Tips And Products We Loved When Teaching Giulian The Alphabet

Teaching your toddler the ABC’s takes time, but it’s so fun to watch them learn their first monumental things. We set a goal to teach Giulian the alphabet before his second birthday. I’d say we just about hit that goal, just a few weeks after his birthday Giulian know’s the ABC song and can also identify letters. We kept our focus on upper case letters since that was what most of his toys had. I created a video and broke down all of our favorite products and shared a few tips that helped us. I hope it’s helpul!

I’ve also created an amazon list with all of the products I use and mention in this video, you can find that list HERE.

I hope you find this video helpful. When I started teaching Giulian the alphabet I was eager to learn what other people were using. I figured if someone has already got it all figured out and I’d rather learn from their experiences than try and figure it out on my own. Again, you can find the list of products we used HERE (on Amazon).


teach toddler the alphabet products and tips
teach toddler the alphabet products and tips