Husband Takes Over The Blog: Mizzen+Main Dress Shirts

Hey there blog followers! This is Nick , Danielle’s husband writing here. I’m excited to do this post because this is genuinely a product I use on a daily basis. So it only made sense for me to write this one. 


A few years back I started listening to podcasts. I began hearing the advertisements on the podcasts and I remember hearing one ad at one point for a new kind of dress shirt. Now I am the guy who wears dress shirts just about every day as I’m out building our business, so as time has gone by I’ve found certain brands of shirts that I like and I tend to stick to those brands. Well, the ad I heard on that podcast was for Mizzen+Main shirts. What caught my attention was they said they are wrinkle free (a little part of me dies inside every time I’m running late and have to iron a shirt) and are made of an athletic type of material that is good for warm weather and is comfortable. Then a few weeks later Danielle actually got an email from them and they asked if they could send us a shirt to try out. We of course said yes… This was over a year ago… and now I am hooked.

So when they offered to send another shirt I jumped on the opportunity to write on the site, give a review, and share my thoughts.

Mizzen+Main shirts have completely ruined other dress shirts for me. Ever since that first post my wife did, I’ve been slowly collecting more and more of their shirts because they are the only ones I want to wear anymore. Think about it.. you look through your closet, there’s a slew of nice dress shirts that you have to iron before wearing (adding 15-20 minutes to your morning routine) or there’s the shirts you don’t have to iron and right when you put them on they look great.. So I always go with the easy option. As I believe most men do.


On top of that we travel quite a bit for our business. And I love the convenience of these shirts when traveling. You can pack them in your bag and rest assured that when you get to your destination you can immediately wear the shirts. No ironing (can you tell I hate ironing shirts?) and if you're not an expert shirt-folder-person when you’re packing them in your bag, they still don’t get messed up. I can throw them in my bag and know that they will look great no matter what. On top of that, I wore my shirts when we went to Italy, in August (Italy is a sweaty mess in August) and because they are made of the material they are, I was comfortable. Walking for hours in the heat, no problem. Being indoors with AC blasting, no problem. Running late for a flight or train and don’t have time to neatly fold your dress shirts, no problem.


Basically these are just the easiest shirts ever. They are comfortable and look great, while at the same time they are extremely convenient for travel and day to day use. I don’t wear regular dress shirts any more. Mizzen+Main shirts have ruined regular dress shirts for me. Permanently.


This has also made Christmas shopping for me (from my wifes perspective) much much easier than in the past. Before I would have to think about what I want and it would usually be something thought of on the spot and not that I really needed. Now I just want more of these shirts. This isn't a Christmas buying guide or anything but ladies-buy one for your man. Let him try it. Its hard to go back to the regular dress shirt life once you’ve experienced these shirts.


So long story short - I’m a raving fan. Seriously these are just the best dress shirts I’ve ever had. I’ll never go back to the old way and Mizzen+Main has struck gold with these shirts. They are incredible.

Use code danielle3 for $50 off of any three dress shirts! 

This post contains affiliate links.  

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The weather here in Denver has been amazing the last few weeks, we've had back to back days in the 80's, which for Colorado in March is extremely warm. Usually this time of year we are getting hit with huge snow storms and freezing weather. Between the warm weather and a Monday being the first day of spring, I was inspired to do a Spring style post. If you read my blog then obviously you know I am currently pregnant, very pregnant. Although there are some adorable maternity spring outfits I could chat about, I really just wanted to do a non maternity style post. I want to gawk over the adorable spring trends that I can't currently wear. I am really missing my non pregnant body and can't wait to get my body back to rock some of my favorite styles. So, even though creating this post made me slightly jealous of you ladies and your non-prego bods... I still wanted to be inspired by this years spring style and share it with you all. 

* If you are having trouble viewing this content, try turning off your AD Blocker*

Spring Dresses

Spring Tops

Spring Kimonos 

Spring Blazers

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Fall Fashion Favorites 2016

Fall is here!! I love fall for so many reasons, the stunning foliage, the pumpkin spice everything, and the perfect Colorado temperatures. Another reason fall is my favorite season is the fashion. Every year around autumn I get the desire to go shopping for new boots, sweaters, scarfs, etc. I, along with so many other women, adore fall fashion. 

I wanted to put this post together to share some of my wardrobe favorites of fall 2016. I bought some new pieces and had a few sent to me from companies I love. This post is meant to give you some fall fashion inspiration and share with you my favorite trends of the season. Above each outfit is a breakdown of the items in the photos. 

* I have since deleted the links for these items since they are no longer in stock. I hope you still find wonderful fall style inspiration through this post though! Enjoy.

Top, jeans and scarf are all from Marshalls!

Bracelet: Alex and Ani

fall fashion 2016

Scarf and Sunglasses: Zaful

Earrings: Kendra Scott from my Rocksbox. Use code accordingtodblogxoxo to get a FREE month of Rocksbox.

fall fashion 2016

Shoes: Freebird by Steve Madden

Sweater: H&M

Jeans: Michael Kors

Purse: Bought in Italy ( Sorry!! )

fall fashion outfit inspo
freebird by steve maddene shoes
fall fashion 2016

Rose gold wood watch: Jord Wood Watches

fall fashion 2016 jord watch

Black and gold studded flats: purchased in Rome, Italy

fall shoes

Black jeans: Zara

Shoes: Adam Tucker from DSW

Grey sweater: Zaful

White top: Marshalls

Bracelet: Kendra Scott from . Use code accordingtodblogxoxo for a FREE month!

Black fringe purse: Banana Republic

fall fashion 2016
fall style with zaful

Black jeans: Zara

Shoes: Adam Tucker from DSW

fall fashion shoes

Booties: Just Fab

Green swoop-neck dress: American Honey Boutique 

Watch: Jord Wood Watches

fall fashion outfit just fab booties

Booties: Just Fab

Green swoop-neck dress: American Honey Boutique

fall fashion pic

Jacket: H&M

White top: H&M

fall coat

Lace up shoes : ALDO 

SLATE Solar Necklace from my Rocksbox. Use code accordingtodblogxoxo to get a FREE month of Rocksbox.

Sweater: H&M

fall outfit inspiration
fall outfit


JORD was kind enough to send me a rose gold wood watch from their collection. I must say their watches exceeded my expectations. When the watch arrived, it was in the most professional and impressive packaging I have ever seen a product in. It was in a stunning wood box and tucked inside on a cute burlap JORD pillow. Let me just say, it was the kind of box you do not throw away. This was the sort of presentation you would want to have if you were gifting a watch to someone that you wanted to impress. The watch itself is also stunning. I am so glad I chose the rose gold watch. It's the kind of watch that will wear in any season, it's extremely versatile. JORD also carries men's watches, I think I might have to get one for my husband, he will love it! The quality of the watches is exceedingly high and the I love it's uniqueness with the wood band. 


Rocksbox Review & One Month Free With Code

I was recently contacted by Rocksbox and asked if I would like to collaborate... and of course I said YES!! I was literally JUST telling my husband the night before that I wanted to sign up for it and how much I loved the idea of receiving new jewelry each month. I was already obsessed with Rocksbox because I knew they sent out Kendra Scott jewelry (which I am totally in love with)! I've seen so many adorable #ootd photos on Instagram with Rocksbox and Kendra Scott tagged in them, and it made me want a subscription to Rocksbox so bad!

Rocksbox is a jewelry subscription that for $19/month gives you access to unlimited jewelry rentals from top designer brands. They have a team of stylists that create personalized boxes for you. Shipping is included in that price and you also get access to discounts and member rewards towards purchasing items you love and want to keep! 

After you sign up they have you take a survey, that way they can get a feel for your style and what type of jewelry you will like. Then you can create a wishlist by scrolling through a ton of their jewelry online. Or you can simply use #wishlist on photos with pieces you might like on Instagram. I love that there are no contracts, you can purchase an item and keep it if you like it, or you can send it all back for a new set of jewelry to try. 

I just received my first box a few days ago!! Just in time to rock the jewelry during our trip to Phoenix! I was pleasantly surprised by a few little details. I love that the package is resealable, so that when I send it back I don't need to purchase a new package. It also included a return shipping label which makes life easy. There was a personal touch to the Rocksbox that I wasn't expecting but I really appreciated. In the box was a nice letter with my name on it (added a nice personal touch) that explained why they chose each piece to be in my box and a description of each item. I received Kendra Scott earrings, and a Kendra Scott necklace that matches. I also received a gold and silver necklace by Slate. In the note my stylist said she thought the two necklaces would be great together for a chic layered look... I agree 100%. My favorite pieces of course are the Kendra Scott earrings and necklace. I am going to purchase the earrings. I love that when you decide to purchase it comes with a discount, they will be $44 instead of $55! Below are a few photos of my first Rocksbox. Take a peek!

To get your free month just simply go to and at checkout use coupon code accordingtodblogxoxo


I hope you enjoy!! Let me know how you like your Rocksbox when you get yours! I'd love to know.