Things To Do In and Around Ocean City Maryland

If I were to list out all of my “happy places”, Ocean City Maryland would be at the top of that list. We’ve been going there since I was a kid and the tradition hasn’t stopped. My Grandma grew up on the eastern shores of Maryland and when my Grandparents retired they decided to move to Ocean City and have a happy retirement on the bay. A ton of my family on my mom’s side lives out there and we love visiting. I’m not sure if Ocean City would have made our destination list if it weren’t for family, and that’s a real shame. It’s such a fun place to vacation, with so much to do and see.

I decided to create a post dedicated to my favorite things to do while we are visiting Ocean City. Like I said, we’ve been going there for years and we’ve really discovered what we truly enjoy doing while we are there. If you’re planning a trip to Ocean City Maryland, I hope this list helps you out when deciding what to do with your days there.


This is an obvious one, but you can’t visit Ocean City without going to the boardwalk. That’s basically what Ocean City is, it’s a resort town that is lined with beach and boardwalk that has rides, games, shops, restaurants and hotels.

ocean city

Entertainment on the boardwalk: make sure to stop by Tremper’s theme park. It has a ton of rides and games that are a blast, especially for teenage or young kids. If you have younger kids, a great spot is PLAYLAND, at the south end of the boardwalk, itt has such great arcade games.

Must see: Make sure to spend the 50 cents and head out to the end of the pier at the south end of the boardwalk. It’s the only pier in Ocean City and it has gorgeous views of the ocean and boardwalk. You’ll also see some fishermen out there, my mom recently saw one catch a baby shark and also a stingray (very rare)!

I’d also encourage you to head to the furthest south you can go on the boardwalk, past Tremper’s theme park. It has some history on Ocean City and has some amazing views on the inlet to the bay. The waves splashing onto the rocks here is so mesmerizing, I could watch it all day.

Must eat: There are three things I don’t leave Ocean City without having at least once, that’s Dolle’s Candyland, they’ve been making candy and salt water taffy since 1910 and they’re the very best. I love their chocolates and truffles, Nick could eat pounds of their taffy! So yummy.

Dumser’s Dairyland

Dumser’s Dairyland

Another thing we love eating is Thrasher’s French Fries. Too dang good, all they sell is french fries! They’ve been open since 1929. I would recommend eating them with a ton of the vinegar! Gosh now I’m craving them!

The last must have boardwalk food item is Dumser’s Dairyland, the best ice cream ever! They have multiple locations all up and down the boardwalk and around other parts of Ocean City.

As you can tell, we eat extremely unhealthy while we are on the boardwalk, but “boardwalk food” isn’t really the healthy type…

This is the south end of the boardwalk I was talking about, see it’s stunning!

This is the south end of the boardwalk I was talking about, see it’s stunning!

One final thing I’d say about the boardwalk is if you’re a runner then I would totally recommend waking up early before the heat and the crowds and run up and down the boardwalk. I walked the entire boardwalk, about 4 miles there and back, when I was pregnant with Giulian, but this last trip was the first time I ran the boardwalk. It was such a great experience. My friend and I ran it twice, so about 8 miles. We should have started about 30 minutes earlier because the summer heat was killing us at the end, but it was so worth it!

ocean city maryland running


You can’t be in Ocean City without having days at the beach, that’d just be weird… after all it is a beach town. My favorite memories are made on the beach. Especially now that we are parents. Giulian loves the beach so much, he loves the sand, the waves, the water… everything. Bring some beach toys, sunscreen, an umbrella, pack a lunch and create some memories!

ocean city md
ocean city
Ocean City Maryland

Take a peek at one of our beach days in this IGTV video:

I just want to give a quick thank you to Mitsubishi Motors for lending us their amazing 2019 Outlander PHEV GT on our last trip to Ocean City! The car was perfect for a beach day because we could store our umbrella, beach chairs, beach toys, stroller and still have so much space in the car to feel comfortable. Thank you Mitsubishi!

ocean city maryland

Blueberry Picking

This is something we did for the first time this last trip. I can’t believe I’ve been to Maryland so many times and haven’t done this. One of my favorite things about Maryland is the adorable fruit stands on the side of the road, I love getting fresh, local fruit from these families, but I had no clue you could actually do the picking yourself! We went to Kingsley Orchards Blueberry Farm which is actually in Delaware. Many things in Delaware are just a quick drive from Ocean City. Make sure to watch the video below to get an idea of what a fun experience this was!

blueberry picking maryland
blueberry picking maryland
blueberry picking maryland
blueberry picking maryland

Assateague Island

I mentioned Assateague Island in a past blog post about Maryland, so if you’d like more info on it and to see more pictures, click HERE.

In a nut shell, it’s a short drive from Ocean City and we love it for beach days. It’s much calmer than the beaches in Ocean City and Assateague has wild ponies!

assateague island

Adventure Seeker?

If you like thrills and adventurous activities, I think there are enough great options for you in Ocean City. They have the speed boat, which we took Giulian on when he was one and he was terrified (maybe wait for them to be older). There is parasailing, jet skis, paddle boards and I’m sure more that I don’t know about. On the boardwalk there are a ton of rides that offer thrills, one that comes to mind is a huge metal ball you get in that gets launched into the air… nope I haven’t done it.

Eat Crab

Ya’ll Maryland is KNOWN for their crab!! So if you’re gonna eat it, this is the place. I love getting crab cakes at just about every restaurant in Maryland. We had some family members order the all you can eat crab and they were thinking they would receive a bunch of king crab legs. Maryland crab is different than Alaskan king crab, just to clarify. Maryland crab is a lot more work to crack and has less meat, but it is delicious! Get tips from a local on how to crack open the crabs, see below my Aunt Pam, she gave us a whole lesson on crab crackin’.

maryland crab
maryland crab

Like I said before, I hope this is helpful if you’re planning a trip to Ocean City! Feel free to send me a message or comment below with any questions!


things to do in ocean city maryland
things to do in ocean city maryland
things to do in ocean city maryland
things to do in ocean city maryland



Packing Video | How To Pack For A Month Long Trip In A Carry On Bag


Writing to you all from Rome! We are in Europe for a month and having a blast so far. For this trip I packed everything in a carry on bag, I didn't want to worry about checking a bag with the potential of it getting lost. Especially with us moving around so much on this trip, I wanted to be very mobile. Right before I left for the trip, I made (with the help of the amazing video master Colby Hunt)  a video on how to pack for a month long trip in a carry on bag. 

One of my very first blog posts I ever created was a post (not a video) on how to pack for a three week trip to Italy. This post has been repinned on Pinterest hundreds of times and is super popular with my readers. Since that post (which I did two years ago) I wanted to do a packing video, and I FINALLY created one!! This post has been long overdue. I have been asked by so many people how I pack so light and how I fit so many outfits in one carry on bag. 

I remember when I first tried packing in a carry on bag, I was pleasantly surprised. It was for our honeymoon and Nick, my husband, kept pushing me to pack light. The fight went on for a few weeks before I finally gave in and agreed to pack in a carry on bag. Looking back, that is one fight I am glad he won. As I began packing I surprised myself. I was shocked at how many outfits I could actually fit in a small bag. I started doing research on how to pack light and watched just about every "packing hacks" video I could find. Everyone was shocked when I was done packing for our honeymoon, my family, friends, Nick and even myself! I was super proud of myself for making it happen and it felt great on the trip to only have a carry on bag. The crazy thing is, there were even a few items I brought that I didn't end up wearing and I didn't feel like I had a shortage of outfits. I realized a lot about packing from that trip. 

After much experience, I truly believe you can be stylish and have an abundance of outfits during your travels, but still managing to pack light and in a carry on size bag. I am a strong believer of packing light without sacrificing style. Ladies, you can do it all. Trust me. I (maybe like you) didn't think that packing light was possible unless you wanted to look like a "backpacker" who wears the same yoga pants and t-shirt half of their trip. Which is okay of course, but personally not my kind of travel style. I am ultra girly and enjoy looking "cute" on my trips, no matter where I am going. If you are like that too, I think you'll love this video and find it super helpful. 

I hope you all enjoy this video and I hope it encourages you to pack lighter and helps you on your next big trip!! 


I've received a ton of emails asking where I got the lavender luggage in this video, you can shop the bag HERE or click the image below! 



Flying Virgin America | Our Experience

I have flown a lot, I honestly have no clue the number of flights I have been on, and I am grateful for that. I have flown Spirit ( yuck), Southwest, Frontier (back when they were good and even now when they are not so good), United, American Airlines, Delta, U.S. Airways, Alitalia (an Italian airline) and we have even flown Aeroflot (a Russian airline). I know we still have a bunch of airlines we need to try, but we have made quite a dent in the list. I especially want to experience those high end flights like Emirates Airline or Cathay Pacific Airways that basically have the amenities of a personal hotel room. Wow would that be a crazy experience!! Another airline I had always wanted to try... VIRGIN! I was always intrigued and wanted to take a Virgin flight because of its modern and fun reputation. Richard Branson has done a phenomenal job at branding the company.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.

One of my best friends and I got the chance to flew Virgin on our way to San Francisco for our girls trip. We were both so excited. We just had such a strong image in our head of the airline being different than other airlines. We pictured it being cleaner, nicer, a more fun environment and overall a more enjoyable experience. I'm so happy to say it met our expectations!

From the moment we checked in our experience Virgin America was already leaps and bounds different and more pleasurable! When you walk up to check-in, there is fun music playing at the ticket counters. NO where else have I ever seen that. It truly gets you in the mood for a fun trip or vacation! It also takes your mind from the stresses of traveling to thinking about your destination and focusing on relaxing and having a good time. I'm sure every airport is going to be a bit different, but I can speak for the Denver and San Francisco airports when I say the Virgin America employees were incredibly friendly! For example, my friend and I booked our tickets at separate times, and if you have traveled often then you know that our chances of sitting together were slim to none. We went up to the ticket counter (for both flights) and they changed our seats so we could sit together, no problem. They were so kind about it too, didn't make us feel like we were some huge nuisance. They even gave us a few options and asked if we prefer window, middle or aisle. 

Our experience on the plane was really good. It seems like so often now airlines nickel and dime you for anything and everything they can. Sometimes with other airlines (yes Spirit & Frontier I am talking about you) it feels like they care more about their pocket books than the passenger's experience and quality customer service. Not Virgin though... The main difference was the entertainment. You had a ton of free options which was so fun and made the time pass by fast! There was a screen in front of every seat, that you could order your drinks/food from, play games on, or watch movies/TV. The free features that we noticed and enjoyed were the games and TV. I played Pac-Man for half the flight! 

One other thing I noticed was the first class seats... wow. Sometimes I pass by first class and wonder why anyone would pay for it, because it doesn't "appear" much different. Well, with Virgin America the first class seats looked AMAZING! The chairs looked so comfortable and the amount of physical space they had was legit. Made me want to upgrade asap!

I have put together a video to show you a bit of our experience on our very first Virgin America flight. It will not be our last, we loved it. In the video you'll see a glance at first class, and all the entertainment I was telling you about! Enjoy the video:

Thanks for reading! Comment below and share with me your favorite airline and why!