From brown to blonde... My hair care treatments & how to make fried hair look shiny and healthy!

I decided to go BLONDE!!! I was blonde a few years ago but decided to stay brown for a while, that is my natural color.... the healthier option for my hair! But , it was time for a change! So, after 5 hours of stripping and bleaching highlights in my hair.... TAA DA I WAS BLONDE!!! 

The only down side to bleaching your hair is the DAMAGE. But your hair can still look HEALTHY! 

Here are my FAVORITE HAIR PRODUCTS for healthier looking hair! 

1 . This product is amazing for restoring damaged hair. I got it on sale at TJ MAXX for $13. The brand is THEORIE and it is an "Argan Oil Ultimate Reform Hair Mask". It is for "severely damaged" hair. I like this product because it has Moroccan Argan Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Shea Butter in it... which are all AMAZING for your hair! You simply leave this "conditioner" in for about 10 minutes. I like to do this once  a week. 

2. Coconut Oil has great benefits for your hair!! It helps to reduce protein loss in the hair. It is great for keeping moisture in the hair which makes it soft and shiny! I think twice a month if you lather your hair with coconut oil and leave it in for 30 minutes, it does wonders!! Your hair will be healthier, less split ends, and SHINY! 

3. I try not to wash my hair every day!! This keeps the natural oils in your hair and keeps it healthier! Also, it can mean less heat to your hair because you will not have to style it as much. DRY SHAMPOO is amazing for this so your hair is not greasy. I love the sexy hair brand. Their dry shampoo is the best I have tried! 

4. These are the two main products I use for SHINE!! Garnier Fructis may not be the "nicest" brand.. but I LOVEEE this hair spray! It puts so much shine in your hair! And it smells amazing! I get the "sleek and shine" anti-humidity hairspray. It's great.

The FRIZZ BE GONE serum I have is so great... but really there are many brands that create an amazing anti frizz serum. Just make sure not to apply this to the root of your hair, it will make your hair look dirty and greasy. Apply it to the ends. 

** I hope that helps! COMMENT BELOW with your favorite hair products! And let me know if you like the brown or blonde?! ** 

xoxo- Danielle