Making Sex A Priority Post Baby: My True Cliovana™ Review

Yep, sex has officially hit the blog! But why shouldn’t it? I talk about all the things right? And isn’t sex a huge part of every married couples life…or at least it should be. When I was approached by Revitalize Laser Care a few months ago about a possible collaboration to spread the word about Cliovana™, their new sexual enhancement for women, I instantly got nervous and anxious. The thought of talking about sex and sharing it with you all freaked me out. Why is that? Why is sex such a taboo topic? I get that it’s a super personal and intimate part of your life and talking about it can sometimes be unnecessary and privacy can be a cherished thing. However, there are parts to sex that people don’t talk about for other reasons than privacy, things like shame and feeling uncomfortable.

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There are so many aspects of sex that aren’t discussed enough. I remember when Nick and I got married it was a strange transition going from sex is bad to sex is good and you should be having it all the time. Talk about a mental battle. Well, we got over that hump (no pun intended… yes I’m the most childish person you’ll ever meet). We had no clue there would be a whole new hurdle thrown our way postpartum. Mamas, some of you will relate and some of you won’t relate at all but for me sex took a real downturn after having Giulian. Physically it hasn’t been the same at all, yes I mean down there. Which honestly makes me super angry…like really?! I give birth and it ruined that awesome part of my life?! That doesn’t seem fair at all. The worst part is that apparently none of my best friends experienced this. So then I was left feeling alone and discouraged. It wasn’t until I started talking about the Cliovana™ treatment that I found women who experienced the same thing, I started receiving DM’s on Instagram from mamas who are struggling with the same issues. Praise God, I’m not alone!!

Let’s backtrack a little, when I received that initial email about the collaboration and I felt that anxiety, but I also felt like it was meant to be for me to receive that email about this treatment. I was excited about the fact that this might be able to help me. It technically isn’t designed for women with issues, it’s more meant to enhance any woman’s ‘O’. So, I thought heck this could be a solution for me. Despite my fear of talking about this on my blog, I knew I needed to because I pride myself on being open and transparent and I knew not many women would have the courage to start this conversation so it might as well be me. When a topic isn’t discussed and women feel alone, it sparks the question “What’s wrong with me?” which is not a healthy question to ask. And frankly until I received those DM’s of women with a similar issue, I too was asking what is wrong with myself. I was feeling incredibly alone. When something is identified as an external issue instead of something that is wrong with you, it then allows your mind to start thinking things like “what could be a possible solution”.

Mamas, if you’ve experienced this I do think Cliovana™ is a possible solution. My honest review is that it’s helped. What a freaking blessing! Sex between a husband and wife is IMPORTANT y’all, like top priority type important. Just like anything in life there are seasons where it’s great and seasons of struggle. Well, like I said, for me postpartum was a season of struggle in this department. I’m so beyond grateful for the treatment and the help it’s done. I can’t tell you if you’ll have the exact same results, but I can tell you that it never hurts to try and that I’m so dang glad I did. It’s given me hope that it can be the same or better than it was pre baby. Now that’s exciting!

I was so close to passing up on the opportunity to get the Cliovana™ treatment because of fear of talking about a personal topic. I’m so glad I didn’t, I’m so glad I remembered that hard topics are the ones that should be discussed. Women shouldn’t feel alone just because it’s uncomfortable to discuss what we’re going through.

So many of you have asked about the actual treatment. You go in four times over a two week span and then do one session each year to keep the results working. When I went in for my first session I was super nervous and uncomfortable. I didn’t know what to expect and it freaked me out. I was relieved when it was over because it only took about ten minutes and Dr. Briana is extremely professional, informative and makes you feel comfortable. To be honest, I was worried it would be weird and awkward. I was so glad that it wasn’t. The procedure stimulates the body to regenerate cells naturally, enhancing blood flow, nerve growth, and responsiveness. On their website they inform that “it’s 100% non-invasive. No needles, no numbing cream, no surgery, no freezing, no probes, no burning, no lasers. And no down time. You can get back to doing whatever – yes, even that – as soon as your appointment is done.” I loved that, because nobody has time for a procedure with downtime, especially mamas.

Overall I had a great experience and would recommend the treatment to any woman. So, check them out.. it might be what you’ve been looking for. For me this has been a good thing and I hope sharing this can make a difference out there.

This post is sponsored by Revitalize Laser Care. All opinions are my own.

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