Below with your FAVORITE way to give back!